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Friday, March 27, 2015

Flash Fiction Friday - 03/27/2015: The Commerical

Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't been on here much.

I've been busy working on re-launching AfterDark Online, while finishing another manuscript, but at least I can do a Flash Fiction Friday, and I'm looking forward to post this week's, since I've missed out on other weeks.

This one I struggled, because I tried to find something easy in 100 words.

Hope you enjoy. Have a good weekend.

“I swear, if I see one more stupid commercial like this. I’m going to scream.” DeNean sat down watching two elderly people walk by each other, while their shadows danced against the wall. “These commercials suck!”

Then she heard laughter coming from her sister’s one year-old daughter, sitting on the living room floor, watching the shadowy figures dance playfully.

“Well, the baby found it funny. Perhaps, you should lighten up. It’s just a commercial.”

“The baby would laugh at anything. She even laughed at your man for walking around naked in the house.”

Cleo giggled. “Gotta admit, that shit was funny!”

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Erotic Story: Taking The Party Home

Happy Saint Patrick's Day. 

Today, I'm posting another short erotic story for your enjoyment. A story about a forty-something woman who takes home two young men for a hot threesome at her place.

Yes, a menage (MFM)! This is dedicated to all my lovely people at HOT BBR, and this story was inspired by Sunday's post.

Hope you enjoy it.

Here's a little motivation pic to entice your reading pleasure.


Martina was forward to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day for the evening. She didn’t want to be alone for the night, where there were people to mingle with and lots of celebrations going on. She was an attractive woman in her early forties and in need for a companion for the night. Perhaps, instead one person, why not have two people for the night. She single and happy, but she never had the fulfillment of having two men to do her.

Lately, she had been watching a number of young men, particularly college students, hop from one bar to another. Many of them were so cute, clean-cut, and built they made her hormones flare like fireworks. All she could think of was a couple men that were full of stamina taming the heat that burned inside her. She was horny and ready. The minute she walked out the door, she felt the anticipation rising.

She went to a local bar that was blocks away from a university, where she was able to pick up young men. She wore a purple ruffle tee with black shorts. Martina looked very beautiful. The way she did her blonde hair made her feel younger than what her driver’s license read. She was on a prowl, but not for any guy, just for those that didn’t stand out with the crowd, while making them feel lucky. Martina wouldn’t go for the men that craved attention.

She ordered her drink and began looking around of where to socialize. The bar was packed with a lot young patrons, mostly men, but she was able to spot who was okay, who was not, and who was just right. What she was looking for was two men that no one would ever notice in the room – like two young men playing pool together at the bar. They were young, averagely dressed, and they didn’t have a circle of friends around them. They looked like two regular buds having a beer together and a game of pool. Martina could work her way through there.

She went over and offered to play the winner with a game of pool, while paying for their drinks. The two young men she got to know afterwards, Scott and Tino, reluctantly agreed to let her play the winner. When she got to play, she took on Tino, the winner.

She gave subtle looks into his eyes and liked the way this tanned-skin man in a white shirt and blue jeans held his pool stick over the table. She imagined other things he could hold instead, and the way he bent over the pool table to take his shot had Martina tempted to pinch his ass during the game. Tino did come with the package. At the same time, while playing against Tino in the game of pool, she got to know Scott, who was as skinny like Tino, but with short dark hair. Both of them had fine boyish looks, but none of the other women would ever notice them. They were all hers to keep for the night, and she was looking to take them home for a very good time.

They continued to play a game of pool and ordered another round of drinks for them to loosen up. Once they went through a four games of pool, Martina suggested that they come over to her place where they could all enjoy smoking a joint together. The young men, without hesitating, agreed to come along and they left bar together, without anyone noticing.

It wasn’t a long walk to her place, just a few blocks away from the bar. She lived up the hill, opposite from the university. When they made it over to a gray Victorian home, they took off their shoes and headed over to her bedroom, where Martina pulled out a bag of weed and some rolling paper. The two sat modestly on her bed, anxiously waiting for Martina to light the joint. As she lit the joint and took a puff, she passed it around and sat between them, hoping to make them loosen up when she caressed one of their thighs.

Neither of them protested. In fact, Tino placed his hand on her thigh, while she felt the warmth of his hand caress, back and forth from her knee up to the hem of her shorts. Tino took a nice long puff from the joint and inhaled as he passed it over Martina, who took one more hit and then passed along to Scott. Once Martina and Tino inhaled, she turned to him and kissed his lips. The kiss immediately turned passionate when she slipped her tongue inside his mouth. She placed her hand around the back of his neck, pulling his kisses closer to her mouth. Martina slid her hand up, towards his crotch where she felt the hardness of his shaft, bulging out of his pants. He was very impressive and just right for this horny woman. At the same time, she felt his touch over her thighs, sliding under the hem of her shorts. Martina was now ready for a good fuck.

When she broke her kiss, she turned to Scott and leaned in and kissed him. His kiss was a little hesitant, but he quickly loosened up and moved his tongue along with hers. Martina was in for a wonderful night, when she moved her right hand over his lap, sliding it over to his crotch. She was able to feel his dick, and he was just as equally big as Tino’s. She couldn’t wait to get them out of their clothes.

She then spoke in her most husky, seductive voice, “Why don’t you put the joint out and let’s all get naked together? I could really use a hard cock in my mouth right now.”

Hoping those dirty words would motivate them to strip, Tino didn’t waste any time getting off from the bed to undo his pants. Scott got up too, but the joint out on the ashtray. Martina moved herself on top of the bed to watch both of these men strip. She could feel the juices flowing inside her, and when she got to see Tino naked from the waist down, she was intrigued at how endowed he was; nice, hard, and ready. The moment couldn’t wait any longer.

