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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Random Short Snippets - 02/28/2015: I Can Explain

I hope your weekend is going well. In celebration of Google backing down from eliminating adult images on all blogs, and setting blogs with adult content private. I want to say thank you for speaking up. I'm celebrating with a Random Short Snippet with a little bit of comedy and drama.

I hope you enjoy it in 371 words.

Thank you.

Jada lied there rubbing herself, building up her need, while she watched Kevin stoke his shaft to full erection. He wore a grin that made her wonder what he was smiling about. When she asked what he was smiling about, he immediately complimented the way she pleased herself, and how beautiful her tits looked when she pulled her black shirt below her fallen breasts. By the time he inched closer, her anticipation grew as she waited for him to mount on top of her with his sword of flesh in hand.

The phone suddenly ring and Kevin hesitated, the tip of his shaft was pressing against her entrance, and Jada immediately rolled her eyes up, as if she needed to be disturbed from her moment of passion. Who would call her on Saturday, at nine in the morning, when all what Jada wanted was a good fuck from Kevin?

“Ignore it,” she said. “Just put it in.”

Kevin went on with her request, and Jada felt the push of his length as it stretched her walls of pleasure. The phone continued to ring while she felt Kevin’s shaft fitting inside her. She didn’t want to disturb, and she only hope this call wasn’t important to take them away from their passion; she should’ve put the phone ringer on silent.

Midway into their fucking, she heard the answering machine beep and chilling message on her answering machine. It was from a woman – no one familiar to her, but very chilling when she mentioned both their names.

“Hello Jada, this is Kevin’s wife. I know you’re having a good time with my soon to be ex-husband. When you’re done with him, tell that no-good fuck to not to come home. I’ll be filing for my divorce papers really soon. Bye-bye.”

The answering machine gave a second beep, and both Kevin and Jada froze. How the hell did this woman know her name? Secondly, Kevin was married? And all this time, he told her that widowed. She quickly narrowed her eyes in disgust, when Kevin pulled out of her and backed away, stammering on what to say after being busted.

“You mean to tell me you’re fucking married?”

“Um, I can explain,” Kevin pleaded.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Flash Fiction Friday - 02/27/2015: That's My Brother!

Happy Friday! I'm so glad that Google has decided to back down on their decision, because
that is creating a large mayhem. So, without further ado, or shall I say back to my regular programming, LOL. Let's enjoy a Flash Fiction piece, with one of my favorite characters - Darla.


The girls huddled around a photo on a cream-colored folder – a picture of a naked man crouched on a rock, in the middle of nowhere. They couldn’t help but drool.

“Oh my god,” Stacy said, “who is this guy? He is cute?”

Lisa added, “I second that notion. I wouldn’t mind having him over at my house crouching like that.”

“Damn, I could daydream about him,” Karla commented.

“I can’t believe my brother agreed to model for this,” Darla grimaced.

The girls remained silent when they realized it was Darla’s brother. The entire break room was filled with nuclear silence.

Then Lisa asked, “Is your brother available?”

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 02/24/2015: Glad To Be Home

Hey guys, it's time for another segment of Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser, in 200 words.

I thought about putting in a little bit of naughty fun.


He came home tired from a long day’s work, after his boss chewed him a new one for not getting the paperwork done on time. Murray had no control of the paperwork situation, and he was short on staff that day. He was so glad to come home and forget about his day. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day, and at least he won’t have to deal with his boss so much, since Mr. Carlson was going away on business.

He unlocked the door and stepped in. He noticed the light on in the kitchen, but he didn’t recall leaving the kitchen lights on, as he left for work that day, but he forgot that he handed his key to his new girlfriend, Alexa. Though, he didn’t expect her to be dressed provocatively, in a schoolgirl outfit with black stockings, but she looked hot. And when this voluptuous blonde turned to face him, she had on a gray mini t-shirt that rose barely above her fallen breast; it literally made his dick grow under his pants and ache with absolute pleasure.

Alexa smiled, “Hi Murray, I thought about surprising you with some dinner.”

Murray grinned with a fantasizing thought. “Boy, am I glad to see you.”

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Flash Fiction Friday - 02/20/2015:

It's time for another segment of Flash Fiction Friday, 
where authors post snippets up to 100 words from the provided pic.

Here we go!

