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Friday, June 26, 2015

Flash Fiction Friday - 06/26/2015: Coyote Ugly

Happy Friday everyone. 

It's time for another segment of Flash Fiction Friday.

How about a little comedy? Enjoy!

Trey stepped up to the bar and ordered his drink. He turned and noticed a beautiful-looking redhead next to him, except her head was turned away talking to her friend next to her. From the looks of her, she looked very pretty in her blue cocktail dress wrapped around her hourglass figure. If only he could get her attention.

Then the woman turned over to his side and smiled. It really startled him. She had a beautiful body from the backside, but the redhead spelled two words to him – ‘Coyote Ugly’. She waved at him with a flirty hi and a smile.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 06/16/2015: Los Angeles Dreamer

Hiyadoin? It's been a while since I've been on here, but I'm back with something other than erotica
I haven't decided where to go with the story, but I couldn't help ignore the skyline here.

Anyways, here is my teaser in a little over 200 words.


Shane wandered down the street, lost in the City of Angels, thinking back about the girl he was once happy with. She was his world, who made his life mattered to him – Sonia. She was his purpose; his reason to live, until one day she left a note, telling him she was leaving him for another man – a man who was more successful – someone who was willing to give her the world.

He stopped and looked over the bridge. He first viewed the Los Angeles skyline and then looked down over the concrete river as he contemplated suicide. He was once proud and happy to brag to his friends about the woman he loved, and now he was ashamed to face them. His pride gone, and his purpose was no more.

He looked over the bridge. He could jump, but soon his depression quickly turned into anger, and he thought to himself why give Sonia the satisfaction, when all he ever did was love her? She was an ungrateful, unappreciative bitch that never saw a man who worked hard to keep her. He gave it his all, and she still threw him away like he meant nothing to her. He’ll show her. He kept walking telling himself he could do better without her.  

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Friday, June 12, 2015

Flash Fiction Friday - 06/12/2015: Hello Moses

Happy Friday everyone.

It's been quite awhile since I've been on here, doing a Flash Fiction Friday. 
I've been very busy with my prequel. I'm looking forward to work my way back
to doing weekly posts. 

Here is a flash in 100 words. 


Moses awoke sometime at three in the morning hearing some unusual noises from downstairs. He was alert, annoyed, thinking his daughter was downstairs playing the grand piano that was brought in two weeks ago.

Annoyed, he threw the covers to the side. “Christ, couldn’t she wait until tomorrow afternoon!”

He hopped out of bed and walked out of the bedroom. Moses stormed down the steps, ready to tell his daughter to stop playing with the piano, until he crossed through the living room and stumbled upon a translucent figure – a ghost. Moses froze, wondering if he was dreaming.

“Hello Moses,” the ghost turned. Its voice was very eerie.

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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Random Short Snippets - 06/07/2015: Just A Dream

Hey guys, it's been a while since I've done a Random Short Snippet.
Lately, I've been busy doing my manuscripts for publication, and I was supposed to get it done for one of my fans, Teresa-Brian Adams. She had a beautiful pic that sparked my muse, and I promised her to write a short little story based of this pic.

To Teresa-Brian Adams, thank you and here it is - a wonderful snippet in 937 words.


Marvin was up late at night, studying for his deadline. He’d been on it through the wee hours of the night, wishing this nightmare of studying would come to an end. After looking in his text book for so long, he felt his eyes becoming heavy. He fought to stay awake, but he couldn’t. Marvin was soon out. His head hit the textbook, without any concern.

He snored, and then he overheard footsteps – the sound of heels clacking on the floor. Marvin looked up to see a woman in a dark lingerie with heels that enhanced her height, but she was dressed in pure seduction – a black lingerie set that consisted of a lacy bra, a crotchless pair of panties that revealed her beautiful clean shaven mound, and a pair of Chantilly-laced stockings that helped accentuated her seduction. She had long dark hair that extended down to her shoulders, and beautiful green eyes that expressed sex appeal.

As she walked, Marvin had to pinch himself, wondering if he was dreaming. This woman, whoever she was, was gorgeous and tempting. Marvin sat still in his seat, when he watched this beautiful vixen push his books aside climbed on top of his desk. Marvin stood there, as he watched this goddess sit in front of him, her legs partially crossed as she revealed her delicious-looking sex to him.

Marvin couldn’t resist looking down. She was purely shaven. Her slit, glistened like a pink ruby. He looked up and saw her caress her breasts, slowly pulling them down as she revealed her pert nipples. The woman in front of him slowly slid her middle finger between her cleavage, all the way down to her sex, where she circled her fingers in her nub. Marvin watched in delight as she began fingering herself, entertaining him with pure lust, leaving him growing hard under his pants and transfixed to desire. He felt his hear racing; adrenaline pumping. When she removed her finger away from her slit, she moved her finger in her mouth, tasting her own desire when she moaned in ecstasy.

