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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thursday Tasters - 04/16/2015: Chateaux Plasir

Welcome to another segment of Thursday Tasters. 

Tonight, I'm really excited and thrilled to present a very erotic piece that I'm working on.

It is the most erotic novel I'm ever writing, breaking all the rules of writing an erotic romance with a pure twist of darkness, secrets, and desires - Chateux Plasir - the house of pleasure.

This dark erotic romance is about a woman name Meriessa Hernandez who receives an invitation, along with her friends from college, to stay at Adela Gitana's mansion, otherwise dubbed the House of Pleasure for a two month long stay. This story I'm writing breaks all the norm that I usually write, because for the first time, I'm using light BDSM, Transgendered, and M/M scenes in the story, as well as menage, F/F, and M/F scenes. While the story will have lots of sex, it will also have lots of drama involve.

Anyways, here is a sample of my WIP. I hope you enjoy.


Adela wiped the corner of her mouth and set the napkin cloth down, and folded her fingers together as she gave the girl a soft, wicked grin. “That was such a delicious meal, wasn’t it? What do you say we go in the living room for a fun nightly entertainment?”

“Entertainment? Sure.” Meriessa shrugged. “What kind.”

“Oh, the kind you, Sarah, and Anissa would enjoy – some live entertainment. Come on, let’s take our glasses over to the entertainment room.”

Sarah turned to Meriessa with a whisper. “Live entertainment?”

Meriessa shrugged; she was equally perplexed by the idea of live entertainment.

The women got up from their seats and followed Adela out of the dining room, over to the living den, where they noticed a young man blindfolded and standing in the middle of the den, wearing nothing but a pair of boxers. Meriessa was suddenly stunned over Adela’s idea of live entertainment. Then again, the young man had a very nice muscular body, where she could run her fingernails over. The living room was a nice warm setting; the lights brightened in amber to set the erotic mood of what was to come.

Adela instructed the women to sit at a red settee, while she walked over behind him and placed her fingers over the young man’s shoulder. The man jerked subtly from the feeling of Adela’s fingernails tapping over his shoulder, but he remained still. Meriessa was really curious what Adela had in mind for this young man. She turned to Sarah and Anissa; they were equally curious as well.

“Tonight, we have guests who will be staying with us for a while – a month. You are not only going to be at my disposal, but at theirs as well. Do you hear me, Rex?”

Rex quickly nodded with an answer. “Yes Baroness.”

Adela then moved her lips over to Rex and commanded. “You may take the blindfolds off now. You assignment today is to make each of my friends cum with your tongue.” Adela turned the women. “Take off your pants and underwear. We’re both going to get a little treat from this young man tonight.”

Meriessa and Sara looked at each other oddly. Did Adela had just tell them to take off their bottoms? Sara was in her jeans, and Meriessa was wearing the same too. She turned to Anissa next to her, who hesitated to take off her underwear. This wasn’t the Adela the girls knew when they were in college together.

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  1. One guy for four women, damn he has a lot on his plate.

  2. Sounds like she's changed along the way, I guess she got bored! This could take Rex some considerable time! ;)

  3. Great descriptions! This excerpt is so tantalizing, I so want to keep reading!

  4. Let the hotness games begin. Sexy taster