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Friday, February 27, 2015

Flash Fiction Friday - 02/27/2015: That's My Brother!

Happy Friday! I'm so glad that Google has decided to back down on their decision, because
that is creating a large mayhem. So, without further ado, or shall I say back to my regular programming, LOL. Let's enjoy a Flash Fiction piece, with one of my favorite characters - Darla.


The girls huddled around a photo on a cream-colored folder – a picture of a naked man crouched on a rock, in the middle of nowhere. They couldn’t help but drool.

“Oh my god,” Stacy said, “who is this guy? He is cute?”

Lisa added, “I second that notion. I wouldn’t mind having him over at my house crouching like that.”

“Damn, I could daydream about him,” Karla commented.

“I can’t believe my brother agreed to model for this,” Darla grimaced.

The girls remained silent when they realized it was Darla’s brother. The entire break room was filled with nuclear silence.

Then Lisa asked, “Is your brother available?”

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  1. Heh, I guess, her brother is gona be busy! ;-)

  2. LOL. So perfect! I'm right there with Lisa. Nothing like having an inside connection ;-)

  3. I'm with Lisa on that question. Lovely bod!

  4. That was great! I loved the ending, Great twist. Poor Darla, now everyone knows who he is. Loved how Lisa still asked if he as still available. lol. Great flash!