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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Random Short Snippets - 04/11/2015: Karen

Happy Saturday. Hope you're enjoying your weekend?

Okay, it's time for a segment of Random Short Snippets, on The AfterDark World. 

Today, I'm going to give you a little tease of my work in 331 words for your Saturday. 

Imagine doing your former school teacher in a threesome, 
and her deliciousness will help you forget that she is a school teacher.

Anyways, enjoy this naughty little piece.

Cody watched his friend Michael place the flogger over the back of her Karen’s ass, as she bent over the couch, naked, wearing nothing but her black nylon stockings, exposing her delicious curvy ass, while she displayed the white gem that centered between her glorious cheeks. Karen had a jeweled butt plug that was placed by Michael, and from Cody’s point of view, he was amazed how beautiful Karen’s ass looked.

The view was hot, and of course Cody was harder than ever. She was literally working herself up, as she placed her fingers under herself. Her hair was gripped by Michael’s large hands, as his friend bucked his hips back and forth in her mouth. Karen uttered a few moans in between, but Michael gave a better indication as he tilted his head back from the wonderful feeling Karen was giving him. Cody at this point wished it was him right now, having Karen suck him off, but he was observing, watching the view of Karen’s ass she wiggled from the arousal she was giving herself.

“Oh yeah,” Michael growled. “Fuck, you feel good.” He tapped her ass playfully with his flogger. Then he looked back at Cody. “Why don’t you take off your pants and fuck her?”

Cody would love to, but as much as he enjoyed the view of Karen, he was in disbelief that his former high school teacher was bent over on the couch, blowing Michael while she fingered herself. He couldn’t believe this was his former school teacher that was willing to do both of them, but his hard-on for her showed otherwise. The way she bent over on the sofa had him thinking how bad he wanted to fuck Karen, otherwise, Ms. Fogle; she was probably old enough to be his mother, but hell yeah, she was hot!

Michael looked down and pulled his cock out when he asked Karen, “You want Cody to fuck you?”

Karen nodded, “Mmmhmm… that would be so nice.”

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