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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Random Short Snippets - 02/14/2015: Be My Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone.

Today, I wanted to come across with something nice and sexy, and romantic on Valentine's Day.

Does it have sex? C'mon, son! Who are you reading it from?

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this Valentine short in 593 words.


Marcus stood under the showerhead, allowing the water to run over his body. He bowed his head down, trying to forget those lustful thoughts for Kimber. He needed to forget about her, but he couldn’t; she was etched in his mind.

Just when he was about to turn of the showerhead, he heard Kimber’s voice as she entered the shower, standing next to him, wearing nothing below her waist. She had on a lovely tattoo on the side of her hip. She had broken up with his best friend, David, who had always treated her like shit, when she was with him. Marcus knew it was wrong, and he tried every way to resist the temptation.

“Kimber, you know this is –”

“Marcus, don’t give me that. We’ve both been feeling this way for a while now.”

She took another step closer and kissed him. At the moment their lips touched, two had opened their mouths and Marcus felt the slip of her tongue in his mouth. Her kisses were assertive and lustful, already making him forget about how wrong it was to betray his best friend. If David didn’t want her, then Marcus should take her.

Kimber was standing naked in front of him. The only thing she wore was a red shirt that instantly soaked from the shower head. He felt her hand reaching below his waist, holding himself in her hand. He was hard, and Kimber was intrigued when she touched him. It wasn’t long when he felt himself being guided under her slit. The water from the shower head was enough to lubricate him for an entry.

“Marcus, you’ve always been so sweet to me. Will you be my Valentine?” Kimber parted one of her legs for his entry.

Marcus could feel his tip pressing inside her. He couldn’t think of the words to say yes; he nodded instead. And after that nod, he was already inside of her. It was too late to turn back, but Marcus was looking forward to this.

He savored the warm and intense feeling of being inside of her. They moved in a slow coitus, while the water sprayed over her back. It wasn’t long when she lifted her red shirt and revealed her soft, perky breasts. Her nipples were pert, filled with pure arousal. When he looked into her blue-green eyes, Kimber had a very wanton expression. What a way to start a Valentine morning, Marcus was ready to ravage her.

He couldn’t take the torment any longer. He pinned her against the wall, allowing the water to spray their bodies, and pumped her with hard strokes. Once they were able to work out a balance together, Kimber raised her legs and circled them around his ass.

He felt her nuzzling at his neck, while her arms draped over his shoulders. He pumped her with slow deep thrust, but his strokes were filled with determination; Kimber’s moans were echoing in the shower.

Marcus continued to fuck her, while she pulled his kisses closer. When he couldn’t hold off any longer, Marcus gave one last thrust until he filled her with his hot seed. His climax triggered her climax, and the two remained entwined against the wall, kissing ravenously, while the shower helped cool their bodies.

Marcus managed to set her down, and ran his finger through her soaked hair. “You’re alright.”

“Uh-huh,” Kimber responded. “but please don’t let me go.”

“I won’t,” he assured.

Kimber held him tightly when she placed her head against his chest. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

“Same to you.”

Thank you for stopping by.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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