She undid the button of her shorts and pulled the zipper. Martina pulled them down to knees and Tino help her out of them as she moved herself to the center of her bed, where Tino climbed on to the left side of her and held his cock over her face. At the same time, Scott was slipping out of his pants until he was naked waist down. He climbed on the bed, pointing his dick on the other side of Martina.
She studied their curved lengths, while each of them fondled her breasts. As she had Scott’s length in her hand, Martina turned to Tino with a grin and palmed his shaft in her hand. She was so excited, she felt the delicious aches growing intense.

Her lips enveloped Tino’s girth, giving it slow licks and kisses, while stroking Scott’s shaft at the same time. As soon as she opened her mouth, she took in the tip of Tino’s shaft, giving it a nice long slurp. She coated it with her warm saliva and turned her face to Scott’s shaft, doing the same thing. She loved the response of the men as they, in unison, uttered soft groans of pleasure. She took turns taking their tips in until her mouth was full with Tino’s shaft. Martina was all fixated on him, leaving Scott to climb off her bed and slide down her soft white thong.

She felt the strap of her ruffled blouse being pulled down. Martina felt the soft coolness over her right breast, and then the warmth of Tino’s hand sliding inside. His touch was calloused but firm and loving. Her nipples grew really hard to his touch. By the time she had her other strap pulled down, Martina was naked from the waist up, but it wasn’t from long when she felt Scott’s hands at the side of each of her hips, pulling her thong past her thighs. She moved one leg to allow her thong to slide easily and she the only the she was clothed with was her ruffled blouse, exposing her creamy-looking nipples and her lightly shaved mound. Martina was a woman in her forties, but well-groomed to hide her true age.

Her head bobbed back and forth on Tino’s cock. She looked up into his eyes to see his response. He was enjoying the pleasure. He had the look of rapture, and when she felt Scott’s face in her pussy. She couldn’t help but let out a prolonged moan of pleasure. She felt her nub being assaulted by his piercing tongue. Martina loved the way Scott moved his tongue around her center. She felt a nice feeling that had built inside her. She tried to buck her hips in response, but she was too concentrated on Tino’s shaft; she was able to take him her mouth entirely, without literally gagging.

She moved her head back, thus taking his cock out of her mouth. She looked up into Tino’s eyes and rubbed him vigorously, while she tilted her head back and fluttered her eyes from the pleasure she was given by Scott. She could feel a delicious wave of pleasure growing and Martina couldn’t help but look down, to see Scott’s determination of making her cum. And when it happened, Martina let out beautiful cry of pleasure that had both of them loving it. At this point on, she needed to be fucked.
Scott continued, but Martina begged him to stop. He was tormenting her button after her climax, she had to move an inch to let him know.

“Come fuck me, right now!” she gave Scott that sexy look of hunger, anxiously waiting to feel the moment.

Scott mounted himself on top of her and placed the head of his cock against her slit. The anticipation was growing, and when she felt him stretch inside her, Scott let out a grunt of pleasure. She loved the way he filed her to fullness; she could only imagine how intense it felt for him. His hips were against her legs, and Scott was bucking his hips rapidly, giving her every inch of pleasure she received.
Martina let out a few moans of pleasure. She stroked Tino’s cock vigorously, taking his tip in her mouth, and then working his cock in further until she was able to take his entire length. Scott’s thrusts were so strong, so furious, she could feel another wave of pleasure growing. As she moved her hips, she heard Scott gave a long howl, immediately pulling out of her. She pulled Tino’s cock out of her mouth and wondered why did he stop?

She looked Scott’s cock. The head of it was now pinkish and glistened fro her juices. His cock
rested over her mound as he huffed heavily, hoping like hell he wouldn’t cum, but he couldn’t hold back his urge to cum when Martina saw drops of cum dripping from his slit, and then a thick stream of cum followed. His cock twitched repeatedly, as she felt the warmth of his cum coat her pussy until he was completely spent. Scott had left a wonderful mess on her, and she didn’t mind since she had another man at her side ready to please her some more.
She noticed Scott’s ego feeling bruised, but she assured to him it was alright. “Don’t you worry.”
She wiped his cum over her body. “Why don’t you let me help you get hard again, while your friend fucks me from behind?”
Scott nodded and hopped off the bed. The three switched positions, where Martina was on her fours and Scott was standing in front of her, holding his semi-flaccid cock in front of her face. Tino’s hand were on the side her hips as he pulled her close to him. She felt him slide inside her without any resistance, but his girth stretched wider inside her. Martina loved the feeling of him filling her with his entire length and size.

She felt him move in and out of her. His hands were on her ass, while she concentrated on making Scott hard again. She rubbed his shaft vigorously until he was hard again, and Martina took him in her mouth, while her body rocked back and forth from Tino’s thrusts. She felt the increase of his speed, and Martina couldn’t help pull Scott’s cock out of her mouth, while she bellowed out in pleasure. When Tino shoved himself deep inside her, she felt his hands around her shoulder, pulling her body close to his to kiss the side of her neck.

Martina loved the feeling of it. Her nipples peaked hard over the feeling. At the same time, she felt Scott’s hand over one of her breasts, caressing it, pinching her nipple until she couldn’t take the torment any longer. The three exchanged affection, while she felt her head turned to Tino with a lustrous kiss. The slip of his tongue could only make her wetter. Add to the eroticism of Scott’s tongue flicking over one of her nipples. This was purely heaven for her – the best!

She felt Tino’s kiss move from her lips down to the side of her neck, and then her shoulders. His hand gestured her body to bend over and he was back pounding her, this time deeper and furious.
Martina couldn’t help but contort her face to the pleasure. She circled her fingers around Scott’s girth and stroked him, while taking his tip in her mouth. She never protested when Scott grabbed the back of her hair, pulling her head close to his chest, while jerking himself in her mouth. He didn’t cum, but Martina kept him aroused with her sucking.

She felt Tino pull out of her and motioned her to lie down on her side. While they all moved to change positions, Martina watched anxiously as Tino laid next to her, holding her leg up to accommodate his entry. She moved her body against his and felt him sliding inside her, taking in his full length.

