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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tantalizing Teaser Tuesday - 02/03/2015: My Hero.

What's up? I'm ready to post a tease in some words a bit over 200, because of the way it flowed. 

I couldn't shorten it; it would ruin the flavor.

Hope you enjoy!

Cal slammed the door behind him, as he entered his apartment. He was pissed; steamed over losing a fight. He took a hell of an ass whipping for defending a woman that didn’t even belong to him. To make his day worse, he felt humiliated when Gabe Schneider literally kicked his ass, after falling to the floor.

After letting it sink in that he lost, he felt like not coming to class. Jamie wasn’t worth fighting for; she was Gabe’s girl. It’s just Cal didn’t like the way Gabe was treating her in front of his friend, calling her derogatory names, while his friends laughed. No one dared to step up to defend her, not even Jamie’s friends; better yet, some friends they were to Jamie. Cal had to step in and teach that rich punk a lesson, but who’s looking all punked now?

He crossed through the dorm’s living room, relieved that no one was there to see his shame. He hopped upstairs and opened the door, when he realized a curvy naked woman with her arms stretched on the edge of the bed. She had her pink bra hanging over the wooden rail. When she turned around, Cal was taken by surprise to see Jamie. She was beautiful; all around.

“Jamie?” Cal said in disbelief.

“Thank you for standing up for me. No one's ever done that."

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  1. It's good to know some men will stand up for a woman even when others won't. Great teaser

  2. I like the emotions swirling in this piece. I hope he continues to stand up for her.

  3. Looks like he is going to get his 'just rewards' now and won't have to wait. Chivalry is definitely NOT dead or dying. This was a very well written piece and highly charged with emotion, only to be topped off with more emotion. Very nice teaser, Ray. xo

  4. Very nice tease, Ray. I like the reward he gains for doing what he felt was right. He stood his ground. Good for him.

  5. Jamie was.apprecative of Cal stepping in, but will Cal be able to defend her if Gabe finds out? What happens when Gabe finds out she is not his anymore? I take it Jamie is letting Cal know she is not Gabe's girl any longer. I'd like to see how this story continues to play out. Nice hook Ray.