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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 02/10/2015: Sexy Neighbor Plotting

Welcome to another segment of Tantalizing Tuesday, where authors create an erotic snippet in 200 words, provided with their most inspired pic.

Today, I'm feeling like writing about a little obsession. 

I want to write about a neighbor's sex obsession with a man who lived across the building, and this picture couldn't say it better. It described sexy!

Anyways, enjoy!

It was nightfall, and Jessica was ready for another night of pleasure, watching this godly-looking man from across her building. She walked over to her darkened living room, naked, carrying a glass of red wine, as she took a sip, sauntering through the living room in a very seductive way.

She looked out the window, only to stare at a half-naked man with a towel wrapped around his waist. She has had numerous fantasies about him, many of them of him naked and in her apartment.

When she took a sip of her wine, she watched him cross through the living room, going in his bedroom. Jessica couldn’t help pouring a little bit of wine over her perky breasts, while caressing her areola with her fingertip. She felt a delicious sensation growing in her, and Jessica only wished to see this man out of his towel, so she could get herself off watching him.

She had been watching him for weeks, but Jessica hadn’t worked the nerve to come over and talk to him. She needed a reason for going over, something that would get her invited in his place. Perhaps, tonight she will make her move, after getting herself off.

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  1. A very sexy scenario. I wonder how long it will be until she plucks up courage to get together with him

  2. Very hot, Ray. She all alone but has to do something about that urge. Hot and sweet!

  3. Very sexy voyeurism, Ray, both for her and us. Maybe she can borrow a cup of wine then invite him over to see what she does with it? Scorcher. xo

  4. Phew, such a sexy tease. Loved it, Ray :-)

  5. Very erotic tease, Ray. Definitely left me wanting to know if she did go over

  6. Voyeur. ..what else needs to be said

  7. Voyeur. ..what else needs to be said