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Monday, June 1, 2015

Working On A Prequel To Chateau Plasir

Good morning. My 2015 has gone by. It's June 1st, and wow it's already a warm day; near 90 degrees today. Anyways, I'm going to discuss about my current WIP, in fact two of them Chateau Plasir and the Prequel to the story.

When I wrote Chateau Plasir, I was thinking of a very dark erotic story about two best friends, Meriessa Lopez and Adela Giamatti. As I wrote the story, I learned that I was over-explaining Chapter Two to the point where I needed to come across a prequel instead. You know, prequels are good, because you can explain all the previous events from your characters in one story without making it boring. One of the common errors that some writers do with their story. I like to get straight to the point, and I felt there was so much to be explained about the characters that a prequel would have to do; to give the readers some understanding of the characters.

The Prequel I'm writing takes place at a dorm in Jersey City State University in 2003. Meriessa gets a new roommate in her dorm, but she is suddenly amazed of the like-mindedness of Adela. When Meriessa mentions to her about conducting sexual studies, Adela helps her along, which sparks her muse to become a lingerie designer.

This story will be about 15k - 20k words long, going in depth about their past and leading to the present where Meriessa and Adela pairs up twelve years later. The scenes I'm writing will have a straight sex scene, lesbian, transgender, gay scenes, menage, with a touch of light bdsm. One of the hardest times I'm having right now is writing these three genres, particularly, to be honest, I'm worried about my image as a straight author. I'm not attracted to men, but I know when I'm writing fiction, I want to cater more for the female audience than ever, after listening to some of my fans on what they like to read.

I do have to admit, I like girl-on-girl scenes, and it's only fair that I write for women who like guy-on-guy scenes, including transgender. It's a huge step that I'm taking, but I love writing for women who love reading erotica. What I hope I can bring to the table is a story that would arouse and entertain you, and I'm hoping this prequel would be a start of a series that I'm working on.

Well, off to work.

Ray S

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