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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 04/28/2015: Blindfolding Arousal

Welcome to another segment of Tantalizing Tuesday.

I have an arousing piece to give you, that would either make you want to bust out with a toy or tube sock, and I really mean it.

While this picture depicts a little bit of BDSM, I don't write it. 
I like writing very erotic pieces that will arouse you. 

In this piece, Gemma is seeking a therapy lesson from Dr. Maynard that want to help her enjoy her body better, and he comes up with some very unorthodox methods to make her enjoy herself.

Anyways, enjoy this erotic little piece. 


“Hands on the table,” Dr. Maynard commanded with pure authority as he held a black velvet cloth in his hand.

Gemma did as he commanded; her body was naked and vulnerable to his touch. She placed her hand on the desk and Gemma was finally at his mercy when she placed both her hands on the desk. Her nipples hardened with anticipation, when she felt the heat of his body behind her and the dark cloth going in front of her face. She knew was happening next. She immediately closed her eyes, and allowed Dr. Maynard to blindfold her until the cloth was snug over her face.

He stepped away, but not before he whispered, “I want you to relax and let me help you enjoy your body.”

Gemma couldn’t help bite her lip. She wondered what he had in store for her. Even the thought of it left a delicious ache growing in her center. She could feel it now. Then without warning, she felt something feathered against one of her nipples. It felt soft and arousing. Gemma couldn’t help but let out a soft gasp under her breath.

Dr. Maynard, “Just relax, this is just the beginning; wait until we get to the good part.”

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  1. Oh Ray you tease! That description perfectly fits the picture. Hope you continue this next week xx