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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Random Short Snippets - 07/08/2015: Longing For Roger's Return

Happy Hump Day! I hope everyone is doing well.

I have a very erotic snippet in 549 words, which I'm going to give to one of my lucky winners from June's takeover - Kristi Lynn.

It's an arousing piece. I hope you enjoy!

She had waited for him to come home. She was excited, thrilled. The anticipation of his return had made her mad with lust and need. Daline couldn’t wait for Roger to return home from his business trip from Melbourne, Australia. She had long for his hands, to once again be all over her body, while he fucked her nice and slow. And when he was close to his climax, he would pull out of her and slide his cock between her tits, squeezing them together against his cock and continued to fuck her until he explode his load all over her neck and face. Daline loved the feeling of his cum coating all over her neck, and the need of him back in her arm had her doing some unthinkable things to herself.

Daline had toys to please herself while he was away, but none would ever replace the real feeling of Roger’s cock sliding between her tits when he came. The only thing he was able to find was a red candle she found in the kitchen, while he was away. It was long and thin. Daline had a very naughty idea about herself. She knew the wax from the candle was nice and warm, and all she could think of was her lover’s warm cum, coating between her tits.

She slipped out of her blouse and unhooked her bra, allowing her breasts to fall free. Daline then licked the base of the candle and began sliding the candle between her cleavage. The feeling of it wasn’t the same, but it brought back the wonderful memories of Roger, when he slide his cock between her cleavage, and then she was able to feel his cock twitch, his howls, and then his cum spurting all over her tits, neck, and face. In fact, the feeling was so nice and wonderful, she reached in her drawer to take out a small lighter.

She flicked the lighter, and lit the candle in her hand. She waited for the candle to burn through the wick, until it started burning through the wax. When the red wax began to drip, Daline get held the candle between her breasts and tilted her head back while she felt the hot wax drip all over her breasts.

The feeling of the wax dripping on her chest was at first was a little painful, but in the back of her mind, she imagined Roger’s hands cupping her breasts together, while he slid his cock between her cleavage, and when he came, he let out a heavy growl and came really hard, while she fingered herself to her climax.

Daline closed her eyes, allowing the feeling of pain morph into pleasure, but she never expected to be taken off-guard when she heard a familiar voice in her bedroom.

“I’m home, my love, and I’ve missed you, oh so much.”

Daline opened her eyes and removed the candle from her cleavage. It was Roger, standing in the doorway in his suit and tie. His tie was loosened, and his shirt was open. He has come home to please her once more. Daline couldn’t help but grin and put the candle out, as she got up from the bed and sauntered over to him in her most seductive manner ever.

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