Delia stepped off the train and on to the platform, where she noticed a poster of a woman dressed with orange flowers in her hair, as she held it up with her hand. She had on an orange necklace, but reversed on her bare back. Delia knew that person on there – her best friend Tina. She finally made it.

She studied the poster of her friend, standing in a flowery field. The photography was perfectly done. Impressive.

She then texted to her friend: I saw the subway poster of you. You look great!

A minute later, Tina responded: It’s not me on that poster.

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thursday Tasters - 02/19/2015: A Thrill Seeking Relationship

Hi welcome to another segment of Thursday Tasters. I'm happy to give you another glimpse inside my erotic menage novella A Thrill Seeking Relationship.

This story has received plenty of attention, and I want to thank the Naughty Ladies Street Team for making it possible: Kristi, Tracey, Cindy, and Elizabeth. Thank you so much!

Come get a glimpse of it in 293 words, and be on a lookout for the release on March 4th.

“Yeah, hi. I would like to place an order for delivery.” He paused. “The name is Josh Trevelyan, and here is my order.” He paused. “Let me get one order of Shrimp Chow Mein. You know, make that two orders of Shrimp Chow Mein; four egg rolls, two Shrimp Fantails, and a hot and sour soup.” Josh listened to the Asian man on the other line to repeat the order he made. While he listened he overheard strange noises coming form the bathroom. Josh wondered what the hell was Isabel doing? She was causing a distraction for him on the phone. He replied, “Yes, that’s correct? How long will it be?” Josh stood by awaiting for the answer, and then he heard some strange sounds coming out of the bathroom. It sounded like Isabel, what was she doing? “Thirty minutes? No problem, take your time.” He paused. “Okay, bye.”
He hung up his phone, and placed it back in his pocket. This time he heard the strange noises again. It was definitely Isabel making sounds of pleasure. He knew what she was doing in the bathroom, and the naughty girl was getting herself off without him.
He unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it to the floor. When he got out of his pants he walked hurriedly over to the bathroom. Josh didn’t want to miss out on the fun. He saw Isabel in the tub with her eyes closed, caressing herself and moaning out of pleasure. Whatever she was doing, she was having too much of a good time without him.
Mmm… such a bad girl!
“How dare you start without me?” He looked at her playfully.
Isabel then opened her eyes and gave a smile. “I couldn’t wait for you any longer.”

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 02/17/2015: Darla Forgot

Hey guys, sorry I've posted a little late for my weekly group.
When you need sleep, you need sleep.

Anyways, here is my post in 200 words. I'm a little over by nine words, since I couldn't shorten it better.

Anyways, enjoy!

Darla came home from work, exhausted and tired. The first thing she wanted to do was kick off her shoes and fall asleep on the sofa, but she didn’t expect to hear trip hop music playing off the Bluetooth speaker, and she didn’t expect to smell the delicious food cooking when she stepped in.

She closed the door behind her and took off her jacket. Whatever Tyler cooked smelled very yummy. His cooking really put her in the mood.

The balcony door slid open and Tyler entered. He smiled at her, while she set her jacket over the sofa. “Hey Darla, dinner’s ready.”

Darla was amazed at her boyfriend. He’s always making delicious meals for her. What a guy!

She took a step out in the balcony and noticed a small table with two dishes, and it ended up being her favorite – steamed mussels with chopped tomatoes and Vermicelli noodles, along with herbs and lemon wedge to the side. She was impressed, but Tyler only cooked like this if there was something special. What was it?

Tyler returned, carrying over a glass of white wine before setting it on the table. “Happy Anniversary, Darla.”

She raised her eyebrows. Normally, men would forget these events. How could she have forgetten?

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Random Short Snippets - 02/14/2015: Be My Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone.

Today, I wanted to come across with something nice and sexy, and romantic on Valentine's Day.

Does it have sex? C'mon, son! Who are you reading it from?

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this Valentine short in 593 words.


Marcus stood under the showerhead, allowing the water to run over his body. He bowed his head down, trying to forget those lustful thoughts for Kimber. He needed to forget about her, but he couldn’t; she was etched in his mind.

Just when he was about to turn of the showerhead, he heard Kimber’s voice as she entered the shower, standing next to him, wearing nothing below her waist. She had on a lovely tattoo on the side of her hip. She had broken up with his best friend, David, who had always treated her like shit, when she was with him. Marcus knew it was wrong, and he tried every way to resist the temptation.

