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Monday, April 20, 2015

Random Short Snippets - A Delicious Quickie

It's that time again for another segment of Random Short Snippets. 

Today, I want to express some dirty sexual thoughts in the morning (what else is new, lol).

I hope you can contain your Monday with this naught 551 word snippet.


She slipped off her panties and allowed them to fall on the floor. Georgia watched her man, Robert, sit on the sofa while holding himself in his hand, waiting for her to climb on top of him and ride him good. She was intrigued and wet with anticipation; she couldn’t wait to feel him inside her. Just the thought of herself bouncing up and down on Robert’s cock inside of her had her core aching with sheer pleasure. She loved the way his length stood in his hand.

When she got on the sofa, Georgia had straddled herself on top of him, and then she felt his tip resting below her slit, but above her tight hole. She reached under herself and guided him inside of her. Georgia closed her eyes when she gasped out of pleasure. She loved the way he stretched inside her. The feeling was intense. She leaned in and began to gyrate her hips, Georgia was coating him with her wetness, instantly making him able to push in and out of her, while the two exchanged kisses.

Then Robert spoke between their kisses. “I want to see your tits.”

Georgia would happily oblige. She knew those were one of her bodily assets that got Robert all excited. He loved it when her tits bounced up and down. When she raised up her shirt, she exposed her lacy white bra, embroidered to perfection as it cupped her breasts together. Robert couldn’t help keep his hands off them. Without any hesitation, he placed both his hands around her soft globes and began to give a firm squeeze. Georgia, in the back of her mind, wanted Robert to yank them down and have them devoured with his mouth. She couldn’t help rocking her hips back and forth on him.

Then out of a burst of passion, as if he was reading her mind, he unclasped her bra between her cleavage, and her breasts fell off. Georgia help his appetite grow with pure, carnal pleasure. He dove in and Georgia felt his tongue dance around one of her nipples. The two moved together in sync with pleasure, and Georgia couldn’t help it but place her arm around the back of his neck. She took in his lustful kisses, while gyrating her hips until she couldn’t contain herself. She was coming close to her climax.

Georgia then clenched her hand in his hair when she let out a cry of pleasure. The feeling was so intense, her body was at the mercy of Robert’s hold, until she was able to gain momentum of herself. When her eyes met his, Georgia kissed him lustfully, ravaging each other’s mouths, until she heard a soft grunt in between his kisses. He wasn’t obvious, but she knew he felt really hard inside of her, where Georgia felt a rush of cum filling her. She continued gyrating her hips, wishing Robert would throb inside her forever, but his pulsation slowed and the Georgia could feel the sweat on his chest. His orgasm was intense enough to want to catch air.

The two kissed one more time, before breaking it slowly with a soft grin. Georgia smiled. “You get me every time when you lick my nipples.”

Robert replied, blowing out his breath softly. “You get me every time, when I hear you orgasm”

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  1. A very hot tease, well written and I love the image