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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Completed Chapter One to My Dark Erotic Romance Story - Chateaur Plasir.

Okay, it took me some time to finish out Chapter One to my story, Chateau Plasir. I had debated to myself about the direction of the story I wanted it to go. It was at first difficult to decide, because I wanted to include all the erotic scenes possible, but I wanted to make it a love story with lots of drama involved.

Chateau Plasir is a story about two best friends, college roommates - Meriessa Lopez and Adela Giamatti. When Meriessa moved to the Bay Area, she ended up being Adela's personal assistant with a chance to live in a world of fantasy unlike any before. If you could live in a world where your fantasies could become a reality, could you handle it? To Meriessa, she would be in disbelief but to live out her world from her sexual fantasies was a privilege, while Adela lived it like it was her right to make people do whatever she desired.

I'm writing the most challenging story ever. It will be my first Hispanerotic (Hispanic Erotic) novel ever. I'm writing genres that I need to break into, which I normally don't write -- light BDSM. I'm not writing extreme, because I don't like inflicting pain on these characters; not for the pleasurable sense, because it's not what I'm into. I will incorporate gay and transgender scenes into the story. While I have male readers to my stories that I'm thankful for, please understand that I'm writing for women fantasies only. They are my core audience, and there are a lot of women that like men having sex with men. Hey, I will be fair about it, since I enjoy girl-on-girl scenes, and yes those scenes will be incorporated into the story, and definitely menage scenes - lots of them. (SPOILER ALERT: I just started a story with a delicious menage scene for the heroine in the story.)

One of my dilemmas that I'm facing right now is writing what I truly want to write - erotica for women -- something never done before. While I have read stories that involved the typical men with blonde hair, bad boy types, biker dudes, alpha-male characters, I want to be something different. Plus, I want the hero and the heroine to be from a Hispanic culture, yet from an English-speaking background.

Here's what I'm worried about, the criticism. I'm concerned about the criticism I may get from others, saying why do the characters have to be Hispanic, while I'm worried about the criticism from Hispanics that will probably say they act 'too white'. Here is my answer to both of them:

I'm an English-speaking Hispanic who grew up with Puerto Rican roots. I'm proud of my culture and I feel I don't have to prove anything to anyone. I'm writing a story where other Hispanics could identify, at the same time, giving these characters an interesting background that they are like everyone else in the United States. I want to write something that represents Hispanics, but I will not write something I have no knowledge about; only a culture others could identify.

In Chapter One, I wrote about Meriessa's initiation to the world of Chateau Plasir - The House of Pleasure. The setting takes place in the Bay Area, and my only intention is to arouse the readers. If you are looking for realism in the story, I'm sorry, I'm keeping it fantasy. Yes, these characters will engage in high-risk sex. That means, no prophylactics ever!

In Chapter Two, I will explain about Meriessa's and Adela's background, and how her darkened world opens up living in a place full of lust and desire. I have no idea how many chapters I intend to write, but so far, I'm liking the story, and I'm hoping my peers would enjoy as they beta-read.

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