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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Erotic Short Story: A Polyamorous Anniversary

It's been a while since I've posted an erotic short story. Usually, I'm posting erotic snippets on weekly events. Today, I'm going to post a menage story of two women and a man who celebrate their one year anniversary of being together,

Story was inspired from this video

I hope you enjoy.

Yasmin sat on a white chair in front of the mirror in her bedroom, wearing a soft pink teddy as she brushed her hair. She looked into her mirror as she turned her head sideways to brush out the side of her dark hair, until she noticed a woman standing at the doorway with long brown hair, wearing a soft white teddy that accentuated her creamy complexion – Kasey.
Kasey approached her and standing behind her was a man with such boyish looks, red hair, average build, wearing a white pair of boxer shorts – Wesley. She turned around and folded her arms over the backrest of her chair. She studied Kasey’s sensual appearance. She was just as hot as the day they’d first met. Whenever Kasey wore any kind of lingerie, Yasmin would drool, in her mind, about her sexy curves. Kasey, no matter what she wore, would always look appetizing.
She looked up and smiled when Kasey placed her hand on the side of her face, gently returning a warm smile.
“Happy Anniversary, Yasmin.” She spoke in a husky voice. “You look just as beautiful as the day you moved in with us.”
She couldn’t help smiling over the compliment. Her heart fluttered when she replied, “Happy Anniversary, Kasey…” She leaned over to the side and directed to Wesley. “Happy Anniversary, Wes.”
They giggled together playfully when Yasmin looked up and reached her hand through the backrest of her chair to touch her creamy white skin. Yasmin never herself imagined being in a polyamorous relationship between Wes and Kasey; not in a million years. She just got out of a terrible, abusive relationship where her ex-boyfriend threw her out of his place and they let her stay for awhile, until she got herself together. Then one night, after a little bit of partying together at a club, the three came home making out together. Things got so hot and heavy that they shared their first threesome moment in the very bedroom Yasmin slept in.
Then Kasey recalled, “You know, we shared our first threesome moment right here; one year ago.”
“I know. It all began with a hug and then a simple kiss, and then something magical,” Yasmin recalled.
Kasey looked behind her and smiled. “And you know what’s funny? Wes was standing right there, watching us make out together.”
“And when you suggested him to join us, I was so nervous… and excited at the same time.”
“Me too. It was our very first threesome ever but one of the best moments we’ve shared.” Kasey caressed her finger against the strap of Yasmin’s teddy.
“What do you say we re-live that first moment, except we do it better?” She slid her hand further up Kasey’s curves. Then she looked over and giggled, telling Wesley, “We’re going to give you a show, honey.” She then looked up to Kasey in disbelief of what was in front of her. “I can’t believe that I have both a boyfriend and a girlfriend who loves me.”
“Me neither, but you gave us both a purpose.” Kasey slid her fingers over to her neck, trailing it upward to her lips. “You know, you have the most beautiful lips.”
Yasmin closed her eyes, savoring the sensual pleasure when Kasey ran her index finger over her lower lip. She opened her mouth and sucked in her finger. At the same time, she could feel a delicious feeling growing in her core. She pulled Kasey’s teddy over her curves. Her hands slid over her lacy white underwear, and the more she caressed her curves, the stronger those delicious aches grew. Kasey sensuously pulled her finger out of her mouth slowly and allowed Yasmin to pull her forward, leaving a kiss on her soft navel.
“I love you, Kasey.” Yasmin looked up in return, feeling Kasey pulling down the strap of her teddy.
“I love you too, Yasmin.” She slipped her hand inside to feel Yasmin’s perky breasts.
Yasmin fluttered her eyes and moaned. Her nipples immediately grew hard to her touch. It was truly a feeling she enjoyed; soft and sensual in all the right places. She wanted to ravage Kasey’s body so badly with hot kisses all over, but she needed to remember to take it slow. She wanted this moment to be as special as their first time, only better.
She slid her fingers under Kasey’s lacy panties and pulled them down very slowly. Yasmin got a look at her clean shaven mound. It immediately made her mouth water for her body. The smell of her sex was very stimulating. She was itching to explore her voluptuous body. Kasey managed to slip out of her panties and parted her legs for Yasmin to slide her hand under her wet slit.