“Kimber, you know this is –”

“Marcus, don’t give me that. We’ve both been feeling this way for a while now.”

She took another step closer and kissed him. At the moment their lips touched, two had opened their mouths and Marcus felt the slip of her tongue in his mouth. Her kisses were assertive and lustful, already making him forget about how wrong it was to betray his best friend. If David didn’t want her, then Marcus should take her.

Kimber was standing naked in front of him. The only thing she wore was a red shirt that instantly soaked from the shower head. He felt her hand reaching below his waist, holding himself in her hand. He was hard, and Kimber was intrigued when she touched him. It wasn’t long when he felt himself being guided under her slit. The water from the shower head was enough to lubricate him for an entry.

“Marcus, you’ve always been so sweet to me. Will you be my Valentine?” Kimber parted one of her legs for his entry.

Marcus could feel his tip pressing inside her. He couldn’t think of the words to say yes; he nodded instead. And after that nod, he was already inside of her. It was too late to turn back, but Marcus was looking forward to this.

He savored the warm and intense feeling of being inside of her. They moved in a slow coitus, while the water sprayed over her back. It wasn’t long when she lifted her red shirt and revealed her soft, perky breasts. Her nipples were pert, filled with pure arousal. When he looked into her blue-green eyes, Kimber had a very wanton expression. What a way to start a Valentine morning, Marcus was ready to ravage her.

He couldn’t take the torment any longer. He pinned her against the wall, allowing the water to spray their bodies, and pumped her with hard strokes. Once they were able to work out a balance together, Kimber raised her legs and circled them around his ass.

He felt her nuzzling at his neck, while her arms draped over his shoulders. He pumped her with slow deep thrust, but his strokes were filled with determination; Kimber’s moans were echoing in the shower.

Marcus continued to fuck her, while she pulled his kisses closer. When he couldn’t hold off any longer, Marcus gave one last thrust until he filled her with his hot seed. His climax triggered her climax, and the two remained entwined against the wall, kissing ravenously, while the shower helped cool their bodies.

Marcus managed to set her down, and ran his finger through her soaked hair. “You’re alright.”

“Uh-huh,” Kimber responded. “but please don’t let me go.”

“I won’t,” he assured.

Kimber held him tightly when she placed her head against his chest. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

“Same to you.”

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Happy Valentine's Day.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Flash Fiction Friday - 02/13/2015:Why Fight?

Welcome to Flash Fiction Friday. 
It's Valentine's Eve, and I happy to provide a nice, playful flash to get your day going.

Too bad, it's only in 100 words. :-( 

I may need to expand this cute little menage story.

Anyways, Enjoy! Happy Valentine's.

“So you are not going to fight for me. Not even a little duel to death?” Alexis pouted when she looked at both men who appeared to be relaxed.

Bret, the blonde haired guy shook his head, “No, we’re not.”

Alexis gave a frown when she turned to the man with long dark hair, in a sweater, Marty. “Not even an argument.”

Marty grinned when he shook his head, “No, why should we when there’s plenty of you we could share?”

Alexis gave long sigh, when Bret placed his hand on her ass. “Why fight, when we can have fun together?”

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Muffy Wilson:

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thursday Tasters - 02/12/2015: A Thrill Seeking Relationship

Welcome to another segment of Thursday Tasters. 

First off, I want to give a BIG shout out to everyone that shared my cover reveal of A Thrill Seeking Relationship. I appreciate those who shared it on Facebook and Twitter, and I also want to thank my street team -- Ray's Naught Ladies Street Team. You all helped me get out there, and I'm very grateful.

Okay, today, I'm going to post a scene when Lourdes is confronted by Josh and Isabel. Lourdes was asked to move in with them, but she was having some doubts about the idea.

Anyways, read for yourself and enjoy!

Be on a look out for Wednesday, March 4th -- the release of "A Thrill Seeking Relationship" -- a double menage novella.

