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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Random Short Snippets - 02/28/2015: I Can Explain

I hope your weekend is going well. In celebration of Google backing down from eliminating adult images on all blogs, and setting blogs with adult content private. I want to say thank you for speaking up. I'm celebrating with a Random Short Snippet with a little bit of comedy and drama.

I hope you enjoy it in 371 words.

Thank you.

Jada lied there rubbing herself, building up her need, while she watched Kevin stoke his shaft to full erection. He wore a grin that made her wonder what he was smiling about. When she asked what he was smiling about, he immediately complimented the way she pleased herself, and how beautiful her tits looked when she pulled her black shirt below her fallen breasts. By the time he inched closer, her anticipation grew as she waited for him to mount on top of her with his sword of flesh in hand.

The phone suddenly ring and Kevin hesitated, the tip of his shaft was pressing against her entrance, and Jada immediately rolled her eyes up, as if she needed to be disturbed from her moment of passion. Who would call her on Saturday, at nine in the morning, when all what Jada wanted was a good fuck from Kevin?

“Ignore it,” she said. “Just put it in.”

Kevin went on with her request, and Jada felt the push of his length as it stretched her walls of pleasure. The phone continued to ring while she felt Kevin’s shaft fitting inside her. She didn’t want to disturb, and she only hope this call wasn’t important to take them away from their passion; she should’ve put the phone ringer on silent.

Midway into their fucking, she heard the answering machine beep and chilling message on her answering machine. It was from a woman – no one familiar to her, but very chilling when she mentioned both their names.

“Hello Jada, this is Kevin’s wife. I know you’re having a good time with my soon to be ex-husband. When you’re done with him, tell that no-good fuck to not to come home. I’ll be filing for my divorce papers really soon. Bye-bye.”

The answering machine gave a second beep, and both Kevin and Jada froze. How the hell did this woman know her name? Secondly, Kevin was married? And all this time, he told her that widowed. She quickly narrowed her eyes in disgust, when Kevin pulled out of her and backed away, stammering on what to say after being busted.

“You mean to tell me you’re fucking married?”

“Um, I can explain,” Kevin pleaded.

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