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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 04/21/2015: One Night Reunion

Happy Tuesday everyone. It's time to give a tease in 200 words, but I'm slightly over by 15 words, but this scene was too hot it's going to be on my to do list - expand it to a story.

Hope you enjoy this delicious FFM piece.

Brent looked down as he pushed himself inside Laura, the blond sensuous-looking blonde on the bed. She arched her body and ran her hands through her hair, when she uttered a soft moan, while Karen, moved behind him, placing her hand over his tummy, nuzzling at his neck. Brent couldn’t help savoring the intense feeling of Laura; she was very wet and tight. He turned his head back to Karen, and the two shared a soft kiss, which turned ravenous as their tongues danced together.

All this excitement nearly distracted Brent. His hands slid over Laura’s thigh, when she moved her hands over her breasts, pinching her nipples when she looked down at his cock, slowly pushing in and out. Brent, in the meantime, felt Karen’s hand moving up his chest and over his neck. When she placed her hand at the side of his face, their mouths locked together as he exchanged the most erotic kiss. Brent wondered how they ended up getting so lucky, being with the girls he hung out in high school?

It was a night a passion, but they knew this was only a one time thing, or could they? They were all in a relationship with someone else, but all three admitted they weren’t happy with the ones they're with.

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  1. One time thing, my ass. This is something that will have to go on. Nice work, Ray!

  2. Yep! Gonna work these friends with benefits! Xo

  3. Def not a one time thing. Hot piece indeed, Ray :-)

  4. Hot ...nicely done !! I find myself wondering if it can be more than just this moment.

  5. i'm convinced they will carry on...surely...

  6. You really should expand this story. It's too hot to pass by. Great teaser