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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Completed Chapter One to My Dark Erotic Romance Story - Chateaur Plasir.

Okay, it took me some time to finish out Chapter One to my story, Chateau Plasir. I had debated to myself about the direction of the story I wanted it to go. It was at first difficult to decide, because I wanted to include all the erotic scenes possible, but I wanted to make it a love story with lots of drama involved.

Chateau Plasir is a story about two best friends, college roommates - Meriessa Lopez and Adela Giamatti. When Meriessa moved to the Bay Area, she ended up being Adela's personal assistant with a chance to live in a world of fantasy unlike any before. If you could live in a world where your fantasies could become a reality, could you handle it? To Meriessa, she would be in disbelief but to live out her world from her sexual fantasies was a privilege, while Adela lived it like it was her right to make people do whatever she desired.

I'm writing the most challenging story ever. It will be my first Hispanerotic (Hispanic Erotic) novel ever. I'm writing genres that I need to break into, which I normally don't write -- light BDSM. I'm not writing extreme, because I don't like inflicting pain on these characters; not for the pleasurable sense, because it's not what I'm into. I will incorporate gay and transgender scenes into the story. While I have male readers to my stories that I'm thankful for, please understand that I'm writing for women fantasies only. They are my core audience, and there are a lot of women that like men having sex with men. Hey, I will be fair about it, since I enjoy girl-on-girl scenes, and yes those scenes will be incorporated into the story, and definitely menage scenes - lots of them. (SPOILER ALERT: I just started a story with a delicious menage scene for the heroine in the story.)

One of my dilemmas that I'm facing right now is writing what I truly want to write - erotica for women -- something never done before. While I have read stories that involved the typical men with blonde hair, bad boy types, biker dudes, alpha-male characters, I want to be something different. Plus, I want the hero and the heroine to be from a Hispanic culture, yet from an English-speaking background.

Here's what I'm worried about, the criticism. I'm concerned about the criticism I may get from others, saying why do the characters have to be Hispanic, while I'm worried about the criticism from Hispanics that will probably say they act 'too white'. Here is my answer to both of them:

I'm an English-speaking Hispanic who grew up with Puerto Rican roots. I'm proud of my culture and I feel I don't have to prove anything to anyone. I'm writing a story where other Hispanics could identify, at the same time, giving these characters an interesting background that they are like everyone else in the United States. I want to write something that represents Hispanics, but I will not write something I have no knowledge about; only a culture others could identify.

In Chapter One, I wrote about Meriessa's initiation to the world of Chateau Plasir - The House of Pleasure. The setting takes place in the Bay Area, and my only intention is to arouse the readers. If you are looking for realism in the story, I'm sorry, I'm keeping it fantasy. Yes, these characters will engage in high-risk sex. That means, no prophylactics ever!

In Chapter Two, I will explain about Meriessa's and Adela's background, and how her darkened world opens up living in a place full of lust and desire. I have no idea how many chapters I intend to write, but so far, I'm liking the story, and I'm hoping my peers would enjoy as they beta-read.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Re-Release: Love Out Of Lust Series

ReRelease Banner L-O-O-L

Love Out Of Lust Series
by Ray Sostre
Re-Release Date: May 25th, 2015
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

Love Out Of Lust Series

Daryl and Marisol had been best friends since childhood. When a moment of weakness occurs between both of them, their relationship takes on a whole new level of just being best friends -- why not lovers, without the drama of course?


Love Out Of Lust Teaser 1

Love Out Of Lust Teaser 2

Love Out Of Lust Teaser 3

Love Out Of Lust Pt 1 Cover

Love Out Of Lust - Part One

Love Out Of Lust Cover Part Two

Love Out Of Lust - Part Two

Love Out Of Lust Part Three Cover

Love Out Of Lust - Part Three

Love Out Of Lust Cover Part 4 Cover

Love Out Of Lust - Part Four
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Cover Reveal:

And don't miss out on the release of Love Out Of Lust - Part Five, releasing in late June 2015.
Just when happiness sets in between Daryl and Marisol, some old issues arises when Daryl's life is in danger from Marisol's ex, Jose, and in order to stop Jose in his tracks, Alonzo, Marisol's cousin, helps Daryl by thinking outside the box. Meanwhile, Marisol faces off with Daryl's ex-wife, Clarissa, and things suddenly get ugly between them when spiteful words are expressed, which later leads to the discovery of their clandestine relationship from Paige.

