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Friday, March 27, 2015

Flash Fiction Friday - 03/27/2015: The Commerical

Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't been on here much.

I've been busy working on re-launching AfterDark Online, while finishing another manuscript, but at least I can do a Flash Fiction Friday, and I'm looking forward to post this week's, since I've missed out on other weeks.

This one I struggled, because I tried to find something easy in 100 words.

Hope you enjoy. Have a good weekend.

“I swear, if I see one more stupid commercial like this. I’m going to scream.” DeNean sat down watching two elderly people walk by each other, while their shadows danced against the wall. “These commercials suck!”

Then she heard laughter coming from her sister’s one year-old daughter, sitting on the living room floor, watching the shadowy figures dance playfully.

“Well, the baby found it funny. Perhaps, you should lighten up. It’s just a commercial.”

“The baby would laugh at anything. She even laughed at your man for walking around naked in the house.”

Cleo giggled. “Gotta admit, that shit was funny!”

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  1. Interesting take on the pic, Ray. Light and funny :-)

  2. Interesting take on the pic, Ray. Light and funny :-)

  3. Love the way you took this picture. Great story great flash!

  4. Playful and funny, Ray. Cute flash. xo