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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 07/07/2015: A Sleeping Partner

It's been such a long time since I've done Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers. 

I've never been so focused on other things than my people at the writing group.

I so bad want to get back into my work. I miss the people I've been working with for the last four years - Muffy, Pablo, Julez, Doris, Naomi, Kendal, Raven, and Gemma. Whoever I may have forgotten, forgive me!

It's time to get in the groove with some teasers.

Here is one of my in 200.


Tristan had spent the night over at Leah’s place. He had a little too much to drink, and it wasn’t safe for him to drive. He wasn’t drunk, but he didn’t want to take the chance on the road to be pulled over. He thought about staying on the couch, but Leah insisted that he sleep in the spare bedroom upstairs. He didn’t argue with her; a bed was better than the sofa and he took the offer to go upstairs and get some sleep.

As he got undressed, Tristan set his clothes over the couch. He was in his boxers and began to slip under the covers. He turned to his side and reached for the night lamp next to him, when he noticed Piper walking in his room, wearing a strapless, colorful lacy halter top and a white thong.

Piper was Leah’s best friend, and at the party she had been coming on to him, flirting and talking with him. She was definitely gorgeous, but her presence startled him.

“Piper, what are you doing here?” Tristan had a look of disbelief.

Piper sauntered around his bed and took her seat. “I thought you could use a sleeping partner tonight.”

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  1. Sleeping Partner. Nice. It's an elegant way to state what might really happen. Great tease, Ray.

  2. you can NOT stop there, that is cruel to them and us...

  3. Sexy tease, I hope he accepts her offer of company

  4. Oh, hello. Will there be much sleeping involved, I wonder? ;-) Fab tease, Ray.

  5. Sexy tease which you can't just leave there.