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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Edits for Love Out Of Lust Part 5 Has Returned - Release Scheduled for Sept 2015.

YES! I received the edits for Love Out Of Lust Part 5, and I'm excited to get through them. I'm also glad my editor enjoyed the story (thank you). This story will be a step-up from all the other four chapter, as I promised more dramatic scenes. In the beginning, I wondered thought about not including any sex scenes in the story, but I'm glad I listened to one of my faithful fans of mine and went ahead to do a couple of hot sex scenes.

This story will go in depth as Daryl has to deal with an old issue with Jose, Marisol's ex, and Marisol will have to deal with Daryl's ex, Clarissa. There will be some shocking things that will come in the story, which I will prepare for Part Six.

The story was supposed to be out by June 22nd, but my editor had some personal issues to sort out, and it was understandable that delays for this story were going to happen, but I'm an understanding author, and my editor of two years has never faced a situation she wasn't able to control. It wasn't her fault. I'm grateful to have an editor like her -- Elicia Stoll.

She is also the editor of two of my other books --  A Thrill Seeking Relationship & Love Type Situation, which will release in late August 2015.

Now, I wanted to go ahead and release the story on Labor Day, but because my release Love Type Situation will be release two weeks prior, I will have to push the release date for late September, but it will be before the autumnal equinox. I will announce the release date.

I want to thank the fans for patiently waiting for the release of the book. I promise you a good story with the leading of Part Six -- one of the most romantic part to the series.

Well, it's back time to get back to work. I need to finish up the edits. Be on the lookout for Love Out Of Lust - Part Five: When Happiness Meets Drama.

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