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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 09/08/2015: Chelsea's New Pet

Hey everyone. I'm in a little bit of a BDSM kick, well sort of.

Naturally, I'm an erotic romance author, but I love reading BDSM stories.
 I came across this photo, which I couldn't ignore. 
I not only found it intriguing, but very arousing. 

I love watching two women kiss lustfully.

Anyways, enjoy!

Chelsea, I want you to meet Lara, your new playmate.”

“My new playmate?” Chelsea then purred. “You mean, she’s here to stay for me?”

“Yes, she’s agreed to be our new pet for as long as she like.”

Chelsea was intrigued. She set her wine glass down on the coffee table and took steps towards her. Lara was beautiful woman with brown hair and warm, expressive eyes. She had such a beautiful skin tone – a lighter shade of brown but beauty all over.  She had on a beautiful blue cocktail dress that hugged around her delicious body. Chelsea nodded with approval as she took one more step, but this time signaling Lara to come over.

“Lara, why don’t you come over and give me a kiss.”

Lara set her night purse on the sofa and took a step towards her. The two gave each other a kiss, where Chelsea placed her hands on each side of her face and began kissing each other lustfully. Chelsea was amazed with Lara. She loved how Chelsea responded with her kisses, letting their tongues touch sensuously that had her growing wet with need.

“I like her. She’s a great kisser.”

“I knew you would.” He winked.

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