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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 07/28/2015: Clandestine Office Affair

Hiyadoin? Happy Tuesday.

Today, I'm out with a little tease in 200 words.


“Al, I’m your boss. We couldn’t be together. Do you know how difficult it is to pretend we don’t like each other?”

Al rolled his eyes and let out a heavy sigh. “Nyssa, I’m tired of pretending right now. We’ve been secretly seeing each other for more than three weeks. We’re alone. Remember?”

He inched closer and gently pinned her against the wall. His lips pressed into hers. As much as Nyssa wanted to say no, she couldn’t resist the way he kissed her. In fact, she returned affection by placing her arms around his back. Their kiss soon morphed into something passionate. Nyssa couldn’t help slipping her tongue inside Al’s mouth. Their tongues danced together when she lifted up her leg and curled behind his calf. They were after all alone, on the office floor, in the after hours, where they could get naughty together.

“No one’s here,” Al said between their kisses. “What do you say we do it right here?”

Nyssa was apprehensive. “Are you kidding me?”

“Yeah, ever had wall sex?”

“No, but—”

Al broke his kiss and placed his finger over her lips, “Shh, I hear someone.”

Al and Nyssa turned to their side and overheard a female’s voice. Nyssa whispered, “Shit, my secretary. Let’s hide!”

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  1. Star rockets in flight... I just couldn't help myself. Very hot tease, Ray. Hell, maybe they should ask her to join them.

  2. hahah love the end... waiting is good for you... alegedly

  3. Heheh, talk about spoiling the moment, eh. Love it :-)

  4. Great tease, which you can't just leave there, Ray. Would love to read more

  5. So sexy! You have to carry this story on! Great teaser

  6. So sexy! You have to carry this story on! Great teaser