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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Erotic Story: A Gift Name Doc

Stella sat in her office chair, talking on the phone, while she took in the brisk evening view of the New York Harbor from her large office window. She was intrigued of the dark-reddish sky that formed a seductive, yet apocalyptic view of from her large office window; very breath-taking. She had just gotten off the phone from her husband, who was away in Dubai on business. She thanked him earlier for a wonderful present he had left her in her office. Her present was so beautiful, she couldn’t help turning to her side to see her present - a tall, muscular, dark and handsome man, dressed in dark blue shirt and gray slacks. He was well-dressed, able to get past security, and impressive-looking.

Stella was a happily married woman in her mid-forties, and she loved her husband very well, but the two shared an open-relationship, since their careers kept them apart. Whenever one of them were away, the two would leave each other a live present either at home or in their offices, to help keep them company while on of them were away. Tonight, she was looking forward to a moment of fun, alone with a gorgeous dark-skinned man named Doc.

Stella couldn't help smiling at the thought of her husband’s kindness and consideration for setting this up. When she narrowed her eyes at them, the men returned an equal grin. Her husband also knew the kind of fantasies she’d like to share to herself while he was away. She was pulling more than an all-nighter. She turned her office chair and stood up. Stella was a very beautiful woman with long dark hair, soft pale skin, beautiful brown eyes, and womanly curves that spelled lust in bold capital letters. From the top, she was dressed conservatively in her dark blazer and a light green blouse underneath. However, she didn’t have on a skirt, only a black thong and black Chantilly-laced stockings that hugged wonderfully over her luscious thighs.

She sauntered over to Doc with the urge to express her desire for him. As she watched him unbuttoned his shirt and dropping it on the floor, Stella felt a delicious ache growing in her center when she looked at his shirtless body.

Doc was bald, muscular and sexy. His darkened body was an art sculpture that displayed in her office, but this man was no display. In fact, she wondered what he actually felt like. She loved a body that was hard and muscular, and when she looked into his dark piercing eyes, Stella wore a very wanton look that made her want to lick her lips and devour him in her office.

She stood in front of him. Her thighs quivered, begging to cross together to contain the delicious aches that formed in her center, but the feelings were growing intense. Stella could foresee the future with him tonight.

The moment she placed her hand over his pecs, she felt her nipples hardening under her bra. All she felt was a harden mass of flesh. She ran his hand over to the other side of his chest, and then down to his abdomen. His six pack was perfectly hard. All she could foresee now was Doc being on top of her, slamming in her nice and deep to the point of no return. She wanted to kiss him right there, right now.
"I don't know how my husband does it, but he sure knows how to find someone really appetizing."

"Allow me to indulge in you," Doc said in his rich baritone.

That dark voice of his… oh yes, she loved it! She could hear him talk all day with his sexy dark voice. What a night this was going to be! Without another word, she opened her mouth and leaned in to kiss him. She felt the slip of his tongue, and his kisses were very wonderful, filled with lust and fury; enough to take her breath away.

She then pulled away and spoke in her most huskiest voice, “No, allow me to indulge in you.”

The two kissed again. Stella pressed her lips against him, assertively and their mouths molded together with their tongues dancing inside, while she placed one hand behind his back, and the other down to his pants. Through his pants, she felt his crotch; Doc was hard and ready for her. Too bad she will have to go through unbuckling him and undoing his pants. She wanted him inside of her right now. All she could think about was ripping him out of her pants and riding him like no tomorrow.

His kiss was so wonderful, Stella couldn’t help grinding her body against his. She broke away from her kiss and looked down eagerly to undo his belt and pants. Once she managed to unloosen his belt, Stella pulled his belt away and took a step back to drop it on the floor. She watched Doc undo his pants, while she slipped out of her blazer and blouse. Stella was now in her lacy black lingerie, ready to be taken into his arms.

Doc was now out of his clothes and standing there vulnerable and naked to her touch. Stella looked down at his cock; she was intrigued by his size. In the back of her mind, she couldn’t help thinking about having him inside her. She began licking her lips when she took a step towards him. Stella wanted to savor every inch of his body. She began by leaving kisses over his lips, trailing them down his neck and then over his hard body, where she worked herself down to his shaft. She curled her

He stood there naked and vulnerable to her touch. Stella looked down and noticed his size was hard and ready, and she was very intrigued by his size. In the back of her mind, she couldn't help licking her lips, but her only response was to take another step towards him. She pressed herself against his hard body and kissed him. She then moved her kisses down to the side of his neck, flicking her tongue when she moved her kisses down to his chest. In return, she felt his large hands caressing through her hair. Stella loved how he groaned when she worked her kisses down to his lower abdomen, working down to his shaft.

She was finally on her knees. Stella curled her fingers around his shaft and began stroking him. He was full of magnificence. When she looked up, she noticed Doc’s wide grin. He was enjoying every bit she was doing to him. Then without hesitation, she took him in her mouth and began working her mouth over his tip. Once she was able to take him entirely, she overheard Doc letting out a heavier groan of pleasure. She loved hearing him uttering out his pleasure. At the same time, she loved the aroma of his darken sex, filled with a masculine pheromone that her gyrating her hips intensely. The delicious ache in her core was begging; it was too much to ignore her own need.

Stella’s fingers found its way to her thong and began pushing it aside, when she slipped her fingers under herself. As her fingers found its way to her nub, she let out a few soft moans that were muffled by his cock in her mouth. Stella moved her head back and forth, while Doc curled his fingers in her dark hair. When she popped him out of her mouth, Stella looked up to study his expression. She noticed Doc having a very relieved expression, but when he moved his cock over her lips, he indicated to her not to stop; continue. Stella happily obliged to his subtle request. She took him back in her mouth and continued working his shaft. Her head rocked back and forth, until she motioned her to get up. Stella stood up and she was led by him to a dark leather sofa.

