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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser - 09/158/2015: Enjoy Your Body

Get ready for another segment of Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers.

I have a delicious piece in 200 words.

Anya was blindfolded and bound in the arms of Cornelius, where she felt his dark muscular body over hers. His hands moved along the side of her curves, until she felt the left side of his bra being pulled down and her nipple was exposed for his touch. She could feel a wonderful moisture in her center when she felt his warm breath over her areola, his tongue licking them with pure determination. Anya then felt his hand sliding across her tummy when she felt him sliding under the straps of her black thong.

She loved how his large hand cupped over her mound. He gave it a firm squeeze, before moving his fingers further in until it found its way to her folders, pressing inside her dampened heat, where her body surrendered to his dominating touch.

Cornelius leaned his lips over to her ear and growled softly, “I’m going to finger you, until you appreciate your body.”

Anya willfully let out a gasp of pleasure, loving the way his fingers worked its way around her nub. She felt his mouth finding its way back to her left nipple, immediately heightening her arousal when she felt his tongue swirl over. 

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  1. Luscious, Ray. Squirmingly sensuous. xo

  2. Lovely sensual tease, but you did give me a chuckle with 'her folders'. Fabulous typo, lol ;-)