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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Official Cover Reveal to Love Out Of Lust Part Five

I finally did it! Love Out Of Lust - Part Five has been completed, and it will be underway for the release in June.

In the last four parts to the series, I explained the beginning of their relationship of how the two who were once friends ended up being lovers in the end, with a cliff-hanger at the end of Part Four, wondering how Daryl was going to get out of Jose's confrontation.

Part Five will be the most dramatic to the series, and when I originally wrote Part Five to the Series, I was hoping to have it ready by November 2014, but I was too busy to get the project underway, because of my current day job in management. I am very glad I never put the series off like many other authors did to their series. I intend to make up to eight or nine parts to the series, which of course the story will be considerably long.

The original manuscript to Part Five is over 16k words. So I made sure I was able to incorporate scenes that will lead to Part Six and Seven.

Here's what you will find in Part Five upon its release:

Daryl faces off with Jose and Marisol's cousin, Alonzo, comes to their aid, but it's not over when Jose threatens them with more violence. As for Marisol, she is concerned that Alonzo will do something stupid, like go back to his old ways to get back at Jose, but Alonzo has something else in his sleeves, even Daryl wouldn't see it.

Marisol, on the other hand, goes on a girls' night out with her friend Paige and bumps into Daryl's ex-wife, Clarissa, where they face off in a dance club, and then at Paige's job, but Daryl's and Marisol's relationship will soon be revealed between friends.

The story is currently in edits, as we speak. Of course, my editor, Elicia Stoll will be doing part five to the series, and I'm very happy. I'm sure's she's excited and much love for my editor in taking on the series with me.

The book will be released in June, and yes, I will work on releasing Part Six in 2015.

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