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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thursday Tasters - 04/09/2015: Love Type Situation

Hey what's up? It's time for another segment of Thursday Tasters.
As of last night, I just got word that my manuscript Love Type Situation was accepted through Bitten Press, and it will be out in a matter of time.

Anyways, let me give you brief description of Love Type Situation. It is a May/December erotic romance about a woman who has had bad luck with men her age and older, and when she finally meets a man that is right for her, the only issue she has is his age. The man is eight years younger than her, but he has the better qualities of the men she was involved in.

Anyways, here is a bar scene between Sadie Mendez, the heroine of the story, and her best friend Danny. They sit in a gay club in San Francisco, going over her problems.


“No way, what would I do with a young guy like him. He was one of the kids I tutored years ago. I could never see myself go for a guy like him, especially someone that young.”
“What’s wrong with someone being young? I like dating young men; they’re way much better in bed than the older ones. These young men have such stamina you wouldn’t believe. If they cum too quickly the first time, they’re willing to go at it again, and the sex is far more intense than the first.”
As if Sadie needed to hear the sexually graphic details from Danny. She shook her head. “T… M… I, Danny. I mean, really?”
“Yeah really. You mean to tell me you wouldn’t do a young guy in the bedroom?”
“Then what about Mr. Two-Pump Chump, Dustin? He’s older than you and you’ve always told me how you were never satisfied whenever he—”
Sadie didn’t want Danny to go any further about her bedroom details. “Okay, okay, I get it, but there’s no way I could see myself with someone younger. I mean, these young boys only think of one thing and nothing but one thing. They never have their shit together, and they’re so immature.”
“And what luck are you having with the older men, Sadie? Huh? Look, I love you girl; you’re my best friend, but to be honest, you haven’t had any luck with these older men either. I mean, before Dustin you were dating a three-time felon before you realized he wasn’t going to change. Then I remembered the other man you were with; he was so narcissistic he nearly fucked your head up when you broke up with him. What about the other guy, he was a serial cheater that loved making you jealous every time he was around another woman. Must I go on?”
Sadie couldn’t find any argument to it; as much as it pain-staked her Danny was right. He had seen all the men she was with and no matter how old they were, they were all bad news.
“Maybe I should turn gay; date women only.”
“And girl, you’ll still be here telling me how terrible these women are towards you. Look, I’m not saying to just give up hope, but have you ever thought of just trying for a guy who’s younger than you?”

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  1. Interesting set up. A reluctant cougar. That's fun. :D

  2. So true! Great excerpt! And thanks for adding me to the post :)

  3. Love this banter. Fun taster