Marvin’s cock ached with torment as he wanted to be the want to taste her desire. She was right in front of him. He stood up and placed his hands over her thighs, slipping them under her garter straps when leaned in and placed his head between her legs. Marvin worked on her nub, flicking his tongue back-and-forth, tasting the sweetness of her desire. Her wanton was his nourishment.

Marvin dove in deep and pressed his tongue inside her folds. In return, she ran her fingers through his hair, grinding her pussy against his face as she moaned so femininely. His hands curled around the softness of her ass when her pressed his tongue deeper insider her folds, and then moved his tongue back against her center, causing her to climax instantly.

When he looked up, he noticed a satisfied expression. There was now a woman with a pure look of lust when sat up and leaned in to kiss him, taking in her own flavor from his kisses, while Marvin undid his pants. He knew she wanted him; she wanted him inside her and give all that she need.

Marvin slide down his pants and underwear. His length stood at attention; hard and ready for her. When she palmed his shaft, he felt her guiding him inside her. And in one hard thrust, he was nice and deep, fitting all the way deep when the two let out of gasp of pleasure.

Marvin closed his eyes as he moved his hips. The pleasure was really intense. He opened his eyes and looked down on his cock, bucking in and out of her as this woman circled her hand over her wanton center. She was determined to work up another need, and that had Marvin picking up his speed. He cupped his hand over one of her breasts, squeezing them tightly, while he watched her other breast bounce from his pounding. Marvin was pounding her furiously, where he placed both his hands along the side of her curves, slipping his fingers inside her crotchless panties.

The woman’s face contorted as she moaned, licking her fingers, turning her head side to side. Marvin’s pounding was so loud, their bodies were making noises from an intense fuck.

The woman’s breathing was growing intense. While he fucked her she kept fingering herself. She freed her other hand from her mouth and clenched her breast when she climaxed, filling the room with her orgasm, leaving Marvin to meet her orgasm with his.

Marvin let out a howl when pushed deep in her and shot a thick load of white cum inside her. The two met each other’s climax simultaneously, amplifying the room with their orgasm until things grew silent.

He collapsed on top of her and placed his lips over her. The two shared a ravenous kiss until he heard a buzzing sound. It was distracting and annoying. Marvin attempted to look up.

When he looked up, he noticed the woman wasn’t standing around. It was just a dream. Or was it?

Marvin got up from his chair only to find a pair of crotchless panties with a small sticky note attached to it.

You’ve studied so hard, you could use a little break every now and then. Good luck with your test.

I’ll see you tonight.

Love, Diana.

Marvin was in disbelief that it was a dream. In fact, it felt so real, he wondered why his pants were unbutton and unzipped. Did it really happened or was it just another dream?


Monday, June 1, 2015

Working On A Prequel To Chateau Plasir

Good morning. My 2015 has gone by. It's June 1st, and wow it's already a warm day; near 90 degrees today. Anyways, I'm going to discuss about my current WIP, in fact two of them Chateau Plasir and the Prequel to the story.

When I wrote Chateau Plasir, I was thinking of a very dark erotic story about two best friends, Meriessa Lopez and Adela Giamatti. As I wrote the story, I learned that I was over-explaining Chapter Two to the point where I needed to come across a prequel instead. You know, prequels are good, because you can explain all the previous events from your characters in one story without making it boring. One of the common errors that some writers do with their story. I like to get straight to the point, and I felt there was so much to be explained about the characters that a prequel would have to do; to give the readers some understanding of the characters.

The Prequel I'm writing takes place at a dorm in Jersey City State University in 2003. Meriessa gets a new roommate in her dorm, but she is suddenly amazed of the like-mindedness of Adela. When Meriessa mentions to her about conducting sexual studies, Adela helps her along, which sparks her muse to become a lingerie designer.

This story will be about 15k - 20k words long, going in depth about their past and leading to the present where Meriessa and Adela pairs up twelve years later. The scenes I'm writing will have a straight sex scene, lesbian, transgender, gay scenes, menage, with a touch of light bdsm. One of the hardest times I'm having right now is writing these three genres, particularly, to be honest, I'm worried about my image as a straight author. I'm not attracted to men, but I know when I'm writing fiction, I want to cater more for the female audience than ever, after listening to some of my fans on what they like to read.

I do have to admit, I like girl-on-girl scenes, and it's only fair that I write for women who like guy-on-guy scenes, including transgender. It's a huge step that I'm taking, but I love writing for women who love reading erotica. What I hope I can bring to the table is a story that would arouse and entertain you, and I'm hoping this prequel would be a start of a series that I'm working on.

Well, off to work.

Ray S