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Monday, April 6, 2015

It Has Been A Very Successful Day at AfterDark Online

Wow, what a successful day it was! Monday was the re-launch of AfterDark Online, and I had received more visitors than in 2012 and 2013, combined. Over 1400 visitors in one day, and many were curious of what was in store for the site, and I'm sure they realized there was more to look at.

Although, I have plenty of work to do with AfterDark Online, but I can finally say it is officially an online magazine for erotic authors.

This site was first launched in 2010, and when I first launched the site, I wanted to make it a very influential site, but at that time, before I created the site, I wanted it to be an adult store site, selling sex toy products and adult videos, but that one fateful August day, I came across a story on a story submission site -- Lush Stories and found a story that had lots of porn and no plot, so I decided to write the story. Then in the summer, I decided to give the site an actual direction. First, start it out slow by accepting story submissions, and then work my way over to other things, like taking articles, hosting interviews, doing reviews, and lastly promoting other authors, and contests.

The site has come a long way, and I almost came close to wanting to shut it down, but I loved this site so much, It would've hurt me if I did it, and I'm glad I didn't.

So AfterDark Online is here to stay; better than ever!

Come take a look at it yourself, and you'll be intrigued and hooked! Click on the picture below to direct you to AfterDark Online.

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