About The Author:

Picture Of Ray S 2014

New York born, East Coast raised, and West Coast bound.

Writing erotica happened by accident in the summer of 2010.  That same year, he established a story submission site – AfterDark Online, a place for erotic authors.

He lives in Nevada with his long-time girlfriend, is an avid listener of electronica, and enjoys writing and publishing articles. He jokes: “I’m always looking for writing material.”



Friday, May 15, 2015

Flash Fiction Friday - 05/15/2015: Darla's Opportunity To Get Naughty

Hey, what's up?

It's been a while since I had posted a snippet for Flash Fiction Friday, 
since I've been busy writing my dark novella. 

Anyways, here's a little naughty snippet featuring Darla & Tyler.


Such a wonderful afternoon, as Darla and Tyler were out enjoying a quiet, peaceful picnic together. The sun beamed through the trees as Tyler rested lied down on the blanket, placing his hands behind his head.

“It’s so nice to go out for a romantic picnic,” Tyler said as he closed his eyes.

Darla turned to him with a smile. She spoke in her seductive husky voice, “You know, I was thinking, there is no one around. We could, you know… do it right here.”

Tyler opened his eyes. “Are you kidding me, right here?”

“Yep.” She shook her head. Slowly pulling up her shirt.

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thursday Tasters - 05/14/2015: Love Out Of Lust - Part Five

Hi. It's been some since I've been on here, but I'm happy to be back, with some completed manuscripts to present you. 

In this snippet, I'm presenting a story that is currently being edited, so this snippet will show some rough drafts in the story to Love Out Of Lust - Part Five, which will release in late June.

I hope you enjoy the potential fight scene between Marisol and her man's ex-wife, Clarissa.

Love Out Of Lust - Part Five will show some drama, and I mean some good drama.


As Marisol watched, the bartender called for her attention to pay for her drink. Marisol paid for drinking, slipping the bartender a ten dollar bill. She turned around to look at her friend, once again, dancing with some guy on the floor, sipping her drink. She took a step, but out of nowhere she bumped into someone she didn’t expect to see in the club – Daryl’s ex-wife – Clarissa.
Clarissa was in her night dress, straightening the top hem of her dress. She gave a surprised look when she saw Marisol, and her face quickly grimaced when she recognized who she bumped into. Marisol returned an uncomfortable look at Clarissa, knowing what she wasn’t in the mood for her bullshit, but Clarissa couldn’t help herself commenting.
“Well, I’m surprise the bouncers let your stupid-ass in.”
Marisol was quickly taken aback my Clarissa’s comments. She charged, “Excuse me?”
“You fucking heard me!” Clarissa then taunted, “What, you feel like getting froggy bitch?”
Marisol could feel her nerves jumping. She just wanted to lunge at this woman and tear her head off, but she knew Clarissa was trying to push her buttons. The two never liked each other. Yet, Marisol had done nothing wrong to her, and she was puzzled what did she do to her.
“Clarissa, what the fuck have I ever done to you? You come dogging at me when I’ve never done shit to you. If you’re picking on me because of Daryl, well you need to get over it. Accept the fact that you fucked up your marriage!”
“You ruined my marriage!”
She placed her hand over her chest with a look of disbelief. “I ruined your marriage? How the fuck did I ruin your marriage? How?” She pointed at her. “Bitch, you fucked up that marriage by cheating on him. Daryl was nothing but the sweetest guy, and you had to fuck it up by opening your legs to his boss! Don’t come using me as an excuse for your failures!”
Since Clarissa couldn’t think of a valid argument, she charged back. “Oh bitch, now you wanna get loud with me?”
“What? You feel like throwing down?” Marisol challenged back. “C’mon take your best shot bitch; otherwise get the fuck out of my face!”