Yasmin pressed her fingers inside her folds. She was wet, filled with desire. She followed Kasey’s bodily response as she slid her fingers in and out of her pussy. When she looked up, Kasey displayed a very wanton expression. She licked her lips to the feeling that she was giving her. She was literally bucking herself against her fingers as she leaned down and kiss her.
Yasmin pulled down Kasey’s strap, revealing her right breast. Her mouth found its way to her pert nipple and she licked it slowly, moving her tongue around the areola and leaving soft wet bites on Kasey’s nipple. She knew Kasey was enjoying it; she ran her hand through her hair and pulled her close to her body.
When Yasmin looked up, she gave an invitational look for Kasey to kiss her. And indeed, she did. Their kiss was first soft and sensuous. It quickly turned passionate, leaving Yasmin with another aching sensation in her center. She could feel her nipples peaking through her teddy. She wanted both Kasey and Wes, right now. Kasey was warming her up for something better to happen.
She whispered into her kisses, “Why don’t we bring Wesley into it now. I’m so horny.”
Kasey let off a soft moan as she nodded softly. “Me too. I want to get fucked by both of you.”
Yasmin let off a soft giggle. “Oh, I love it when you talk so dirty.”
Yasmin extended her tongue out to meet Kasey’s tongue. Their kiss was very erotic. She circled her fingers around Kasey’s nub when she pulled away and returned a very wanton look. Kasey stood there, exhaling a soft moan when Yasmin pulled down another teddy strap, causing it to fall below her breasts.
Kasey finally slipped out of her teddy. She was naked, vulnerable, exposed to her touch. Yasmin felt her kisses when she leaned back into her. Her kisses were much more erotic than before. The two swirled their tongues while she felt Kasey’s hand over her shoulder, pulling down one strap and then the other. Then she felt one of her breasts cupped and squeezed in Kasey’s hand.
She allowed her teddy to fall free below her breasts. She leaned over to her side and saw Wesley entering the room as he stood behind her, placing his hands on her ass. He kissed Kasey on the side of her neck and slid his hand up and down her curves. Yasmin was excited to see the intimacy between the two. She couldn’t wait to get out of her lingerie and join them.
She stood up as she watched Wesley kiss Kasey’s shoulder. Both Yasmin and Wesley made eye contact when she slipped out of her teddy completely. The only thing she wore now was her soft pink thong that accentuated her curves. She wasn’t chesty like Kasey, but she had such bodily assets to display.
She kneeled on the chair, leaving Kasey to be between her and Wesley. She could feel her heart beating with desire as she inched her lips close to hers, pressing her body against Kasey’s while Wesley continued to fondle her body.
Yasmin’s lips touched Kasey’s. Kasey’s hand was all over her breasts. In return, Yasmin ran her hand over her breasts. Their kisses were in soft pecks but sensual to enjoy the pleasure. Once she felt Kasey’s affection move to her arms, the two ravaged each other’s mouths with soft, hot kisses. Yasmin was lost in ecstasy as she inhaled Kasey’s pheromones from her kiss. Kasey turned her body slowly, and Yasmin’s hand was all over her mound. Her pussy was nice and smooth. She wanted to get a taste of her, in bed.
Kasey turned and kissed Wesley on the lips. She remarked playfully, “You’re just in time.”
“I couldn’t watch any longer. Not the way you two made out,” Wesley responded as he kissed her shoulder.
Kasey kneeled down, and it was now Wesley and Yasmin facing each other, while Kasey pulled his boxer shorts down. She looked down and smiled playfully at his hardness. By the time Wesley leaned in to kiss her, Kasey had his shaft in her hand.
The two kissed – Yasmin and Wesley. It was passionate and lustful. Yasmin couldn’t wait to have him inside her.
“Happy Anniversary, Yasmin.” Wesley kissed her lips. “You know I love you.”
“I love you too, Wesley.” She spoke against his kisses. “Happy Anniversary.”
Yasmin studied the movement of Wesley’s tongue with hers. Their kisses were ravenous, filled with unspeakable lust. She slowly moved her body to the sensation that Wesley was giving her. She was so wet her thong got drenched every time she moved her hips. She placed her hand around his arm, displaying affection. Wesley cupped her left breast with his hand. His grip was firm but strong. Yasmin felt her nipples being pinched by his touch.
