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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Erotic Story: Morgan In The VIP Room.

This story was presented on a group event called Live Writing, which I'm going to dedicate it to a couple of fans: Johanne Poirier, Elizabeth Bennett, and Kristi Lynn.

This is my first shot at m/m, a particular genre I don't normally write, but being that I got to know my fans, I'm willing to include this in my stories. One of the hardest things I had to come over was the image thing, being that I'm a straight male who writes m/f stories, lesbian erotic, and menage stories, which mostly consist of f/f/m characters. However, I'm willing to keep an open mind and write m/m genres, light bdsm, and transgendered. This is strictly for the ladies; for entertainment purposes.

Here is my 2688 word story. Enjoy!

The address is 5795 Westminster Street. I have you on the guest list. Remember to wear something sexy, I’ll be waiting for you in the VIP Room.
That was the text Morgan received on her smart phone. She was really excited to celebrate her birthday at the Bilingual Club – an upscale club for party-goers, but it had been so long for Morgan since she had stepped into an establishment full of young party-goers. She was celebrating her 57th birthday and she was going to a club full of people half her age. She felt a bit out of place, but the club was owned by Darren, someone she had been seeing for a couple of months.
 Morgan wasn’t the partying type, but when her husband of thirty two years passed away, and she was left with a new life of starting all over. She had been widowed for two years, and it wasn’t until she met Darren, where he gave her a new adventure.
She was told to wear something sexy. How sexy? Well, for starters, Morgan was a cut from a different mold. She was a woman in her late fifties that bloomed into a voluptuous figure, but still had a wonderful body that didn't make her look her age. She had on a long, royal purple dress that accentuated her gogeous appearance. Her warm brown eyes and heart shaped smile glowed wonderfully from the passing street lamps, while she sat in the cab.
She was equally excited but nervous about meeting Darren at the club. This whole new adventure thing was new for her, and Darren was coming up with creative ways to enjoy her life, and to make her feel very special.
The cab pulled in front of a two-story brick building. Morgan noticed two burly-looking bouncers, dressed in dark suits, about the size of two NFL players -- very intimidating. She paid the cab driver her fare and left him with a tip. When Morgan open the door. She slid out of the cab and walked over to the entrance of the club, where she was greeted by these two intimidating men.
She gave them her name, mentioning she was on the guest list.
The first bouncer looked at her oddly, but never questioned her when he looked on his clipboard and found her name. As the first bouncer nodded at the second bouncer, he removed the velvet rope and allowed Morgan to pass.
Morgan was surprised to that the men let her through. She didn't think she was going to get past them, not compared to the young women that were waiting in line with their friends.
She made her way through the club. It was highly energetic, filled with thumping sounds she wouldn't care to listen to in her condo.  The crowd was moving and swaying to the beat. Morgan was trying to make her way through, without bumping into people.
She made her way to the bar and signaled the bartender over. While the bartender looked cute and sexy with a long ponytail. He was busy serving people at the bar. However, she received a few stares by the younger women, sizing her up. It nearly left her feeling uncomfortable.
Then Morgan felt a someone's hand over her's. His hand was warm and comforting -- and dark. which molded over her ivory skin. When she looked up, she noticed Darren, a middle-aged black man with a very warm smile, dressed in a dark suit and a blue dress shirt with two buttons opened. Morgan felt relieved that she was with someone she knew.
"Darren" Morgan said.
"Happy Birthday, Morgan. You look very beautiful tonight. What do you say we go somewhere private?" He also winked, "I have your favorite drink upstairs."
Morgan returned a smile. How could she refused? He had such a charming way of making her feel good. Plus, he made her heart flutter.
She accepted his offer and took his hand, as she was led through a crowd on the dance floor, up the steps, making their way over to an unmarked room at the end of the hall.
Morgan could feel something in the air tonight. She was going to celebrate her birthday with a bang, and when Darren opened the door she was intrigued when she entered an intimate atmosphere – a dimmed red room with dark leather seating surrounding a black leather table with buckets of champagne and champagne glasses.
She noticed two young men, dressed in white shirts and dark pairs of slacks; both of them had wonderful blonde hair. They were young, probably in their mid-thirties, but by god, they were gorgeous.
Morgan knew where this was going to go; all she could say to herself was hell yeah!
