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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 06/16/2015: Los Angeles Dreamer

Hiyadoin? It's been a while since I've been on here, but I'm back with something other than erotica
I haven't decided where to go with the story, but I couldn't help ignore the skyline here.

Anyways, here is my teaser in a little over 200 words.


Shane wandered down the street, lost in the City of Angels, thinking back about the girl he was once happy with. She was his world, who made his life mattered to him – Sonia. She was his purpose; his reason to live, until one day she left a note, telling him she was leaving him for another man – a man who was more successful – someone who was willing to give her the world.

He stopped and looked over the bridge. He first viewed the Los Angeles skyline and then looked down over the concrete river as he contemplated suicide. He was once proud and happy to brag to his friends about the woman he loved, and now he was ashamed to face them. His pride gone, and his purpose was no more.

He looked over the bridge. He could jump, but soon his depression quickly turned into anger, and he thought to himself why give Sonia the satisfaction, when all he ever did was love her? She was an ungrateful, unappreciative bitch that never saw a man who worked hard to keep her. He gave it his all, and she still threw him away like he meant nothing to her. He’ll show her. He kept walking telling himself he could do better without her.  

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  1. I hope you decide soon, Ray! I loved your tease and want to know a hell of a lot more about Sonia and Shane.

  2. Really nice work, Ray! Since I live here and have driven over that bridge too many times to count, know that he's in East LA add a nice touch to an already wonderful tease. So, much emotion and pain. Good work.

  3. Very insiteful tease, Ray! Who among us hasn't had those feelings in the past? Good thing we didn't act upon them! Xo

  4. Loved your tease, Ray. He is def better off without her. :-)

  5. Full of atmosphere. Love it