“Isabel,” Lourdes laughed as if she couldn’t believe what she heard her say. “if I’m not mistaken, you both want me to be your girlfriend?” She looked at Josh and Isabel, where they didn’t answer, but their soft nods indicated a ‘yes’ to her. Lourdes shook her head and held up her hand. “Guys, this is a bad idea.”
“How do you know if it’s a bad idea?” Josh asked.
She turned to Josh, “I’ve been in a poly relationship before. I mean, having sex with two people at once is so hot, and yes, it’s a bisexual’s dream come true – to be in a relationship with two people at once, but it’s more complicated than you really think. There are trust issues, and then you have to worry about jealousy. I mean, I’m the jealous-type in the relationship. Aren’t you?”
Josh without hesitation shook his head a no “Not at all. If I was jealous, I wouldn’t allow Isabel to share a threesome with another man as her wish.”
Isabel interjected, “I’m not jealous either, because both Josh and I had that discussion long before we got together, but want someone like you in our lives. It may sound ridiculous to you, but I’m willing to chance it. And we know how much of a hard time you have finding real good men.”
“Isabel,” Lourdes shook her head quickly. “Have you ever thought what if I want to be in a relationship with another guy?”
Isabel and Josh grew silent. They didn’t expect that question to pop up.
“Isabel… Josh,” she sighed. “look, you guys are a great couple together. Hell, I wish I could have a boyfriend like yours Isabel, but to have me to be in part of your relationship is a bad idea. Besides, the last time I was in a relationship like that I had to get out. I wanted the husband more than I wanted his wife. I don’t want to do this to my best friend.” Lourdes suddenly displayed a disappointed expression. She got up from her chair and picked up her belonging. “I got to go.”
Isabel attempted to stop her. “Lourdes wait; don’t go.”
Lourdes shook her head again. Her eyes began to water. “I’m sorry, I gotta go.”

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 02/10/2015: Sexy Neighbor Plotting

Welcome to another segment of Tantalizing Tuesday, where authors create an erotic snippet in 200 words, provided with their most inspired pic.

Today, I'm feeling like writing about a little obsession. 

I want to write about a neighbor's sex obsession with a man who lived across the building, and this picture couldn't say it better. It described sexy!

Anyways, enjoy!

It was nightfall, and Jessica was ready for another night of pleasure, watching this godly-looking man from across her building. She walked over to her darkened living room, naked, carrying a glass of red wine, as she took a sip, sauntering through the living room in a very seductive way.

She looked out the window, only to stare at a half-naked man with a towel wrapped around his waist. She has had numerous fantasies about him, many of them of him naked and in her apartment.

When she took a sip of her wine, she watched him cross through the living room, going in his bedroom. Jessica couldn’t help pouring a little bit of wine over her perky breasts, while caressing her areola with her fingertip. She felt a delicious sensation growing in her, and Jessica only wished to see this man out of his towel, so she could get herself off watching him.

She had been watching him for weeks, but Jessica hadn’t worked the nerve to come over and talk to him. She needed a reason for going over, something that would get her invited in his place. Perhaps, tonight she will make her move, after getting herself off.

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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Cover Reveal: A Thrill Seeking Relationship by Ray Sostre

Title: A Thrill Seeking Relationship
Author: Ray Sostre
Release Date: March 4th, 2015
Published by: Bitten Press, LLC
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic, MFM, FFM

Josh Trevelyan and Isabel Tavares are a thirty-something couple with a need to keep their relationship fun, adventurous, and naughty. When the two share a threesome with Isabel’s best friend, Lourdes Rivera, the two realized they found that special someone who would help fill the void, but would Lourdes consider being in a relationship with two people?
He then held out two fingers with Isabel’s flavor on them to Lourdes, “Here, taste her.”
Lourdes took his fingers in her mouth without hesitation. She rolled her eyes upward, sucking Isabel’s flavor into her mouth. When he pulled his fingers from her mouth, Lourdes leaned in and kissed him, sharing Isabel’s essence. He felt something warm and wet on the head of his shaft. He knew it was Isabel, but he didn’t look down.  He was busy making out with Lourdes. Needing to feel both of them licking and sucking him, he pulled away from Lourdes’s kiss and placed his hand on her shoulder, motioning for her to go down. “Taste me.”
He looked down at Lourdes and Isabel as they took turns taking him into their mouths. Isabel sucked and nibbled the tip while Lourdes slid her tongue along the underside of his girth then they would turn to each other and make out once more. This scene was too much to handle. He needed them naked.
“Fuck!  Let’s all get naked and go to the bedroom.”
Isabel looked up at Josh. “I agree.”

*About Ray Sostre*

New York born, East Coast raised, and West Coast bound.

Writing erotica happened by accident in the summer of 2010.  That same year, he established a story submission site – AfterDark Online, a place for erotic authors.