 Morgan stepped inside and Darren closed the door behind them. She was greeted by the men, and they all wished her a happy birthday. The VIP Room was enclosed away from the thumping noise downstairs, but lavished with fine leather furniture that surrounded around a black granite table with two buckets of Korbel Champagne and a bottle of Berringer's White Zinfandel, Morgan's favorite.
The men had their champagne poured, and Darren, such a gentleman as he is, poured her a glass of wine. Then they all toasted and drank their drink. Morgan finished her drink and set her glass down. She soon felt the heat of Darren's body behind her back.
His hands moved along the side of her curves, and Morgan felt the heat of his breath against her ear when Darren said in his soft, baritone, "You look lovely tonight. These men want to worship you; make you feel very special."
Morgan couldn't help biting her lip. She kept it subtle, but she knew why she was in the VIP Room with these men. Just because she was turning a year older, doesn't mean can't live out a wonderful pleasure. Not only did Morgan felt a nice buzz from the wine she gulped down, but she felt a delicious feeling growing in her core. It begged to be satisfied.
She turned to him, breathlessly, "i just love how you make me feel special."
She pressed herself against him, feeling the bulge out of his pants. Morgan kissed him. Their kiss soon morphed into something passionate and lustful. The only noise that filled the VIP Room was the kissing noise, which made her wonder what were the other men doing at that time?
Then, she felt more than a set on hands over her body. She turned and noticed the young men standing side-by-side, caressing her body with a look of curiosity. She remained still, watching the men run their hands all over her body.
Then Darren said, "I forgot to introduce you to Brent and Carl. I'll be here, leaving you with these men as they satisfy you, and they are willing to do whatever you say. Rmemeber, it's your birthday."
Morgan was nearly giddy over what Darren said -- Anything she wanted? He just handed over the keys to the driver's side. Why not? She was going to make her birthday present as memorable as possible.
Morgan felt her dress being unzipped by Carl, while Brent leaned in and left trails of wet kisses on the side of her neck. Once she slipped out of her dress, Morgan was now in her sexy black lingerie. She had on a pair of black Chantilly-laced stockings with straps that connected to her lacy underwear. It wasn't long she felt her bra being unhook by Carl. Her breast feel free for the men to touch.
Brent look down and held them in his hand like they were fresh water, and looked back in her eyes, complimenting how beautiful she looked.
Morgan loved the feeling of his hands. His touch nearly weakened her, but she remained still as Brent and Carl left trails of kiss on each side of her shoulders. Things were now about to get steamier.
Morgan was intrigued when she noticed their sculpted abs and pecs. Her look was a pure wanton of lust as she watched them strip completely naked. When she turned to Darren. He was still clothed, seated on the sofa as he watched Morgan enjoy herself with these two men, holding a glass of champagne in his hand.
What a guy, she thought. He was sitting there, watching her live out her long awaited fantasy.
The men were finally naked. Their sizes were really impressive. Morgan could feel the temperature rise in the room, and the men were standing around her. What's a woman to do?
She led them over to the sofa, holding their cocks in each of her hands. Morgan sat down and began stroking these men.  She looked up and saw their lustful expression. These men were ready and willing, but Morgan wanted some real foreplay -- something she's longed wanting to see.
"Let me see you two kiss," Morgan told the men.
The men, without hesitation, leaned in and kiss. Morgan couldn't believe it. She was witnessing them make out, in front of her, for the very first time, while stroking them in her hand. She could go on watching them make out together all night, but she had other things in mind. She leaned in and took Carl in her mouth, slowly taking in his tip, while stroking Brent's shaft in her hand.
She then took Carl out of her mouth and moved over to Brent, taking him in her mouth, coating his tip with her saliva. Once she was able to get used to his size in her mouth, she was able to work each of their lengths in her mouth.
She took turns, but then an idea popped in her head when she took Carl out of her mouth and looked up to Brent with a mischievous grin. "Come down here." She freed her hand from Brent's shaft, allowing him to kneel beside her. She held a firm grip on Carl's shaft and said, "Taste him."
When she freed her hand, Brent curled his fingers over Carl's shaft and slowly took him in her mouth. He was able to take in Carl's length without effort. Morgan was really amazed. She watched in delight, moving her hand over her trimmed mound, where her fingers found its way over to her slit.
She couldn't stop moving her fingers, once it found its way over her nub. Morgan, for a moment, thought she was dreaming when she witnessed a man going down on another man, but it was finally happening. Her fantasies were finally coming to life.