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 05/12/2015: Melissa's Satisfaction

Hi, it's been awhile since I've been on here, due to me working on my manuscripts. 

I'm happy to tantalize you with another tease. Perhaps, something erotic with a hell of a twist in the end.


Melissa moved herself up and down on Anthony. She gyrated her hips when she leaned in and sucked the life of his kisses. She loved the way his tongue moved along with hers; very lustful before she pushed him back down on the bed and rocked her hips vigorously.

She curled her fingers over his shoulders and closed her eyes. Her faced contorted to the wonderful, tormenting feeling rising inside her. Anthony, in return, placed his hands over the top of her thighs and then the side of her curves. Melissa felt his hand move over her chest, squeezing one of her breast with such a manly grip, instantly triggering her wave of pleasure to peak. Melissa tilted her head back when she unleashed a cry of pleasure; it was something she had long wanted – a long-awaited feeling of release. What an orgasm! She couldn’t recall the last time someone had ever made her feel this good.

She collapsed on top of him, kissing him wildly. When she looked into his eyes, Melissa noticed Anthony’s pride expression, knowing he’d done a great thing for her. Yes, indeed, he did. It was too bad Anthony was her stepson. He was the only one that made her feel this good.

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Official Cover Reveal to Love Out Of Lust Part Five

I finally did it! Love Out Of Lust - Part Five has been completed, and it will be underway for the release in June.

In the last four parts to the series, I explained the beginning of their relationship of how the two who were once friends ended up being lovers in the end, with a cliff-hanger at the end of Part Four, wondering how Daryl was going to get out of Jose's confrontation.

Part Five will be the most dramatic to the series, and when I originally wrote Part Five to the Series, I was hoping to have it ready by November 2014, but I was too busy to get the project underway, because of my current day job in management. I am very glad I never put the series off like many other authors did to their series. I intend to make up to eight or nine parts to the series, which of course the story will be considerably long.

The original manuscript to Part Five is over 16k words. So I made sure I was able to incorporate scenes that will lead to Part Six and Seven.

Here's what you will find in Part Five upon its release:

Daryl faces off with Jose and Marisol's cousin, Alonzo, comes to their aid, but it's not over when Jose threatens them with more violence. As for Marisol, she is concerned that Alonzo will do something stupid, like go back to his old ways to get back at Jose, but Alonzo has something else in his sleeves, even Daryl wouldn't see it.

Marisol, on the other hand, goes on a girls' night out with her friend Paige and bumps into Daryl's ex-wife, Clarissa, where they face off in a dance club, and then at Paige's job, but Daryl's and Marisol's relationship will soon be revealed between friends.

The story is currently in edits, as we speak. Of course, my editor, Elicia Stoll will be doing part five to the series, and I'm very happy. I'm sure's she's excited and much love for my editor in taking on the series with me.

The book will be released in June, and yes, I will work on releasing Part Six in 2015.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Erotic Story: Abella's Afternoon

Okay, I finally did a little cleaning up on the story -- well to the best of my ability. This was the menage story I wrote on Wednesday Live Writing session, which of course a number of people wanted a sandwich. 

I want to thank the people of HOT BBR for showing me the love of my writing. So I'm happy to present Abella's Afternoon.


Abella was in the patio, resting on her lounge chair in her two-piece bathing suit catching some sun, while her roommate Allison popped her head out from the balcony entrance to surprise her. She told her she heading to work and she will return home to get ready for the dinner party.

Abella gave Allison a nod before putting her headphones on and listened away to her deep house music that played from her smart phone. It was a hot sunny day, and Abella loved the warm feeling as it hit her skin. She took in a wonderful serene view of the ocean, as she leaned her head back and listened to the wonderful vibes of her house music. The music she listened to was equally sensual and tantalizing; she imagined herself in the club, especially that night when she was dancing between two hot-looking men that sandwich her on the dance floor – Brad and Jason. She remembered the delicious feeling of their hard-ons pressed against her as they sway to the sensual beat.

They danced all night, and the way they danced had her feeling wet and horny. Had her friend Allison wasn’t so wasted, Abella would’ve had the best time of her night, getting busy with both of them. Now, of course, Adella would’ve shared with her friend, but Abella felt a little greedy that night.