The two continued to kiss while Kasey bobbed her head to his shaft. Wesley moved his hand away from Yasmin’s breast and she slid off the chair, anxious to get a good taste of him.
She kicked away her teddy and knelt next to Kasey. She had his length inside her mouth before popping it out and sharing it with her. The two shared Wesley’s cock together, taking turns sucking him while he watched in satisfaction.
Yasmin sucked on the tip of his shaft while Kasey ran her tongue under his length. The two worked his shaft together until their tongues met for another erotic kiss. Yasmin’s body was filled with a torturing need to slide her hands under herself and work herself up. Her pussy craved the need.
She stood up and kissed Wesley. She felt the way his tongue moved aggressively inside her mouth while she felt her thong being pulled down by Kasey, exposing her clean shaven mound.
Wesley whispered, “Why don’t you lie down on the bed and let Kasey get on top of you?”
As much as she wanted Wesley to slide his cock inside her, she did what she was to do. She stepped over her thong and lie down on the bed as Kasey climbed on top of her. She felt the warmth of her hands over her thighs when she slid on top of her. Yasmin was so turned on, she couldn’t help caress her breasts as she felt the heat of Kasey breath over her snatch.
She closed her eyes when she felt Kasey’s tongue over her slit. She could imagine how much of her juices was being lapped up by Kasey while she caressed herself. She then saw Wesley disappear as he got down on his knees and worked on her nub with his tongue. Both she and Kasey were filling the bedroom with their moans; the sounds that filled the room were very arousing.
Kasey parted her legs more for Wesley to suck and finger her pussy. In the meantime, she watched helplessly in joy as Kasey slipped her two fingers inside her pussy while working her tongue over her wanton center. She couldn’t help pinching her own nipples. At the same time, Yasmin felt a rising feeling build when she grinded her pussy over Kasey’s face. The feeling was so good she licked her lips, watching Kasey work her nub.
Then she saw Wesley stand up behind her. It was obvious that he was inside of her when Kasey raised her head to let out a gasp of pleasure. Kasey’s body moved along with his thrusts but concentrated more on Yasmin’s pussy.
Yasmin continue to caress herself. She had the heavenly feeling building inside her when she caressed the side of her hair. Her hand met with Kasey’s and they held each other’s hand tightly until Yasmin couldn’t take the torment anymore. She turned her head to one side then slowly to the other as her breathing grew. Her chest rose and fell like an ocean wave, and it wasn’t long until she climaxed, clenching her hand tightly with Kasey’s. Her cries of passion were so loud, she clenched her breasts tightly, squeezing her own nipples. When her orgasm subsided, Kasey mounted on top of her and they started kissing each other wildly.
She felt Kasey’s body rock on top of hers and as she looked up she noticed Wesley gripping his fingers on her ass, giving her each thrust all the way to his pelvis. Then Kasey moved her body upward and turned her head, giving him a kiss.
“Take her, my love.” Kasey curled her fingers under his chin and kissed him one more time before she moved out of the way.
Yasmin’s clit was as sensitive as ever, but she still wanted more pleasure. She felt her legs being grabbed and her body was pulled closer to Wesley as he pointed his dick toward her slit, pushing it inside before she let out a soft moan. Kasey, in the meantime, rested next to her when she placed her hand over her chest and tummy, giving her a kiss. She felt his cock stretch through her walls of pleasure as she felt his speed picking up. His fingers dug into her ankle and calves while she felt her legs spread apart to his deep, strong thrusts.
Kasey turned her face to her and the two shared a kiss. Her kisses moved down to her neck and then to her left breast, sucking on her nipple. What Yasmin experienced was the best of both worlds; Kasey sucking her body while Wesley fucked her. What more could she ask for in the bedroom?
There was no doubt to her how much Wesley enjoyed it too; he was letting out guttural sounds of pleasure. His hands moved over to her thighs and her legs were spread out wide for him, giving him better momentum as he picked up his speed.
Wesley slowed his thrusts and leaned forward to kiss her. Yasmin enjoyed him so much, she wrapped her legs around his ass, not wanting him to pull out of her. She loved the way his cock fitted inside her. The two kissed each other ravenously until he rose and pulled out of her.
