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Friday, April 3, 2015

Flash Fiction Friday - 04/03/2014: Don't Talk, Just Kiss

Welcome to another segment of Flash Fiction Friday.

Today, I'm a bit over by 11 words, but I couldn't help it, 
since this scene was both intriguing and I was on a roll. 
Had I shortened it, it wouldn't have come out right.

Anyways, enjoy this little snippet.
I love the pic.

Penny looked at herself at the oval-shaped mirror, standing on top of the dresser, wearing her most sexy outfit – a sexy gray and black lingerie outfit with black laced stockings. She was going to spend the first night with someone special – Jamal.

Jamal was tall, dark, handsome, and by a god brawny-looking man. When he moved behind her, Penny felt his large callous hands along her sides. She loved the way his darkened hands molded against her creamy skin.

“Nervous?” Jamal asked.

Penny nodded. She fanned herself from the anticipation.

Then Jamal assured, “You know, we could—”

She turned and placed her finger over his lips. “Don’t talk; just kiss.”

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  1. Good job, Ray! I'm wondering what he was about to say they could do ;-)

  2. So much promise in these 100 words. Great stuff :-)

  3. Being a Penny myself, I can tell you I would have stopped any detours, too. I loved the last line. Just start there.....xo

  4. There's sexy fun to be had tonight, great flash

  5. Mmmmm these two def have plans. Nice and spicy. Def want to know more of these two. :) Great flash!

  6. nicely done ....there's nothing like a good silence and a hot kiss