Brad was a muscular guy with short blonde hair and gorgeous looks fresh off the GQ Magazine. That night, Brad made her all hot and bothered. She loved the way his hands moved along the side of her curves. It had her wishing he pulled up her skirt and get naughty with her. At the same time, she enjoyed Jason's body pressed against her. She loved the feeling of his hard chest pressing against the softness of her chest. She wanted to kiss him lustfully. She loved Jason’s appearance, as he resembled a bit about Tyson Beckford; tall, dark, and full of pure wanton.

Had she had the chance, she would've had the best night of her night, but she couldn't leave her friend Allison at the bar slumped over. Her friend came first, and she would forgo her double pleasure. At least she didn't walk away empty-handed. Brad had given her his number, and Jason was her roommate. They talked about hooking up some time.  Now that her friend, her roommate was gone for the day, Abella figured what a perfect opportunity it would be to have the men over. The thought of having two godly-looking men over gave Abella the thought of getting herself off. She would've called them sooner, but unfortunately Abella forgot about them. A week had gone by, and she wondered if the men were still interested in coming over. It didn't hurt to try if she called them.

She gave Brad a call, and the two spoke for awhile. In fact, they spoke for an hour before she popped the question of having him over. She even mentioned about him bringing his roommate along, Jason, and they could hang out. Brad told her that he'll be over there with Jason. This made Abella's fantasy come true.

When she got off the phone, Abella got up from her lounge chair and headed back inside the house. She had been in the sun so long, she needed to cool off where it was air-conditioned. Better yet, the anticipation of having them over had Abella’s body aching with need. She was feeling really warm and loved the security of being alone; she couldn't help thinking about it - alone in the house with two men. Why couldn't her roommate go on vacation or something?

The thought of them had her reaching her hand inside her bikini underwear, touching her desire where she fluttered her eyes and allowed her imaginations to run wild. The urge was so strong. She walked over to the couch and took a seat. She parted her legs and pressed her fingers inside her folds, sinking them in and out until her fingers circled around her nub. She placed her other hand over one of her breasts and squeezed it tightly, while her body writhed in motion – pure enjoyment.

Abella licked her lips, imagining her body being consumed by these men; one kissing the side of her neck, while the other leaving trails of kisses over her smooth tan-skinned tummy. She could even imagine them undressing her, while one of them squeezing her breasts, and the other leaving wet kisses on her inner thighs. The feeling of lust was consuming her; Abella couldn't help pulling down her bikini bra, allowing her breasts to fall free.

She gently pinched one of her nipples, twirling them with her fingertips. Her other hand was all over her clean shaven sex. It was a good thing she shaved, the feeling of it helped intensify her pleasure.  Abella's fingers circled around her nub with more speed, at the same time pressing her fingers inside her folds to lubricate her nub. She was wet... very wet... and in need of a nice hard cock in side of her, but why not two? That night, Abella couldn't help contain herself when she felt both their hardness against in the club. If only Allison wasn't so wasted, she could've done both the men somewhere in the club where no one was looking.

She continued rubbing herself, but her need was growing stronger, and she took off her bikini underwear, tossing it to the floor. Abella was lost in her passions. Her moans grew and her breath quickened with pleasure. With her eyes closed, she could imagine both men doing her at the same time. She rubbed herself furiously as her fingers drew forth her hot juices. Abella clenched her breast with one hand and moaned again until her hips bucked as she climaxed. Her moans filled the living room when she reached her orgasm. The feeling was so intense, when her orgasm passed her chest rose and fell rapidly.  Abella's anticipation was running high over the men’s visit. She couldn't wait.

She picked up her belongings and went upstairs to her room to get changed; something a little more appropriate but comfortable enough where she didn't have to struggle peeling off her clothes - a pair of jean shorts would do.