She felt herself being rocked sideways, Martina could barely keep Scott’s tip in her mouth. She moved her licks to the undersides of his shaft and then down to his balls, where it tightened when her tongue touched.

Then Tino slowed his thrusts with a whispered question, “Do you do anal?”

“Yeah, but you’ll have to go slow. It’s been a while since I’ve done it.”

“I will but wouldn’t you love to feel two men inside of you?” Tino asked again.

Martina let out a satisfactory moan and purred as she turned to face him. “Oh yes, I would love that.”

“Lie still and relax,” Tino commanded, as he placed his fingers inside her folds, rubbing her juices against her puckered hole.

Martina closed her eyes and relaxed herself. She held on to Scott’s shaft, while she waited for Tino’s entry. And then, she felt Tino’s tip resting against her hole, slowly pushing inside her ass.

“Are you in her ass?” Scott asked.

“Oh yeah,” Tino grunted. “She’s fucking tight.”

“Ooh, you’re so fucking big.” Martina hissed out of pain. It took her a while for her to get used to his size, but he was able to fit inside her, and his thrusts began to pick up again. Martina was able to enjoy the pleasure of him inside her ass. She grabbed Scott’s shaft again and began licking his balls
until they switched positions, where Martina was resting her body on top of Tino’s and awaiting for Scott to enter her. Her legs were wide enough to accommodate her entry, and Scott moved in front of them to push himself inside her pussy.

Scott’s entry intensified her pleasure. She now had two dicks inside her. The only thing that separated them was the thin wall inside her, but she could feel it, both dicks beginning to work a rhythm inside her.

She cried helplessly in pleasure, enjoying the brutal fuck from two young men. She was at the mercy of them. Her body was suspended between two young men that filled the bedroom with their pleasing groans. Martina could feel another wave of pleasure growing, and it was much more intense than the last one. The room was filled with her pleasurable cries, while the young men continued to fuck her nonstop. She felt her tits jiggling aggressively, while Scott held on to her thighs. When Scott slowed his thrusts, he pulled out of her and rubbed his shaft against her labia, and then he moved away and Tino’s dick was pulled out of her ass.

The young men remained still, where Martina took her time sucking each of their cocks until she was ready to have them back inside her again. She straddled herself on top of Tino and guided him inside her pussy. Martina was gyrating her hips, until she felt Scott’s entry in her ass. The two worked out another rhythm together, and Martina could feel another wave of pleasure growing inside her. Her bedroom was filled with a long series of her moans and guttural sounds of pleasure from the young men. Both men were picking up their speed, and Martina couldn’t help let out her third orgasm. This third wave of pleasure had her falling limp over Tino’s chest. She couldn’t help but nuzzle at his neck with only one thing in her mind – to feel one of them cum inside her.

She could tell Tino was coming really close. He was really hard inside her, and with her being on top of him, she was ready to feel every bit of his climax; deep inside her.

“Oh yes, I’m cumming,” Tino panted.

His hips bucked inside her, and Martina felt the pulsation of him inside her. A rush of cum filled her walls, while she heard his heavy pants and grunts, until his breathing even out and his thrust slowed.

“Mmmm… yes, that felt really good,” Martina purred, but she was still pummeled by Scott and his ragged breathing followed when he straightened himself inside her ass and pumped her with is thick warm cum. “Oh yes…” she purred again, “fill me with your hot load; both of you feel so good.”
Scott pulled out of her and rolled over on the other side of the bed. Martina got off of Tino and lied between them in bed, while they all caught their breaths after an intense moment of pleasure. She seemed content and happy to experience her first threesome with two men. It was wonderful, and she hope to re-live a moment like this again and sooner.

“I had such a good time with you two.” Martina reached for their hands with hers. “What do you say go for a late night snack and then dop it again?”

“I’m fine with it,” Tino said.

“Yeah, me too,” Scott added.


Friday, March 13, 2015

Flash Fiction Friday - 03/13/2015: She's A Natural

Happy Friday the 13th, and welcome to another segment of Flash Fiction Friday.

Today, I'm posting a nice and easy piece for Friday in 100 words.


Tyler took amazement of his friend’s imagery of his girlfriend Darla. He was an artist, but in a more unconventional way to make himself look like an artist. He had Darla stand out in the woods with her arms open, while he took a shot on a perfectly foggy morning outside of Portland. Then he incorporated some computer graphics effects on his photographed portrait, where the artist created a trail of mist and a series of crows. This man was good – really good.

“How much man?” Tyler asked.

“No charge, man. Just take care of that beautiful lady of yours. She’s a natural.”

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Erotic Short Story: A Polyamorous Anniversary

It's been a while since I've posted an erotic short story. Usually, I'm posting erotic snippets on weekly events. Today, I'm going to post a menage story of two women and a man who celebrate their one year anniversary of being together,

Story was inspired from this video

I hope you enjoy.

