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Friday, April 10, 2015

Flash Fiction Friday: The Courtyard of Chateaux Plasir

Hey everyone. Happy Friday. i want to give a little sample of one of my WIPs, and this picture sparked my muse even more, because I want to bring something both erotic and sensual in this piece, and Chateaux Plasir  will be one of the most erotic works ever.

Here is a flash in 100 words. 

Allow me to give you a taste of pleasure.


Anissa sauntered around the flora courtyard Chateaux Plasir, enjoying the fresh spring morning that filled the air. She could feel the warm, humid air against her skin, and smell the floral fragrances flowers floating in the dormant pond. Anissa was in paradise. The scene was so arousing, she could feel a rise of sensuality of being in a tranquil garden. She was in her purple and black lingerie, but covered in her silky black robe, and the delicious thought about her lover, Boris, left a wonderful ache growing in her core. Oh what a beautiful place to make love, in this glorious garden.

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  1. Very sensuous, Ray. Lovely interpretation of the pic :-)

  2. Lovely descriptions. You set a beautiful scene.

  3. Lovely piece of writing here. Solid imagery

  4. Reflective flasher. Filled with beautiful thoughts of sweet lovemaking in a perfect setting. Love it