He turned his head to Kasey, suggesting, “Why don’t you both get on top of me?” Then he turned to Yasmin. “I want you to sit on my face while Kasey rides me.”
Yasmin didn’t have to say a word. She nodded as the three switched positions. Wesley lied on his back while Kasey held his shaft and guided it inside her. At the same time, Yasmin straddled herself over his face and began to grind her pussy over him.
She felt his arms curled around her thighs as she felt his tongue under her slit. The orgasmic sensations given from Kasey earlier had made her pussy feel very sensitive but arousing. She knew in a matter of time she would catch another wave of pleasure, and the way Wesley worked on her clit, she felt another moment rising.
Meanwhile, Kasey continued to roll her hips. She moaned, bucking her hips as she slid her hand down herself, rubbing her clit as she built up her need. Yasmin caressed her breasts and shoulders when she leaned over to give her a kiss.
Kasey pulled away and gave a contorted expression and moved up and down on Wesley’s shaft. In the background, there was this slapping sound of her ass hitting his thighs.
Then, in a matter of seconds, Kasey whimpered out, “Oh my god, I’m going to cum!”
Kasey leaned over Yasmin’s shoulder and bellowed into orgasm, filling the room with her pleasure. The sound of Kasey’s orgasm was so tantalizing, she wasn’t too far off from her second wave. Wesley’s tongue was all over her nub, her breathing rose heavily and she too lost her moment, going into another wave of orgasm; this time more explosive than the first.
Yasmin rested her body against Kasey’s, riding out the most intense pleasure ever. When their orgasms passed, they looked at each other; Kasey had this look of rapture in her eyes. There was no doubt that Yasmin had the same expression; she could feel her heart pumping with joy.
Then she uttered, “I love you, Kasey!”
“I love you too!” Kasey slid her hand over her shoulder as they leaned over to kiss.
The two kissed wildly, ravaging each other’s mouths with hot kisses until Yasmin climbed off Wesley’s face. Kasey got off him and allowed him to get up.
Kasey motioned her to lie down when she told him, “I want to see you cum all over her face.”
Wesley switched positions really fast. He held his cock in his hand as he stroked it furiously. Yasmin herself was on her knees. She leaned down and curled her fingers around his length, sucking on the head of his shaft before she lie on her back awaiting for his explosive finish.
She rested her head comfortably on the pillow. Wesley straddled himself over her face and Kasey mounted herself on top of Yasmin as they anticipated his orgasm to come soon.
He held his cock over to Kasey’s lips and she wasted no time sucking on his tip while Yasmin sucked on his nutsack, hoping he would explode over her face soon.
Yasmin swirled her tongue around his nutsack. She could tell he was cumming real soon; his breathing was ragged.
Wesley held his dick in his hand and stroked it furiously. He looked down and stared at both Kasey and Yasmin, who extended their tongues, waiting to taste his offerings. He moved back a bit and aimed his shaft over Yasmin’s lips. He shot his first load and Wesley growled in pleasure. More spurts of warm cum spewed over her neck and body while Kasey took a few shots on her lips.
Now, here they were – Yasmin and Kasey, both spotted in cum where they looked at each other in happiness. Kasey extended out her tongue and began licking the cum off her breasts and neck. There was cum on Yasmin’s chin but Yasmin scooped a dab of it on her finger and inserted it in her mouth.  
As for Wesley, he was still spent but hard; hard enough for Kasey to take him in her mouth and suck any remaining juices he had left for her. Wesley pulled away and moved himself off the bed while the two looked at each other playfully.
“I want more,” Yasmin said, sliding her fingers through Kasey’s hair.
Kasey moved herself more and kissed Yasmin with whatever remaining cum was left. The two entwined their tongues together as they licked the flavor of each other.
Yasmin was in pure bliss; the best anniversary present she could think of – Kasey and Wesley – the two loves of her life.
Kasey pulled away and placed her hand over Yasmin’s forehead. “Happy Anniversary.”
“Happy Anniversary,” Yasmin smiled. Then a naughty thought occurred, “What do you say we kick Wesley out for a bit to do each other?”
Kasey giggled, “Why don’t we let him watch? I know how much he loves watching us fuck. It gets him hot every time.”


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