Then she decided to join in and have Brent share Carl's cock together. They took turns, flicking their tongues over his girth, while Carl uttered out soft groans of pleasure. Then Morgan finally took him in her mouth, while Brent moved his licks down to his tightening balls. All this licking had her wet with need, and Morgan was in need of one of them to go down on her.  She popped Carl out of her mouth and slid back on the leather sofa, with her legs parted. She indicated Brent to go down on her.
Brent leaned in and placed his hands over her thighs. She watched as his hands slid past her dark stockings over her mound and dove in. His tongue found its way to her wanton center, allowing Morgan to gasp out of pleasure. She watched Carl hold himself in her hand, and nothing would make her fantasy complete, without watching a man fuck another man.
"Let me see you fuck him," she told Carl.
Carl, without hesitation, moved behind him and lowered himself. She watched in delight as he held himself in his hand, reaching for the bottle of lube that sat on the table. When he set the lube back on the table. Morgan watched in anticipation as he guided himself inside Brent.
Brent raised his head up and let out a soft grunt as Carl entered him. It might've seemed painful, but his groan evened out and Carl was bucking himself against Brent's ass.
Her eyes widened with amazement, and Brent was back going down on her. His tongue flicked. Morgan couldn't help caressing herself, while she watched Carl fuck Brent in the ass. The way he was moving his hips had Morgan wanting the same. She then told Brent to get on top of her.
Carl pulled out and the three switched positions, where she lied on the sofa and Brent held up her legs. She watched him guide himself inside her. Morgan loved how he stretched inside her.
His thrusts moved rapidly, filling her with absolute need. He continued pumping her while Morgan place her hand over her nub, rubbing herself furiously, until she witnessed Brent moving himself behind him.
Brent then stopped, waiting for Carl to enter him. Once Carl was inside him, Morgan felt him pushing against her with intensity. She could only imagine how intensely wonderful it was for Brent to be between them; him being inside her and Carl being inside him.
The men worked out a rhythm together. Morgan's moans filled the room; the men too.
Brent's thrusts were so intense, he suddenly hissed when he warned, "I need you to get off of me. I'm going to cum."
 Carl pulled out of him, and Brent pulled out of her when he jerked himself vigorously and came all over her tummy. His howl intensified until he was spent. Morgan loved the way her body was spotting with Brent's cum, as if it wasn't enough, she witnessed Carl coming off the couch when he jerked himself and came all over her body, spraying her breasts and tummy with his thick warm cum. Carl howled heavily.  He continued to jerk himself until he emptied his load all over her body.
The men then stepped back. Morgan's was delighted over what she witnessed. Brent was such a gentleman that he handed Morgan a cloth off the table to wipe herself off. Morgan took the cloth from Brent's hand and wiped herself clean. Of course she wiped some of their cum all over her body.
Morgan took the cloth from Brent's hand and wiped herself clean. Of course she wiped some of their cum all over her body. She handed back the cloth, and the men stepped away while she turned to Darren, surprised to see him completely naked.
All this time she was being fucked by Brent and witnessing Brent being fucked by Carl, Darren was undressing, and she hadn't realized.
"Darren," she had a surprised expression.
"How was it?"
"Very wonderful," she purred. "So are you going to give me the grande finale?"
"It wouldn't be complete without me," he grinned wickedly as he mounted himself on top of her.
Morgan felt the heat of his body on top of her. His lips touched hers, which turned very ravenous. And then without warning, she felt the slip of him inside her, which had her gasping out of pleasure.
Darren raised himself, supporting himself with his arms, while Morgan ran her fingers over the crevices of his abs; his thrusts were strong and deep. Morgan couldn't resist placing her fingers over her nub, rubbing herself with furious motions.
She looked up and noticed his contorted expression. His strokes intensified, and her moans filled the room. Her chest rose and fell rapidly. Morgan's eyes were closed, and then her moment was lost when she tilted her head back and heaved, while she continued feeling Darren's thrusts.
Her orgasm was so powerful, it triggered Darren's climax when he collapsed on top of her, cumming inside of her. During mid-orgasm, the two exchanged a very lustful kiss, sharing each other's enjoyment, until their breathing evened out, and the two stopped kissing.
When she opened her eyes, Morgan gazed into Darren's eyes, and said, "This was the best birthday present ever."
 Darren placed his dark hand over the side of her face and caressed her gently. "You're welcome. Happy Birthday."
The two kissed once more, ending the night with wonderful memory.


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