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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 04/07/2015: Must Keep Quiet

I miss being on here. I'm back, and last night has been a wonderful moment for me.
AfterDark Online has re-launched, and the visits was much higher than ever.

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Anyways, I feel very naughty, and I want to give you a hot erotic snippet for Tuesday in 200 words. 

This may be a story to expand, and you better brace yourself.


Alex tried every best effort to not let out a sound of pleasure, as she watched Danny move his hips back and forth, nice and deep. She hadn’t had sex in so long, and feeling his rock hardness inside her face contorting really softly. She loved the way he stretched inside her, taking in his size, but she had to keep really quiet, because the man she was fucking was her best friend’s brother, who was past out and sound asleep next to her.

Alex and Sophie were having a slumber party that involved sneaking in a bag of marijuana. When Sophie was too stone to talk, she past out on the futon couch, while Danny and Alex finished the joint together, leading to both of them making out, and then having sex on the futon sofa, while Sophie slept.

She uttered a soft moan, and Danny quickly placed his finger over his lips, emphasizing to her to be very quiet, but Alex was coming very close to her orgasm? Could she keep very quiet? The marijuana effects was heightening her arousal, and waking up her friend Sophie was suddenly the least of her worries. She was about to cum.

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  1. Phew, I might need a cold shower now ;-) Deliciously naughty, Ray!

  2. Naughty naughty naughty. But excedingly nice and very very sexy. Love it!

  3. hot pic even hotter tease. loved it