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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Began Working On Love Out Of Lust - Pt 5 & Chateau Plasir - A Dark Erotic Romance

Today, I'm working on two manuscripts today. One is part five from the Love Out Of Lust Series, and the other is a dark erotic romance called Chateau Plasir.

Love Out Of Lust - Part Five will be independently published and it will be edited by Elicia Stoll. She is an awesome editor. As far as the Chateau Plasir, I have no plans yet, but it might be edited by Elicia Stoll as well, but I haven't officially decided if it will be independently published or go through a publisher for exposure. I'm debating about it, because while I love being part of a publisher like Bitten Press, I'm an indie as well.

Lover Out Of Lust - Part Five was supposed to be completed by the end of 2014, but there were other projects I had in mind, and I was in management at the time, where I had very little time for anything. Part Five will be a little more dramatic, being that Part Four show the most romantic part of the series, there will some interesting scenes that will have you buzzin' throughout the story; I promise you that. Of course there will be sex involve, but there will be plenty of drama to read, ending with something you haven't anticipated. I will also work on Part Six, which will be another romantic piece between Daryl and Marisol.

I want to give a shoutout to my former staff at the Wendover Nugget Hotel & Casino -- the cocktail waitresses and bartenders. I had fun re-interacting with you, and I miss working with you all. A lot has changed since I left five months ago, but it's great catching up.

In other news about my second manuscript, I've been wanting to work on a dark erotic novel. At first, I wasn't sure where to go with my idea. I love reading BDSM, but I'm not into writing it, because there's much more to it than just whips, chains, and ropes. After deciding where to go, I'm keeping it erotic romance, but very dark and twisted. Not too dark, but this story will need lots of sex. In this story, for the first time, I will touch genres I've never written, but willing to touch to keep it very interesting. For starters, there will be lots of menage/group sex scenes, plenty of lesbian scenes, definitely m/f scenes, but I will also touch gay sex scenes and transgendered sex scenes in the story.

The story takes place in a mansion where heroine is anointed at the second in charge, next to the baroness, and she falls for a young man in the chateau. Now the story is sketchy, but I will go further into details. It's going to have light BDSM, because I'm not into extreme, first of all, even though I can read it. There will be more to come in the story called Chateau Plasir. In French, it is called Pleasure Palace or The Palace of Pleasure.

More to come on my WIP. Off to work.

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