Yasmin sat on a white chair in front of the mirror in her bedroom, wearing a soft pink teddy as she brushed her hair. She looked into her mirror as she turned her head sideways to brush out the side of her dark hair, until she noticed a woman standing at the doorway with long brown hair, wearing a soft white teddy that accentuated her creamy complexion – Kasey.
Kasey approached her and standing behind her was a man with such boyish looks, red hair, average build, wearing a white pair of boxer shorts – Wesley. She turned around and folded her arms over the backrest of her chair. She studied Kasey’s sensual appearance. She was just as hot as the day they’d first met. Whenever Kasey wore any kind of lingerie, Yasmin would drool, in her mind, about her sexy curves. Kasey, no matter what she wore, would always look appetizing.
She looked up and smiled when Kasey placed her hand on the side of her face, gently returning a warm smile.
“Happy Anniversary, Yasmin.” She spoke in a husky voice. “You look just as beautiful as the day you moved in with us.”
She couldn’t help smiling over the compliment. Her heart fluttered when she replied, “Happy Anniversary, Kasey…” She leaned over to the side and directed to Wesley. “Happy Anniversary, Wes.”
They giggled together playfully when Yasmin looked up and reached her hand through the backrest of her chair to touch her creamy white skin. Yasmin never herself imagined being in a polyamorous relationship between Wes and Kasey; not in a million years. She just got out of a terrible, abusive relationship where her ex-boyfriend threw her out of his place and they let her stay for awhile, until she got herself together. Then one night, after a little bit of partying together at a club, the three came home making out together. Things got so hot and heavy that they shared their first threesome moment in the very bedroom Yasmin slept in.
Then Kasey recalled, “You know, we shared our first threesome moment right here; one year ago.”
“I know. It all began with a hug and then a simple kiss, and then something magical,” Yasmin recalled.
Kasey looked behind her and smiled. “And you know what’s funny? Wes was standing right there, watching us make out together.”
“And when you suggested him to join us, I was so nervous… and excited at the same time.”
“Me too. It was our very first threesome ever but one of the best moments we’ve shared.” Kasey caressed her finger against the strap of Yasmin’s teddy.
“What do you say we re-live that first moment, except we do it better?” She slid her hand further up Kasey’s curves. Then she looked over and giggled, telling Wesley, “We’re going to give you a show, honey.” She then looked up to Kasey in disbelief of what was in front of her. “I can’t believe that I have both a boyfriend and a girlfriend who loves me.”
“Me neither, but you gave us both a purpose.” Kasey slid her fingers over to her neck, trailing it upward to her lips. “You know, you have the most beautiful lips.”
Yasmin closed her eyes, savoring the sensual pleasure when Kasey ran her index finger over her lower lip. She opened her mouth and sucked in her finger. At the same time, she could feel a delicious feeling growing in her core. She pulled Kasey’s teddy over her curves. Her hands slid over her lacy white underwear, and the more she caressed her curves, the stronger those delicious aches grew. Kasey sensuously pulled her finger out of her mouth slowly and allowed Yasmin to pull her forward, leaving a kiss on her soft navel.
“I love you, Kasey.” Yasmin looked up in return, feeling Kasey pulling down the strap of her teddy.
“I love you too, Yasmin.” She slipped her hand inside to feel Yasmin’s perky breasts.
Yasmin fluttered her eyes and moaned. Her nipples immediately grew hard to her touch. It was truly a feeling she enjoyed; soft and sensual in all the right places. She wanted to ravage Kasey’s body so badly with hot kisses all over, but she needed to remember to take it slow. She wanted this moment to be as special as their first time, only better.
She slid her fingers under Kasey’s lacy panties and pulled them down very slowly. Yasmin got a look at her clean shaven mound. It immediately made her mouth water for her body. The smell of her sex was very stimulating. She was itching to explore her voluptuous body. Kasey managed to slip out of her panties and parted her legs for Yasmin to slide her hand under her wet slit.
Yasmin pressed her fingers inside her folds. She was wet, filled with desire. She followed Kasey’s bodily response as she slid her fingers in and out of her pussy. When she looked up, Kasey displayed a very wanton expression. She licked her lips to the feeling that she was giving her. She was literally bucking herself against her fingers as she leaned down and kiss her.
Yasmin pulled down Kasey’s strap, revealing her right breast. Her mouth found its way to her pert nipple and she licked it slowly, moving her tongue around the areola and leaving soft wet bites on Kasey’s nipple. She knew Kasey was enjoying it; she ran her hand through her hair and pulled her close to her body.
When Yasmin looked up, she gave an invitational look for Kasey to kiss her. And indeed, she did. Their kiss was first soft and sensuous. It quickly turned passionate, leaving Yasmin with another aching sensation in her center. She could feel her nipples peaking through her teddy. She wanted both Kasey and Wes, right now. Kasey was warming her up for something better to happen.
She whispered into her kisses, “Why don’t we bring Wesley into it now. I’m so horny.”
Kasey let off a soft moan as she nodded softly. “Me too. I want to get fucked by both of you.”
Yasmin let off a soft giggle. “Oh, I love it when you talk so dirty.”
Yasmin extended her tongue out to meet Kasey’s tongue. Their kiss was very erotic. She circled her fingers around Kasey’s nub when she pulled away and returned a very wanton look. Kasey stood there, exhaling a soft moan when Yasmin pulled down another teddy strap, causing it to fall below her breasts.
Kasey finally slipped out of her teddy. She was naked, vulnerable, exposed to her touch. Yasmin felt her kisses when she leaned back into her. Her kisses were much more erotic than before. The two swirled their tongues while she felt Kasey’s hand over her shoulder, pulling down one strap and then the other. Then she felt one of her breasts cupped and squeezed in Kasey’s hand.
She allowed her teddy to fall free below her breasts. She leaned over to her side and saw Wesley entering the room as he stood behind her, placing his hands on her ass. He kissed Kasey on the side of her neck and slid his hand up and down her curves. Yasmin was excited to see the intimacy between the two. She couldn’t wait to get out of her lingerie and join them.
She stood up as she watched Wesley kiss Kasey’s shoulder. Both Yasmin and Wesley made eye contact when she slipped out of her teddy completely. The only thing she wore now was her soft pink thong that accentuated her curves. She wasn’t chesty like Kasey, but she had such bodily assets to display.
She kneeled on the chair, leaving Kasey to be between her and Wesley. She could feel her heart beating with desire as she inched her lips close to hers, pressing her body against Kasey’s while Wesley continued to fondle her body.
Yasmin’s lips touched Kasey’s. Kasey’s hand was all over her breasts. In return, Yasmin ran her hand over her breasts. Their kisses were in soft pecks but sensual to enjoy the pleasure. Once she felt Kasey’s affection move to her arms, the two ravaged each other’s mouths with soft, hot kisses. Yasmin was lost in ecstasy as she inhaled Kasey’s pheromones from her kiss. Kasey turned her body slowly, and Yasmin’s hand was all over her mound. Her pussy was nice and smooth. She wanted to get a taste of her, in bed.
Kasey turned and kissed Wesley on the lips. She remarked playfully, “You’re just in time.”
“I couldn’t watch any longer. Not the way you two made out,” Wesley responded as he kissed her shoulder.
Kasey kneeled down, and it was now Wesley and Yasmin facing each other, while Kasey pulled his boxer shorts down. She looked down and smiled playfully at his hardness. By the time Wesley leaned in to kiss her, Kasey had his shaft in her hand.
The two kissed – Yasmin and Wesley. It was passionate and lustful. Yasmin couldn’t wait to have him inside her.
“Happy Anniversary, Yasmin.” Wesley kissed her lips. “You know I love you.”
“I love you too, Wesley.” She spoke against his kisses. “Happy Anniversary.”
Yasmin studied the movement of Wesley’s tongue with hers. Their kisses were ravenous, filled with unspeakable lust. She slowly moved her body to the sensation that Wesley was giving her. She was so wet her thong got drenched every time she moved her hips. She placed her hand around his arm, displaying affection. Wesley cupped her left breast with his hand. His grip was firm but strong. Yasmin felt her nipples being pinched by his touch.
The two continued to kiss while Kasey bobbed her head to his shaft. Wesley moved his hand away from Yasmin’s breast and she slid off the chair, anxious to get a good taste of him.
