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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Thursday Tasters - 07/23/2014: Love Type Situation.

It's been so long since I've been on Thursday Tasters, but I'm finally here.
I'm back, ready to come off with tasters unlike any before.

I'm coming across with a little taste of my upcoming release, due out by August 24th -- Love Type Situation.

The story is about Sadie Mendez, a thirty-something woman who's had her share of bad luck with men. When she decided enough was enough, she goes out to a gay club to get drunk with her friend, and meets a young DJ she once worked with as a youth counselor -- Andrew Bishop. When she meets up with him after lost times, Sadie and Andrew re-kindle their friendship, even taking it further, where Andrew had better qualities than all the other men she had been with. The only problem with Andrew was his age. He is eight years younger than her.

Anyways, here is a snippet in 343 words. 


Danny was right. All this was eating her up. She tried to have a good time, but all this heartbreak was getting to her. She needed to get over him, but she couldn’t. She needed something to help her forget about him – a little more alcohol was a good start.
She signaled the bartender for another martini. Danny tapped the side of her arm. She turned and looked at who Danny was pointing at – a young man in dark blue jeans, a long white shirt, and a baseball cap was going on stage. Sadie, for a moment, thought she recognized him. He was cute but young. When the young man stepped on stage, Sadie asked herself, could that really be Andrew Bishop?  
Sadie was working at a youth center when she met Andrew many years ago. He was a bright, talented, fifteen year old, who was cut from a different mold than the rest of the teenagers she worked with. Sadie had also been his tutor after she had become aware of his trouble with his grades. While she tutored him, the two developed a good friendship. Nothing ever happened between them, but their friendship had grown, until she left the youth center to work elsewhere.
“Who is that guy?” Sadie asked.
“That’s the new DJ I was telling you about – Andrew Bishop.”
“Andrew Bishop?” She asked in disbelief.
“Yeah,” then he asked, “Do you know him?”
“Yeah, I was his counselor at a youth center years ago. My, has he grown. Too bad he’s gay; he’s cute.”
“Honey, he’s not gay; he’s as straight as a board. In fact, he just broke up with his girlfriend a few weeks ago.”
“Really? He’s not gay? What’s he doing here? How old is he now? I remember when he was fifteen and scrawny.”
Danny laughed, “Perhaps you should go over and ask him. All I know is he started working here recently, and he plays good music.”
“I better check him out.”

“You should, and maybe get his number. He’s single, you know.”

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  1. Oh I hope she does go over and speak. They could end up having a fun time. Great taster

  2. You have set a good platform for Sadie meeting Andrew. He must be a draw for the gay men in the gay club. It will be interesting to read how he reacts when and Sadie hook up again. I do say when they meet. Nice beginning. I want to read more.

  3. Oh, this one was funny. I like how she goes from he is a gay kid to let's get his number.