Before Doc could sit her down on the leather sofa, he turned towards her and began unclasping her bra. Her breasts feel free when he stripped her from bra. Doc had this hungry look in his eyes; the kind that spelled carnal lust.

“I want a good taste of you.”

Stella could feel herself growing very wet after the sound of his voice. She watched helplessly as Doc examined her body, like a voluptuous goddess being examined and worshipped by this darkened man. When she felt his hand fondling one of her breasts, Stella fluttered her eyes to his touch, and without any warning, she felt the heat of his face and the soft kiss that landed at the side of her neck.

His kisses began with soft peck, but intensified when he trailed them down to her breasts and then her nipples. When she felt his tongue finding its way to her nipples, Stella let out a soft moan under her breath. The way he moved his tongue over her nipples had Stella imagining his tongue going somewhere else.

For a moment, she almost forgot she was married, but hot damn, this man could kiss. His kisses made her wet with need. When he broke away from her, Doc motioned her to get on the sofa and lie down her back. When she attempted to slip out of her thong, Doc stopped her by placing his hand over her covered mound.

“No, allow me.” He gave a wide grin, indicating what he was going to do next.

Stella narrowed her eyes and returned a grin when she leaned herself back against the backrest of the leather sofa. The way he curled his fingers inside the lining of her thong, Stella knew what he really had in mind. With one strong pull, he yanked off her thong, leaving her fully bare in front of him. The feeling left her excited. Stella loved what Doc had did to her, not even her husband ever thought of ripping her thong off to express his desire.

Doc curled his fingers over her thighs and lifted her body. He then dove in between her. Stella quickly let out a gasp when she arched her body. She took in the wonderful sensation of his tongue flicking against her clit, leaving her tormented with pleasure. She loved the way his tongue pressed inside her folds, where she couldn’t help giving a contorted expression. The wonderful feeling began to rise inside her body, Stella couldn’t help grinding her pussy against his face. And when she couldn’t take the pleasuring torment any longer, Stella reached a mind-blowing climax that had her circling her luscious legs around Doc’s head, while she filled her office with a loud feminine noise.

Stella’s orgasm was so powerful, she nearly forgot where she was, but she recognized Doc, and the man began to move himself on top of her. It was a matter of time she would feel him inside her. She was now crammed on the sofa, helplessly, as she watched his cock point against her. His length was long and thick, she wondered if she could fit him entirely.

Doc held himself as he guided inside her. Stella let out a deepening moan when she felt him stretching inside of her. He moved himself all the way deep, until his hips met her body. That first thrust felt wonderful, and he continued bucking himself inside her, nice and slow. Stella savored the intense feeling Doc was giving her. She couldn’t believe she was able to fit him entirely inside her. His hips began smacking against her, where she couldn’t help let out a series of moans and whimpers. Doc was making her feel so wonderful, she couldn’t help placing her fingers over her nub where she could work herself to another climax.

Her fingers moved furiously, watching the way Doc moved himself in and out of her pussy. Stella’s breathing quickened. She was licking her lips. Her second wave of pleasure rushed through her body where it sent her reeling. She cradled her arm over his back, where she dug his nails into his skin, indicating how satisfying he was to her.

Stella’s orgasm slowed, and Doc had slowed his thrust. His body was glistening with sweat, but Stella didn’t mind when her body was filled with her own sweat. He moved in and gave her kiss. This kiss was so ravenous, she couldn’t help moving her hips along with his thrusts.

She spoke between his kiss, demanding, “Mmm… keep fucking. I want you to get rough with me!”

Then Doc then commanded, "Turn around."

"Mmmmm…" Stella responded. She loved how he commanded her. She was the boss; in charge of twenty people at work, but she loved how this man took charge of her – a secret guilty pleasure she could never tell to her husband.

He got off her, and Stella turned herself around. She leaned herself over the backrest of the sofa, with her ass arched in the air, awaiting for his entry.

She felt his warm hands over her ass. She couldn’t wait to have him back inside her. She felt the tip of his shaft against her slit. It left her filled with anticipation, and with one hard shove, she felt her ass against his hips, causing her to gasp out of pleasure. His strokes were strong and deep. Stella loved how he moved inside her. She was able to feel him entirely. Then his slow, deep strokes turned into hard slams against her ass, which had Stella curling her fingers into the leather sofa.

Her ass was smacking against his hips. Stella felt his hand curling into her hair. The way he dominated her, left her wondering if her husband gave him instructions? Her husband enjoyed doing that to her in the bedroom, especially when he was behind her reaching his peak, but that didn’t matter at this point, she was loving it and Doc was coming close to his climax.

His hips bucked intensely; Doc’s breathing was coming ragged. He was hard – really hard! Then she heard him let out a howl of pleasure when he warned he was cumming inside her. Stella closed her eyes, as her body surrendered to his orgasm. She felt him throbbing inside her, filling her walls with his hot cum. She then felt his grip over her shoulder; it was intense.

As if his size was satisfying inside of her, Stella was amazed how much he came in her. His orgasm filled her up to where she felt him dripping out of her, probably onto her dark leather sofa. Stella loved the way he pulsated, but once he was spent, Doc had leaned himself over her back.

Stella turned her face around and met his lips with his. They extended their tongues out and met together, until she said, “You know, you’re spending the night with me? We’re not done after this.”

"I am your's for the night, Stella. Did your husband mentioned to you that I'm a good cook?"

Stella let out a short laughter and said, "What a guy! You're going to stay for breakfast."


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