She kicked away her teddy and knelt next to Kasey. She had his length inside her mouth before popping it out and sharing it with her. The two shared Wesley’s cock together, taking turns sucking him while he watched in satisfaction.
Yasmin sucked on the tip of his shaft while Kasey ran her tongue under his length. The two worked his shaft together until their tongues met for another erotic kiss. Yasmin’s body was filled with a torturing need to slide her hands under herself and work herself up. Her pussy craved the need.
She stood up and kissed Wesley. She felt the way his tongue moved aggressively inside her mouth while she felt her thong being pulled down by Kasey, exposing her clean shaven mound.
Wesley whispered, “Why don’t you lie down on the bed and let Kasey get on top of you?”
As much as she wanted Wesley to slide his cock inside her, she did what she was to do. She stepped over her thong and lie down on the bed as Kasey climbed on top of her. She felt the warmth of her hands over her thighs when she slid on top of her. Yasmin was so turned on, she couldn’t help caress her breasts as she felt the heat of Kasey breath over her snatch.
She closed her eyes when she felt Kasey’s tongue over her slit. She could imagine how much of her juices was being lapped up by Kasey while she caressed herself. She then saw Wesley disappear as he got down on his knees and worked on her nub with his tongue. Both she and Kasey were filling the bedroom with their moans; the sounds that filled the room were very arousing.
Kasey parted her legs more for Wesley to suck and finger her pussy. In the meantime, she watched helplessly in joy as Kasey slipped her two fingers inside her pussy while working her tongue over her wanton center. She couldn’t help pinching her own nipples. At the same time, Yasmin felt a rising feeling build when she grinded her pussy over Kasey’s face. The feeling was so good she licked her lips, watching Kasey work her nub.
Then she saw Wesley stand up behind her. It was obvious that he was inside of her when Kasey raised her head to let out a gasp of pleasure. Kasey’s body moved along with his thrusts but concentrated more on Yasmin’s pussy.
Yasmin continue to caress herself. She had the heavenly feeling building inside her when she caressed the side of her hair. Her hand met with Kasey’s and they held each other’s hand tightly until Yasmin couldn’t take the torment anymore. She turned her head to one side then slowly to the other as her breathing grew. Her chest rose and fell like an ocean wave, and it wasn’t long until she climaxed, clenching her hand tightly with Kasey’s. Her cries of passion were so loud, she clenched her breasts tightly, squeezing her own nipples. When her orgasm subsided, Kasey mounted on top of her and they started kissing each other wildly.
She felt Kasey’s body rock on top of hers and as she looked up she noticed Wesley gripping his fingers on her ass, giving her each thrust all the way to his pelvis. Then Kasey moved her body upward and turned her head, giving him a kiss.
“Take her, my love.” Kasey curled her fingers under his chin and kissed him one more time before she moved out of the way.
Yasmin’s clit was as sensitive as ever, but she still wanted more pleasure. She felt her legs being grabbed and her body was pulled closer to Wesley as he pointed his dick toward her slit, pushing it inside before she let out a soft moan. Kasey, in the meantime, rested next to her when she placed her hand over her chest and tummy, giving her a kiss. She felt his cock stretch through her walls of pleasure as she felt his speed picking up. His fingers dug into her ankle and calves while she felt her legs spread apart to his deep, strong thrusts.
Kasey turned her face to her and the two shared a kiss. Her kisses moved down to her neck and then to her left breast, sucking on her nipple. What Yasmin experienced was the best of both worlds; Kasey sucking her body while Wesley fucked her. What more could she ask for in the bedroom?
There was no doubt to her how much Wesley enjoyed it too; he was letting out guttural sounds of pleasure. His hands moved over to her thighs and her legs were spread out wide for him, giving him better momentum as he picked up his speed.
Wesley slowed his thrusts and leaned forward to kiss her. Yasmin enjoyed him so much, she wrapped her legs around his ass, not wanting him to pull out of her. She loved the way his cock fitted inside her. The two kissed each other ravenously until he rose and pulled out of her.
He turned his head to Kasey, suggesting, “Why don’t you both get on top of me?” Then he turned to Yasmin. “I want you to sit on my face while Kasey rides me.”
Yasmin didn’t have to say a word. She nodded as the three switched positions. Wesley lied on his back while Kasey held his shaft and guided it inside her. At the same time, Yasmin straddled herself over his face and began to grind her pussy over him.
She felt his arms curled around her thighs as she felt his tongue under her slit. The orgasmic sensations given from Kasey earlier had made her pussy feel very sensitive but arousing. She knew in a matter of time she would catch another wave of pleasure, and the way Wesley worked on her clit, she felt another moment rising.
Meanwhile, Kasey continued to roll her hips. She moaned, bucking her hips as she slid her hand down herself, rubbing her clit as she built up her need. Yasmin caressed her breasts and shoulders when she leaned over to give her a kiss.
Kasey pulled away and gave a contorted expression and moved up and down on Wesley’s shaft. In the background, there was this slapping sound of her ass hitting his thighs.
Then, in a matter of seconds, Kasey whimpered out, “Oh my god, I’m going to cum!”
Kasey leaned over Yasmin’s shoulder and bellowed into orgasm, filling the room with her pleasure. The sound of Kasey’s orgasm was so tantalizing, she wasn’t too far off from her second wave. Wesley’s tongue was all over her nub, her breathing rose heavily and she too lost her moment, going into another wave of orgasm; this time more explosive than the first.
Yasmin rested her body against Kasey’s, riding out the most intense pleasure ever. When their orgasms passed, they looked at each other; Kasey had this look of rapture in her eyes. There was no doubt that Yasmin had the same expression; she could feel her heart pumping with joy.
Then she uttered, “I love you, Kasey!”
“I love you too!” Kasey slid her hand over her shoulder as they leaned over to kiss.
The two kissed wildly, ravaging each other’s mouths with hot kisses until Yasmin climbed off Wesley’s face. Kasey got off him and allowed him to get up.
Kasey motioned her to lie down when she told him, “I want to see you cum all over her face.”
Wesley switched positions really fast. He held his cock in his hand as he stroked it furiously. Yasmin herself was on her knees. She leaned down and curled her fingers around his length, sucking on the head of his shaft before she lie on her back awaiting for his explosive finish.
She rested her head comfortably on the pillow. Wesley straddled himself over her face and Kasey mounted herself on top of Yasmin as they anticipated his orgasm to come soon.
He held his cock over to Kasey’s lips and she wasted no time sucking on his tip while Yasmin sucked on his nutsack, hoping he would explode over her face soon.
Yasmin swirled her tongue around his nutsack. She could tell he was cumming real soon; his breathing was ragged.
Wesley held his dick in his hand and stroked it furiously. He looked down and stared at both Kasey and Yasmin, who extended their tongues, waiting to taste his offerings. He moved back a bit and aimed his shaft over Yasmin’s lips. He shot his first load and Wesley growled in pleasure. More spurts of warm cum spewed over her neck and body while Kasey took a few shots on her lips.
Now, here they were – Yasmin and Kasey, both spotted in cum where they looked at each other in happiness. Kasey extended out her tongue and began licking the cum off her breasts and neck. There was cum on Yasmin’s chin but Yasmin scooped a dab of it on her finger and inserted it in her mouth.  
As for Wesley, he was still spent but hard; hard enough for Kasey to take him in her mouth and suck any remaining juices he had left for her. Wesley pulled away and moved himself off the bed while the two looked at each other playfully.
“I want more,” Yasmin said, sliding her fingers through Kasey’s hair.
Kasey moved herself more and kissed Yasmin with whatever remaining cum was left. The two entwined their tongues together as they licked the flavor of each other.
Yasmin was in pure bliss; the best anniversary present she could think of – Kasey and Wesley – the two loves of her life.
Kasey pulled away and placed her hand over Yasmin’s forehead. “Happy Anniversary.”
“Happy Anniversary,” Yasmin smiled. Then a naughty thought occurred, “What do you say we kick Wesley out for a bit to do each other?”
Kasey giggled, “Why don’t we let him watch? I know how much he loves watching us fuck. It gets him hot every time.”


