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Monday, July 6, 2015

Random Short Snippets - 07/06/2015: Stress Relief

It's been almost two months since I had done some Random Short Snippets.

I know, I know! I'm guilty. I realized that I've been so focused on my own work that I disregarded joining some of the events. In fact, I miss being on the blog, and I'm going to be on there as often as possible, because I realized that I'm missing out on my group sessions.

Anyways, here is a hot little piece, selected from one of my takeovers in June.

Congratulations Toi Acton. This pic intrigued me enough to write a 1005 word snippet.


Gordon came home from a very rough day, and all he could think of was a good stress-reliever – his beautiful girlfriend that waited for him at home – Wynter. She was a sparkling beauty with wavy red hair and blue eyes. He couldn’t wait to have his hands over her creamy smooth skin, as his lips watered to taste her lips once more, this time making it more passionate.

Gordon made his way to the bedroom, where he noticed Wynter lying under the covers. She had to be naked; she wasn’t wearing a top underneath the blanket; a perfect opportunity for him to slip out of his clothes and climb in bed next to her, naked.

While he took off his clothes, he noticed a soft grin. She sat up, revealing her breasts for him to see. Gordon couldn’t wait to join her. He slipped out of his clothes faster than Superman in the phone booth. All he needed to do was to take off his socks, and he could finally join her and share some of his naughtiness.

He kicked off his socks and extended out his hand. Wynter returned a grin when she placed dainty fingers over his calloused hand. Gordon motioned her to get out of bed, so he could see her beautiful naked body. When Gordon had her out of bed, Wynter pressed herself close him, sharing a very passionate kiss that had Gordon growing against her tummy. Gordon shared some affection, by placing his hand at the back of her head, slowly moving his hand down her back and then the side of her curves. She felt soft – so heavenly. It was really good to be home, in her arms; already he had forgotten about his rough day at work.

With one single bound, he lifted Wynter in his arms, and she circled her legs around his waist, when his cock found its way inside her. Wynter was so wet and ready, Gordon was able to fit inside her without resistance. She had been waiting for him, begging him to please her body.

Gordon and Wynter exhaled sounds of pleasure, while Wynter moved herself up and down, body was supported by his large hands under her ass cheeks. When their eyes met each other, Wynter pulled his kisses in. Gordon loved how lustful her kisses were. She immediately slipped her tongue in his mouth, gyrating her hips intensely. Then she managed to motion him to fall on the bed, on top of her.

Gordon pumped her with intensity. He let out some guttural sounds of pleasure, while Wynter placed her hand over his back. He could feel her nails digging into his skin. He didn’t care if her nails were going to leave a mark or not, but he loved how much she enjoyed him. Her hips moved with his thrusts, and her moans began to grow, which matched with his.

Wynter then placed her hands one each side of his face, pulling his face close to hers to kiss him. Her kisses were ardent, and then she uttered something that she would love for him to do – to fuck her from behind – doggystyle. It was Wynter’s most favorite position, she explained to him numerous times how she loved the feeling of every inch of him inside her. She also loved the way he rammed into her when he’s in the heat of passion, pulling her hair to show his dominance in the bedroom. It was this one sexual position that would have her in submission, and she enjoyed it.

Gordon pulled out of her. He stood up and waited for Wynter to change positions, where she was on her hands and knees in bed, waiting for him to enter her. Gordon placed his one hand on the side of her curves, while guiding himself with his other hand. When he slipped back in, Wynter let out a deepening moan of pleasure. Gordon pushed himself all the way in, deep. The feeling of her was so intense, he couldn’t help picking up his pace, ramming himself against Wynter’s shapely ass.

His moved his hips rapidly, causing her ass to smack against his thrusts. He looked down and enjoyed the view of her ass smacking against him, which gave him the urge to ram himself inside her nice and hard. The feeling he was giving her gave Wynter the urge to work up her need. Her moans filled the room when she placed her fingers under herself.

All what Gordon could think of was how hot she looked, masturbating while she got fucked. But he wasn’t over yet, things got more hot and intense when he placed his hand over her head and curled his fingers in. He was moving in and out of her really fast, so fast, he could feel the sweat dripping off his body.

Wynter was almost there. Her body writhed when she climaxed. The bedroom was now filled with her noises of pleasure. Her orgasm was now music to his ears. It was something that he was obliged to give her and now meet her orgasm with his. He couldn’t hold back any longer; he needed to cum too.

Gordon pulled out of her and jerked himself vigorously. He howled when a jet of cum leapt out of his cock and spilled over her pale ass. She complimented him at how she loved the feeling of his warm cum spilling over her ass. Once he was spent, he placed his hand on the side of her curves and leaned in to soft kiss her back and then her neck. Wynter was the relief he needed to get over his rough day at work.

That hot adventure in the bedroom left Gordon feeling exhausted. He lied down on his back and looked over at her, where she moved herself close to him, placed her arm over his shoulder and rested her head over his chest, leaving soft trail of kisses, before they dozed off to a peaceful sleep.

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