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Friday, July 17, 2015

Edits to Love Type Situation Has Arrived.

Yay! finally the edits for Love Type Situation has arrived. I knew my editor could pull it through. Although, it took four months to get it done, because there were several delays, coming from my publisher and my editor, as well.

The story is a May/December erotic romance, about Sadie Mendez who's bad luck with men has taken its toll on her, but she meets up with an old friend she once worked with, Andrew Bishop, and the two begin to rekindle a friendship together. Andrew Bishop had all the right qualities for the man she's been looking for, except for one thing -- his age. Andrew is eight year younger than her, but he turned out even more mature than the men she had been with. However, there is one little problem she needs to sort out -- the man she had been seeing for some time -- Dustin Ellerton. This man is more established than Andrew, but married. Dustin isn't willing to let her go, regardless how much he was making her miserable, and Sadie wasn't willing to go through the pain any longer; she had woken up to his false promises.

The book is schedule to release in August 2015, on Bitten Press. I will have a cover reveal for the book, and there will be release date announced, once it's ready.

To everyone, I hope you have great weekend.

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