New Release - Slave by Angelica Dawson:

Will has no interest in women. He thinks them all animals to be trained, beaten. It doesn't take him long to discover his preference for men, but time and error reveal how wrong view toward women is. Before long, he is able to separate the way he treats women, which is still horrific, from the way he regards women, as fellow human beings. 

How does a slave become an equal? What does it take for a young man to see women in a new light? 
In the fourth installment of her Blue Moon House series, Angelica introduces Will, a slave boy from the early nineteenth century. You can purchase Slave on Amazon, Smashwords, and Naughty Nights Press.

About Angelica Dawson

Angelica Dawson is the author of Blue Moon House, which has been in the top ten best-selling titles at Naughty Nights Press for over six months. She has also written two short stories, “The Highest Bidder” and “Leave Taking” which were each included in anthologies.

She contributes flash fiction to several blogging collectives and excerpts from work in progress can also be found on her blog. She is active on Facebook  and Twitter.

She has been writing for several years and having sex a lot longer than that. Angelica is a wife, mother and environmental consultant. Her love of plants and the outdoors is not diminished by the bloodsucking hoards – mosquitoes and black flies, not vampires.

Excerpt from Slave:

Will turned to Bart, not entirely sure how to do what he had planned. He took hold of Bart’s hips and tilted his own until he was pointed at the puckered hole. He pushed forward...and nothing happened. It felt like he was trying to press himself into a short length, like he was bending. Will grunted at the discomfort.

Bart groaned and everything changed. Instead of pressed, Will was being drawn in, as though Bart’s hole were pulling him. He slid so easily.

He was being pressed again, but now it was around, as though the hole weren’t made for his thickness. The sounds Bart made assured him it wasn’t painful.

“Yes, Will,” Martha said, breathless. “Fuck him. You look amazing like that.”

Will didn’t turn his head to look at the woman, but he obeyed. He pulled back through the smooth, tight tunnel only to push forward again.

He sank deeper this time and the sensations around him changed subtly. He’d passed some point inside Bart.

“Yes, fuck, so good.” Bart’s hips began to rock and twist. “You’ve got me hard again.”

