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Friday, June 26, 2015

Flash Fiction Friday - 06/26/2015: Coyote Ugly

Happy Friday everyone. 

It's time for another segment of Flash Fiction Friday.

How about a little comedy? Enjoy!

Trey stepped up to the bar and ordered his drink. He turned and noticed a beautiful-looking redhead next to him, except her head was turned away talking to her friend next to her. From the looks of her, she looked very pretty in her blue cocktail dress wrapped around her hourglass figure. If only he could get her attention.

Then the woman turned over to his side and smiled. It really startled him. She had a beautiful body from the backside, but the redhead spelled two words to him – ‘Coyote Ugly’. She waved at him with a flirty hi and a smile.

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  1. To some guys that wouldn't matter! You're a baaaaaaaaad boy! Xo

  2. I agree with Muffy. Most of my male friends couldn't care less about the face if the bod is hot ;-)

  3. LOL, love that, and yeah, what Muffy said ;-)

  4. LOL. I bet he had wonderful other qualities though