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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thursday Tasters - 05/14/2015: Love Out Of Lust - Part Five

Hi. It's been some since I've been on here, but I'm happy to be back, with some completed manuscripts to present you. 

In this snippet, I'm presenting a story that is currently being edited, so this snippet will show some rough drafts in the story to Love Out Of Lust - Part Five, which will release in late June.

I hope you enjoy the potential fight scene between Marisol and her man's ex-wife, Clarissa.

Love Out Of Lust - Part Five will show some drama, and I mean some good drama.


As Marisol watched, the bartender called for her attention to pay for her drink. Marisol paid for drinking, slipping the bartender a ten dollar bill. She turned around to look at her friend, once again, dancing with some guy on the floor, sipping her drink. She took a step, but out of nowhere she bumped into someone she didn’t expect to see in the club – Daryl’s ex-wife – Clarissa.
Clarissa was in her night dress, straightening the top hem of her dress. She gave a surprised look when she saw Marisol, and her face quickly grimaced when she recognized who she bumped into. Marisol returned an uncomfortable look at Clarissa, knowing what she wasn’t in the mood for her bullshit, but Clarissa couldn’t help herself commenting.
“Well, I’m surprise the bouncers let your stupid-ass in.”
Marisol was quickly taken aback my Clarissa’s comments. She charged, “Excuse me?”
“You fucking heard me!” Clarissa then taunted, “What, you feel like getting froggy bitch?”
Marisol could feel her nerves jumping. She just wanted to lunge at this woman and tear her head off, but she knew Clarissa was trying to push her buttons. The two never liked each other. Yet, Marisol had done nothing wrong to her, and she was puzzled what did she do to her.
“Clarissa, what the fuck have I ever done to you? You come dogging at me when I’ve never done shit to you. If you’re picking on me because of Daryl, well you need to get over it. Accept the fact that you fucked up your marriage!”
“You ruined my marriage!”
She placed her hand over her chest with a look of disbelief. “I ruined your marriage? How the fuck did I ruin your marriage? How?” She pointed at her. “Bitch, you fucked up that marriage by cheating on him. Daryl was nothing but the sweetest guy, and you had to fuck it up by opening your legs to his boss! Don’t come using me as an excuse for your failures!”
Since Clarissa couldn’t think of a valid argument, she charged back. “Oh bitch, now you wanna get loud with me?”
“What? You feel like throwing down?” Marisol challenged back. “C’mon take your best shot bitch; otherwise get the fuck out of my face!”

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  1. A situation I have never been in, thankfully.

  2. Cat fight! Yeah! They are hilarious. :)