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Monday, March 9, 2015

7 Lovely Things About Ray Sostre

Hey, I was tagged by a number of people regarding about 7 things you never knew about Ray Sostre. It's very trivial and interesting, and I'm hoping to learn more about others.

Here are things, you'd be interested in knowing about me:

1. When I became an erotic romance author, I didn’t decide overnight that I would be an erotic romance author. I was mapping out my site AfterDark Online, in 2009, where it would be a site selling adult products. The name AfterDark Online originated as a production label when I was a club DJ in the late 90’s and early 00’s, called AfterDark Productions. I got into the genre when I came across a particular story that I didn’t enjoy, and I commented on it, where I was later challenged to write something better than him, and I did. It turned out I enjoyed writing the genre and it forever changed my life.

2. I use my real name in all my books, but my name Ray was a nickname given to me at the age of eight. My legal name is on my driver’s license, and only my family members call my by my real name.

3. Many people think I’m a mean person because I tell it like it is, but the truth is I’m not. I’m very matter-of-fact when I say things, and there are people who will take me the wrong way. I can be an outgoing person, but I like being a loner. I concentrate better, rather than being with a bunch of people that distract me.

4. I prefer to be the man behind the scenes. That’s why I like working with things on the internet, orchestrating a crowd to party, even writing a story. I have very few close friends, one is my longtime girlfriend, but I get acquainted with everyone very easily.

5. I am easily acquainted with women, mostly, but I’ve always been attracted to women that are older than me. I’m not much into the ‘young girls’ stuff, like some men, I just click better with them.

6. I’ve never played sports, but I’m a huge fan of baseball and hockey, and recently football. Many people think I played sports because of my size, being big and tall, but I was skinny and scrawny when I was young. I know more about music, computer devices, and HTML than I do about sports. I gained weight when I changed my city-boy lifestyle and quit smoking in 2008, and I struggle with my weight problems at times.

7. In my stories, I stick to the fantasy side with believable stories. That means, I choose my characters to not wear condoms, even if the stories have high-risk sex scenes. I don’t like using realism, because the meaning of fiction is to help people escape from the real world. I want them to fantasize about the scenes, but I’m a huge advocate for practicing safe sex methods. I’ve lost some friends and a family member from HIV/AIDS.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Great to learn more about you, Ray. Glad you accepted the challenge!