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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Random Short Snippets - 09/02/2015: She'll Make Him Hers

It's been a while since I've done a Random Short Snippet for you all. I found this pic to be very intriguing, where I decided to write my first taste of light bdsm.

I hope you enjoy this piece in 617 words.

She was the delicious content that would change him forever. Her pigtailed blond hair and soft green eyes, with luscious lips, along with the sexy black choker wrapped around her neck and that pumped his heart with fury. And to add, her beautiful large breasts that were cupped perfectly in her soft pink bra. She held a pink heart-shaped lollipop over her cleavage when she gave her most wanton look at him. He wanted to deny his need for her, but she wasn’t wearing any underwear below, and below, there was a small tattoo with the words ‘Mortal Sin’ over her clean shaved mound.

He couldn’t resist looking down. He wanted to break free from his chair, but his hands were bound and his mouth was gagged. He couldn’t speak, nor scream, and this man was hard, raging hard for her, and as much as he felt he shouldn’t be inside her, he couldn’t help it. This woman was ready to make a move on him.

“You poor thing.” She purred when she stood before him. She looked down and grinned when she curled her fingers over his hardness and stroked him gently. “I’m going to make you forget about her. I’ll make you mine in no time.”

She inserted the lollipop in her mouth and used her other hand to work herself up. Her fingers found its way to her nub and she was fingering herself, until she straddled on top of him.

He watched helplessly as his cock was guided under her glistening folds. He tried to fight the feeling, but the way she held his cock in her hand had his mind racing. At the moment she lowered herself onto him. He felt the sudden rush in his mind, savoring the intense feeling of being inside of her. The feeling was relieving, and his worries were washing away into enjoyment.

He felt her temperature. She was gyrating her hips as she uttered soft moans under her breath. She fluttered her eyes as cupped her breasts in her hands. Then she took out her lollipop and began rolling her hips intensely, causing him to build up his need to release. This woman was wonderful; very sensual and nurturing – determined to make him part of her life. She was able to hit the right places of him, placing her arms around his neck as she moaned into his ear.

Her moans were heavy; feminine. He tried not to release himself into her, but the way she gyrated her hips had him feeling really hard inside her. She then whispered something in his ear. “Stop fighting it. I know you want to cum inside me. Just let it go; you’re mine now.”

He wasn’t willing to surrender, but she gave no more options. He closed his eyes and let out a muffled grunt as he came inside her. She continued rolling her hips as she milked him for all he had.” He was in disbelief that he came inside her. This woman has took claim of him, and in a way, he liked what she did to him. She also liked what he did her. His climax had helped trigger her climax, where she echoed her orgasm in his ear. It was the most erotic noise that helped sooth him.

Once they were relaxed. She unbuckled the ball gag and removed it from his mouth. The feeling was intense, she pressed her lips and kissed him assertively. He felt her tongue dance around her mouth and then she broke free with a grin.

She placed her hand on the side of his face and said. “I like this role playing, honey. We should do this more often.”

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