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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thursday Tasters - 04/23/2015: Love Out Of Lust - Part Five

Happy Thursday! It's time for another segment of Thursday Tasters, and today, I'm happy to feature what's inside my current WIP - Love Out Of Lust - Part Five, and this release happen in June 2015; one year after Part Four's successful release. 

Thanks to those who have been patient with the series, hoping it will continue, and I promise to deliver.

How about a delicious start of the morning sex scene in 379 words, just a taste, okay?


“Since you’re up this early, I thought maybe we could kill some time doing other things together.”
Daryl smiled as he looked at her delicious, sexy appearance. How could he refuse? Marisol sauntered around the bed sexily, giving him her most naughtiest grin as she climbed on bed and sat next to him, caressing his chest, at the time lifting up his shirt. The she leaned in to give him a kiss. God, this woman knows how to make him hard and ready. Her kisses were wanting and demanding; a peck on his lips and then a peck on the side of cheek. Daryl inhaled the morning kisses from Marisol, which had him aching to get her out of her panties.
He slipped his hands through her hair, pulled her kisses further. Marisol then slid her hand over his hardness. She curled her fingers through the covers, getting a feel of how aroused he was. When she pulled away, her eyes narrowed in desperate wanton and then she climbed on top of him, sitting on him in a cowgirl position. Her hips gyrated, as Daryl placed his hand over her breasts. Daryl was intrigued how hard her nipples grew from his touch. He poked his thumb softly against her nipple, taking in her reaction to his touch. Then he slid his other hand down her tummy, where he playfully pulled around the strap of her panties. He managed to get a peak inside, savoring the view of her clean shaven mound, but he moved his hands over her thighs when she leaned in to kiss him again, this time moving her hips against his with speed. Marisol was in such heat and passion for him. Her movement had his cock ache with such torment.
Marisol nuzzled her nose against his; Daryl placed his hand over her ass, giving it a nice squeeze when Marisol pressed her lips against his. She slipped her tongue inside his mouth, lustfully; the two exchanged one of the hottest kisses since Valentine’s Day. What a way to start the morning!
“Mmm…” Marisol moaned. “I want you to take it out right now. Let me feel you inside me.” She exhaled her most erotic sigh as his ear warmed from the heat of her breath.

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