Brad and Jason arrived ninety minutes later, and the three hung out in the living room watching TV. The men sat on the sofa, side-by-side; Abella was sitting between them as they talked, but their conversation wasn't going anywhere. She was hoping something would lead to somewhere, but the men appeared hesitant to make the first move. It was up to her to make the move. A girl has got to do what a girl has got to do. She brought the men over with one thing in mind, and it wasn't for a little tea party.

She turned over to Jason, who was too busy watching TV. She complimented his biceps as she asked to touch them. Jason returned a smile and extended out his arm, where she curled her fingers over them. He was hard. Her thoughts ran wild, and she was curious to feel Brad's. When she turned to Brad, she curled her fingers over his biceps, and Abella could feel her heartbeat grow stronger. Now it was time to get them loosen up more. Why not their shirts?

She asked them to take off their shirts so she could examine their chest size. At the moment Brad took off his shirt. Abella gave her most wanton look of lust. She wanted to run her fingers between the crevices of his chest. In fact, she subconsciously placed her hand over one of his pecs. He was hard... by god tempting. She could've stayed focused on Brad, but she didn't want to forget Jason.

Jason took off his tank-top. She was just as amazed with him. His pecs were bigger. Abella's mouth watered. By the time she had them shirtless, she decided to unravel her chest. She took off her bikini top, and immediately her breasts fell free.

The men stared at her with amazement. Both of them couldn't help but place their hands over her breasts. She knew she could get them going. They were nicely well-rounded and full of delight. Abella knew it was time to take it a step further. She now had them under her lusting spell. Brad, without hesitation, leaned in and placed his lips over one of her nipples, while Jason leaned and kissed her lips. She placed her hand over to the side of Jason's face, taking in his heated pheromone. She loved the way he slipped his tongue inside her mouth, sucking her breath away.

The feeling of Brad's touch had Abella's core growing with a delicious need. All this lust that was building inside her was breaking free into reality. It wasn't long until she felt one of their hands over her jean shorts, attempting to unbutton them.  She wanted to be free -- naked with them. She also wanted to see them naked, as well. She suggested that they get out of these clothes and do it on the couch.

The three undressed, while stealing glances at each other.  It didn't take long for them to undress, where they were completely naked together. Abella stood there in vulnerability, awaiting for Jason to approach her. The two kissed. Abella loved the warmth of his body pressed against her. She did get to see his size before taking a step closer to her. He was impressive! She could feel his hardness pressed against her. At the same time, she felt Brad's hardness pressing against her ass. From the like of him being behind her, she like the feel of his size.

She couldn't remain still. She turned to Brad and gave him a kiss. This time her hand palmed over his length. Brad had a cock the size of a milk bottle. Could she take them on; both of them were impressively big? She then got down on her knees and had both her hands over their lengths. While she was on her knees, she rubbed their shafts, taking a long deep breath for what was about to come. Then at the moment she felt the spark, she took in Brad's cock, enveloping him with her soft, luscious lips.

She took in the tip of his cock, but popped him out of her mouth and turned to Jason, who was waiting anxiously. When she took Jason in her mouth, she overheard a groan. She loved the sound of a man feeling pleasured. Her head bobbed back and forth until she popped Jason's tip of of her mouth and worked on Brad's.

This time she was able to work her mouth on them. The men uttered out some series of groans and grunts until, she couldn't take the torment any long; she needed one of them inside of her. She turned to Brad and told her to fuck her, while had Jason's shaft in her hand. Brad motioned her to stand up and bend over on the couch. She freed Jason's cock from her hand and followed his request as she leaned over the armrest of the sofa.

She felt the warmth of Brad's hand, but Brad wasn't ready to enter her yet. To her surprise, she felt his face between her legs. His tongue was pressing between her folds.

The feeling of her tongue pressing there caught her off-guard, but she didn't mind the feeling of the pleasure. Brad's hands curled over her luscious thighs as he pulled her ass closer to his face. She felt his tongue pressing against her nub, where she couldn't help letting out a few moans. She was so distracted; all she could do was keep her hand on Jason's curved length, slowly stroking him. The feeling was so intense, when Brad broke away and stood up Abella let out a soft whimper when she felt the head of his cock rubbing against her labia, and in that instant she felt him pushing inside her, stretching her wall of pleasure. Abella loved it. He felt good fitting inside her.

