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Friday, March 13, 2015

Flash Fiction Friday - 03/13/2015: She's A Natural

Happy Friday the 13th, and welcome to another segment of Flash Fiction Friday.

Today, I'm posting a nice and easy piece for Friday in 100 words.


Tyler took amazement of his friend’s imagery of his girlfriend Darla. He was an artist, but in a more unconventional way to make himself look like an artist. He had Darla stand out in the woods with her arms open, while he took a shot on a perfectly foggy morning outside of Portland. Then he incorporated some computer graphics effects on his photographed portrait, where the artist created a trail of mist and a series of crows. This man was good – really good.

“How much man?” Tyler asked.

“No charge, man. Just take care of that beautiful lady of yours. She’s a natural.”

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  1. Love how everything was incorporated and well detailed of the image. Great flash!