Will reached around to find that was the case. He stroked Bart in time with his thrusts.

Martha let out a string of raspy curses Will barely noticed in his euphoria. He thought he worshiped the cock, but this, the sensation, it was so much more.

His balls tightened and he knew the moment had come. This would be the most satisfying ejaculation of his life.

“So beautiful,” Martha murmured, her fingers touching Will’s face.

He opened his eyes and mouth, releasing a feral growl as his climax hit.

“God damn me,” Bart cursed, writhing. “So big.”

Martha turned Will’s head, tipping her face up for a kiss. Reflex took over and Will pushed her away. Sliding out of Bart in a squishy mess, he spun the other man around and put his lips on Bart’s. His fingers wrapped in the man’s short black curls, tugging and holding him in place. He forced his tongue between Bart’s lips, desperate for the contact.

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7 Lovely Things About Ray Sostre

Hey, I was tagged by a number of people regarding about 7 things you never knew about Ray Sostre. It's very trivial and interesting, and I'm hoping to learn more about others.

Here are things, you'd be interested in knowing about me:

1. When I became an erotic romance author, I didn’t decide overnight that I would be an erotic romance author. I was mapping out my site AfterDark Online, in 2009, where it would be a site selling adult products. The name AfterDark Online originated as a production label when I was a club DJ in the late 90’s and early 00’s, called AfterDark Productions. I got into the genre when I came across a particular story that I didn’t enjoy, and I commented on it, where I was later challenged to write something better than him, and I did. It turned out I enjoyed writing the genre and it forever changed my life.

2. I use my real name in all my books, but my name Ray was a nickname given to me at the age of eight. My legal name is on my driver’s license, and only my family members call my by my real name.

3. Many people think I’m a mean person because I tell it like it is, but the truth is I’m not. I’m very matter-of-fact when I say things, and there are people who will take me the wrong way. I can be an outgoing person, but I like being a loner. I concentrate better, rather than being with a bunch of people that distract me.

4. I prefer to be the man behind the scenes. That’s why I like working with things on the internet, orchestrating a crowd to party, even writing a story. I have very few close friends, one is my longtime girlfriend, but I get acquainted with everyone very easily.

5. I am easily acquainted with women, mostly, but I’ve always been attracted to women that are older than me. I’m not much into the ‘young girls’ stuff, like some men, I just click better with them.

6. I’ve never played sports, but I’m a huge fan of baseball and hockey, and recently football. Many people think I played sports because of my size, being big and tall, but I was skinny and scrawny when I was young. I know more about music, computer devices, and HTML than I do about sports. I gained weight when I changed my city-boy lifestyle and quit smoking in 2008, and I struggle with my weight problems at times.

7. In my stories, I stick to the fantasy side with believable stories. That means, I choose my characters to not wear condoms, even if the stories have high-risk sex scenes. I don’t like using realism, because the meaning of fiction is to help people escape from the real world. I want them to fantasize about the scenes, but I’m a huge advocate for practicing safe sex methods. I’ve lost some friends and a family member from HIV/AIDS.

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Cover Reveal: RAFE: Inked Brotherhood Series by Jo Raven

Sexy dude
RAFE (Inked Brotherhood, #5) COVER REVEAL
New Adult contemporary (erotic) romance
by Jo Raven
Cover by Jo Raven
Model: Matt Sallis
Photographer: Gilles Crofta
RELEASE DATE: End March/Beginning April 2015
RAFE - COVER NEW_smaller
  SYNOPSIS: His name is Rafaele Vestri, Rafe to his friends. He’s tall, strong, handsome. Distant. He often comes to the café where I work, but we don’t talk much. He looks at me, though. Stares at me, his gaze heated, and I can’t help but stare back. I want him, I won’t deny it. I’ve never seen anyone that beautiful, anyone that powerful, in my life. But he’s growing more withdrawn by the day. Something’s up, and he won’t tell. I know about his past – the murder of his family when he was fifteen. I can imagine how much it must have cost him. So much violence contained in that strong body, waiting to be unleashed. What is he seeking? What is he training so hard for? Why is looking at me like he’s dying to touch me, but won’t dare? Even as I try to stop thinking about him, get interested in other boys, I realize I can’t. I’m caught, body and soul, just like that. And I tell myself, Megan, girl… What have you gotten yourself into this time? This is book 5 in the Inked Brotherhood series which started with Asher. It is a stand-alone work. No cliffhanger. The expected publication date is end March/beginning April 2015, on all of your favorite e-book websites.  
Bare Chested Muscle Man
  EXCERPT: I’m staring at Rafe’s hand. Big, strong, callused. A scar runs from his thumb to the index finger. He’s looking at me, waiting. What does he want? I lift my hand, place it in his. It fits on his palm, smaller, darker, thinner. He seems as entranced by the contrast as I am. His fingers slowly curl, closing around mine. His lips part, but no sound comes from his mouth, and his gaze remains fixed on our entwined hands, pale lashes hiding the gold of his eyes. Now I’m the one caught, transfixed. His mouth looks soft, vulnerable, at odds with his strong, angular features and the broad set of his shoulders. The need to touch his face is overwhelming, and I step closer, so close I can sense his scent. Not a cologne, but the deep scent of his skin, like musk and warm metal. I can see the rise and fall of his chest underneath the black Deathmoth T-shirt he’s wearing under his open jacket, see the outline of his strong pecs. We’re standing so close our breaths mingle, and our bodies touch in places as we shift, feathery brushes that send fire across my skin, into my belly, making me ache. He places his hands on my waist and I grip his thick, sinewy forearms. My stomach drops as if I’m standing at the edge of a precipice, on the edge of a moment that can change everything. What’s happening? It’s as if in the hollow darkness, the barrier between us is crumbling, the wall he’s set between himself and the world is falling. His hands tighten on my hipbones and his lashes lift, his gaze moving to my mouth. His breathing is ragged. He tugs me against him, his fingertips digging painfully into my flesh, his arms flexing with barely controlled strength. His arousal presses into my stomach, hot and thick, caught sideways in his jeans. My mind fills up with static. Rafe wants me. There’s the solid proof of his desire. The heated gaze I’ve felt so often on me is translated into a physical reaction, and it makes me feel so hot I might burst into flames. He’s so handsome, I can’t help myself. I want to stroke his square jaw, drag my fingertips over the golden stubble on his cheeks, kiss those damnable dimples. I whimper, the sound coming from deep inside me, and he freezes, goes so still I’m not even sure he’s breathing. Then he jerks back, releases me so fast I’m left reeling. “Fuck,” he hisses. He buries his fingers in his short blond hair, pulls, his mouth now hard like the rest of him, pressed into a flat line. “This is a mistake.” A knot is gathering in my throat, in my chest, cutting off air. I want to be mad at him, but his hands are trembling, and his amber eyes so full of pain I forget my anger before it even forms. He’s like mist, here and suddenly gone, lost into thin air. I have to touch him, touch his bare skin, prove he’s real. “Wait.” I lift my hand to his face, fingertips skimming over the smooth skin of his cheekbone. Warm. Satin soft. A pang goes through my chest, an ache that feels too much like sorrow, and I’m not sure if it’s mine or his. He jerks away, his eyes wide on his pale face. He reaches up, his hand hovering over the spot I touched. Then he turns and rushes off into the crowd. My hand is still hovering in midair. I don’t know for how long I stand there, staring at my splayed fingers, trying to figure out what happened. Or maybe trying to find another explanation for his reaction, desperate for him to be different to any other handsome, arrogant guy. Maybe I imagined the pain in his gaze – or maybe that pain is real but doesn’t make a difference. Traumatic past or not, he’s sorry he touched me, sorry he desired me. Big surprise. Why would he desire me, of all girls? There are so many vying for his attention. Girls who have witty, sexy things to say, and who don’t go stiff like cardboard when he touches them. The thought of him touching other girls shouldn’t hurt quite as much as it does. And this is a bad sign. Very bad sign, Megan, I tell myself and lower my hand that touched him. I feel as if my fingertips are numb, burnt by the feel of his skin.   AUTHOR BIO: Jo Raven writes New Adult erotic contemporary romance. She loves sexy bad boys and strong-willed heroines, and divides her time between writing and reading. When not cooking up plots, she putters in her cluttered kitchen and dreams of traveling to India and Japan. FOLLOW THIS AUTHOR! Facebook Twitter Goodreads Blog    