Brad was moving in and out of her. Her moans soon deepened, but she managed to take Jason's cock in her mouth. She rubbed Jason's shaft with her fingers, letting her wet mouth satisfy his need.  She knew Jason had to be enjoying it. His hands were all over her hair, curling his fingers inside. Then without warning, Abella felt her right leg being lifted by Brad and his length pushing further inside her as he bucked in and out of her pussy.

Her mouth broke away from Jason's cock, and she turned to her head over to Brad. He had the look of determination, pounding her furiously while she felt her breasts bouncing up and down. She managed to stroke Jason's shaft, this time more vigorously.  Her body was now consumed by both their touches. Jason cupped his hand over one her breasts, and the two exchanged a lustful kiss. Their tongues danced over each other.

Brad then let her leg down and continued to pound her until he slowed his thrusts. He leaned his body over hers slightly, leaving wet trails of kisses down her back. When he pulled out of her, Abella was now in the hands of Jason.

Jason held her hand and led her over the couch, where he sat down and motioned her to sit on top of him cowgirl style. Abella happily obliged to his request and waited for Jason to be seated. She then straddled on top of him and placed her hand over his length. When she guided him inside her, Abella let out a deep gasp of pleasure. Her hips gyrated as she curled her fingers over Jason's shoulders. The two exchanged deep lustful kisses, until she was almost taken by surprise -- she felt Brad's fingers caressing the small of her asshole.

Was it really going to happen? Was she ready to take on two of them at once. She felt the coolness of something slick around her ass. Brad was preparing her.

Once he was able to prep her right, Abella felt his hand pressed on her lower back as he moved his body over. Jason slowed his thrusts; Abella followed, allowing Brad to enter her through her ass.

She felt Brad pressing the tip of his cock inside her. He pushed in slow, and Abella let out a hiss. Once he was able to squeeze inside her, Brad worked her until she was able to get used to his size. The pain soon morphed into pleasure, and now Abella was consumed by two men at once.

As the men worked out a rhythm together, Abella could feel their hands all over her. Jason's mouth had found one of her nipples; Brad's hands were all over here ass.

The two worked their thrusts; the living room was filled with noises of pleasure. Abella was amazed that a woman like her was able to take on both their sizes. Their thrusts intensified as Abella felt her ass smacking against his hips. His thrust was running rapid, he couldn't help clenching his fingers through her hair. For some reason, Abella loved the feeling of a man behind her, pounding her while he gently grabs a fistful of hair.

Then Brad continued to buck with speed - harder and faster. His grunts were growing louder, and she could tell he was coming close. When he warned he was cumming, Brad pulled out of her and moved himself close to her face, as he jerked his cock vigorously, shooting her face and back with his thick load. Abella, without hesitation, took his cock in her mouth and sucked in more of his orgasm. She could feel his orgasm filling her mouth, until his breathing evened out.

Brad was still inside her mouth, moving his hips back and forth, but soon he pulled out and Abella was now left with Jason, where he was able to pump her with need. The feeling of Jason's cock inside had her in for another wave of pleasure.

Jason moved in and out of her, and Abella couldn't help but raise herself up and place her hand over her slit. Her fingers moved over her nub, while Jason's hands were over her lap. Abella's breath quickened as she felt the intense pleasure rising. Add to it, his thrusts were filling her with every need until she couldn't contain herself. Her second orgasm overtook her; it was more intense than the first time, but even better. She had someone inside her while she got herself off

The feeling so immense, she collapsed on top of Jason's body. At the same time, Jason was reaching his orgasm. He pulled out of her and stroked his himself, coating the crack of her ass with his hot juices. Abella purred to the pleasure of Jason cumming all over her ass. She didn't care how messy they were; it felt really good.

The three laughed and joked together after their climax, but what Abella, Jason, and Brad didn't expect was the sound of the door unlocking and her roommate Allison coming in when she let out a gasp, surprised over what she had seen. Abella wasn't expecting her friend home from work early.   In fact, she wasn't due back for another few hours. She didn't think her friend would take an early out from work.