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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thursday Tasters - 02/12/2015: A Thrill Seeking Relationship

Welcome to another segment of Thursday Tasters. 

First off, I want to give a BIG shout out to everyone that shared my cover reveal of A Thrill Seeking Relationship. I appreciate those who shared it on Facebook and Twitter, and I also want to thank my street team -- Ray's Naught Ladies Street Team. You all helped me get out there, and I'm very grateful.

Okay, today, I'm going to post a scene when Lourdes is confronted by Josh and Isabel. Lourdes was asked to move in with them, but she was having some doubts about the idea.

Anyways, read for yourself and enjoy!

Be on a look out for Wednesday, March 4th -- the release of "A Thrill Seeking Relationship" -- a double menage novella.

“Isabel,” Lourdes laughed as if she couldn’t believe what she heard her say. “if I’m not mistaken, you both want me to be your girlfriend?” She looked at Josh and Isabel, where they didn’t answer, but their soft nods indicated a ‘yes’ to her. Lourdes shook her head and held up her hand. “Guys, this is a bad idea.”
“How do you know if it’s a bad idea?” Josh asked.
She turned to Josh, “I’ve been in a poly relationship before. I mean, having sex with two people at once is so hot, and yes, it’s a bisexual’s dream come true – to be in a relationship with two people at once, but it’s more complicated than you really think. There are trust issues, and then you have to worry about jealousy. I mean, I’m the jealous-type in the relationship. Aren’t you?”
Josh without hesitation shook his head a no “Not at all. If I was jealous, I wouldn’t allow Isabel to share a threesome with another man as her wish.”
Isabel interjected, “I’m not jealous either, because both Josh and I had that discussion long before we got together, but want someone like you in our lives. It may sound ridiculous to you, but I’m willing to chance it. And we know how much of a hard time you have finding real good men.”
“Isabel,” Lourdes shook her head quickly. “Have you ever thought what if I want to be in a relationship with another guy?”
Isabel and Josh grew silent. They didn’t expect that question to pop up.
“Isabel… Josh,” she sighed. “look, you guys are a great couple together. Hell, I wish I could have a boyfriend like yours Isabel, but to have me to be in part of your relationship is a bad idea. Besides, the last time I was in a relationship like that I had to get out. I wanted the husband more than I wanted his wife. I don’t want to do this to my best friend.” Lourdes suddenly displayed a disappointed expression. She got up from her chair and picked up her belonging. “I got to go.”
Isabel attempted to stop her. “Lourdes wait; don’t go.”
Lourdes shook her head again. Her eyes began to water. “I’m sorry, I gotta go.”

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  1. Well done, Ray! At least she has her head about her, but I suspect she is going to relent and dive in bed with them both. How about just a little (or a LOT) sex??

    1. Wait until the story comes out; you'll be surprised. ;-)

  2. Amazing snippet you have here. I enjoyed the struggle between the felt genuine

  3. hot taster. It's a situation they all have to work out, but however it goes I reckon the sex will be sizzling

  4. Thickening plot. They should all consider Lourdes experience before going any further.

  5. Such an unexpected turn of events, I wonder if she is starting to want Josh more than Isabel like it happened to her with the other couple or if she wants Isabel all for herself.