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Thursday Tasters - 03/05/2015: A Thrill Seeking Relationship

Hi. Welcome to another segment of Thursday Tasters.

I'm so happy to announce the release of my double menage novella A Thrill Seeking Relationship.

So far, it has received a mass number of attention, and today I want to give you a little taste of my story in 272 words.

I want to give a big thanks to my street team Naughty Ladies Street Team. You all made it possible.

And here's to my fans.


Josh and Isabel ate their appetizer together in enjoyment. The dining atmosphere was so relaxing, they forgot they were in Manhattan enjoying a night out. Josh and Isabel finished the steam clams just before their entrées arrived – two Wagyu steaks, served with tomato pan sauce and crispy shallots. There wasn’t much to say, except for the satisfaction of good food. They were the only ones dining late at night, and all the other staff had gone home, leaving them alone with Demar to finish the night. When they finished their meals, the two sat back as they enjoy their glass of wine. Demar was at the bar, wiping down the liquor bottles with a towel when Isabel complimented Josh for a wonderful dining experience.
She spoke with a relaxed demeanor. “Mmm, Josh, you know how to pick a perfect atmosphere. If Demar wasn’t here right now,” she lowered her voice seductively, “I’d fuck you on this table.”
Josh gave a soft smile. “Well, you see, taking you here was part of the surprise.”
Isabel asked, “Part of the surprise?” Now she wondered, “What was the other surprise?”
Josh leaned in with a reply. “Remember that conversation we had together about sharing our ultimate fantasies?”
“Yeah,” then widen her eyes with a question. “Josh, are you really serious? Are you willing to share me with another man for the night?”
“Of course I am, you’ve always wanted a threesome with two men, right?”
Isabel pulled away, trying to be subtle as she could be, but she had to lean in. “Josh, are you real?”
Then Josh asked, “Why, are you having second thoughts?”

Want to read more? Pick up your copy at these locations.

See the blurb below:

Josh Trevelyan and Isabel Tavares are a thirty-something couple that seek the exciting things in their relationship. One of the fantasies they discussed together, long before they became lovers, was to be in a threesome together. When Josh and Isabel share a threesome with Isabel’s best friend, Lourdes Rivera, the two realize that Lourdes is the one that could bring true happiness to their relationship. But would Lourdes consider being in a relationship with two people

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Release Day - A Thrill Seeking Relationship

Title: A Thrill Seeking Relationship
Author: Ray Sostre
Release Date: March 4th, 2015
Published by: Bitten Press, LLC
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic, MFM, FFM

Josh Trevelyan and Isabel Tavares are a thirty-something couple with a need to keep their relationship fun, adventurous, and naughty. When the two share a threesome with Isabel’s best friend, Lourdes Rivera, the two realized they found that special someone who would help fill the void, but would Lourdes consider being in a relationship with two people?

*Purchase Links*
Amazon US
Amazon UK
Barnes & Noble

*About Ray Sostre*

New York born, East Coast raised, and West Coast bound.

Writing erotica happened by accident in the summer of 2010.  That same year, he established a story submission site – AfterDark Online, a place for erotic authors.

He lives in Nevada with his long-time girlfriend, is an avid listener of electronica, and enjoys writing and publishing articles. He jokes: “I’m always looking for writing material.”

Blog – Facebook – Twitter – TSU