He lives in Nevada with his long-time girlfriend, is an avid listener of electronica, and enjoys writing and publishing articles. He jokes: “I’m always looking for writing material.”

Blog – Facebook – Twitter – TSU

Friday, February 6, 2015

Flash Fiction Friday - 02/06/2015: A Showering Affair

Hey guys, welcome to another segment of Flash Fiction Friday. 

Here is a flash in 100 words, and this picture was so intriguing, it could've swung any way it wanted.

Anyways, enjoy!

Dani had only hoped she was quiet enough, so no one in the showers heard them having sex. She loved the relaxed expression on Tony’s face, when he came quietly inside her. She leaned in to kiss him. She loved the way his hands palmed against her ass, as the water sprayed on their bodies.

She placed her hand on the side of Tony’s face, giving him a lusting, wicked look. “Sex is best when we’re very quiet.”

Tony smiled. “Yeah, especially when our spouses are nearby.”

Dani frowned, “Too bad we have to pretend we don’t know each other.”

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thursday Thrills - 02/05/2015: A Thrill Seeking Relationship

Feels good when I have something to bring to the table for Thursday Tasters.

I'm happy to announce the release of my upcoming story - A Thrill Seeking Relationship - a menage erotic novella (MFM + FFM), which will release in March 2015 through Bitten Press.

Come check out the blurb below:

Josh Trevelyan and Isabel Tavares are a thirty-something couple with a need to keep their relationship fun, adventurous, and naughty. When the two share a threesome with Isabel’s best friend, Lourdes Rivera, the two realized they found that special someone who would help fill the void, but would Lourdes consider being in a relationship with two people?

In this scene, I'm going to provide an excerpt in 329 words - an MFM scene that will have you two going; better brace yourself.

I like to write scorching scenes.

Josh hesitated to answer and looked away from Demar. He didn’t like the idea, but he didn’t have much of an option. This was Isabel’s fantasy. As long as her requests didn’t go any further, Josh nodded to Demar, willing to satisfy her need.
Demar sat back up and to allow Isabel back on top of him in a reverse cowgirl position. She closed her eyes while Demar pumped her with deep thrusts. When Josh got off the sofa, he looked at her and glanced at Demar who lifted her legs to accommodate his entry.
Here goes nothing.
 He climbed on top of her, holding himself in his hand, while she looked down at him waiting for him to enter her. Josh felt Demar’s cock against his. It felt incredibly weird, but the less he thought about it, the better he was able to enjoy the pleasure too. He managed to squeeze inside Isabel, causing her moans to deepen. She almost lost her balance, but Josh and Demar held her close, slowly thrusting their swords of flesh inside her.
“Oh, my god,” Isabel cried, “it’s finally happening. I have two gorgeous men fucking my pussy at once.”
Josh and Demar managed to work out a rhythm. They were long over the idea of rubbing their cocks together inside Isabel. Isabel circled her arm around Josh’s back and nuzzled his neck. Her moans grew louder as their brutal fuck continued. Josh and Demar slid their cocks together and felt her body convulse with an intense orgasm. Her cries of ecstasy filled the living room as the men pumped her with sheer delight. Once her orgasm passed, Josh’s cock slipped out of her, and Isabel placed her arms around his neck, exchanging a sloppy kiss with him while Demar continued to pump her.

“You were wonderful, honey.” She murmured into his kiss. Then she broke away and leaned back, turning her face to Demar. “You too. I’ve never cum so hard.” 

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Random Short Snippets - 02/04/2015: Gemma's Pleasure

It's been over two weeks since I've done my Random Short Snippets.

I'm sorry, since I've been too focused on my unfinished manuscripts, but I wanted to take the time to get you turn on and arouse with one of my snippets.

Can you handle it in 218 words?


Tae sat on the couch, with his length pointing upward at his body. He motioned Gemma to sit on the couch, facing away from him.

Gemma was happy to obey his request when she straddled herself over his legs, holding his girth in her hand, when she guided him inside of her. Gemma felt him stretch inside of her, fill her body to capacity, when she rolled her hips, controlling his wand with every moment. Tae, at the same time was leaving wet kisses on the side of her neck. Boy, was his licks arousing and demanding; his tongue was licking at the very center that had her mind spinning with lust.

The two moved in coitus, causing her to lean her back against his chest. Her head was against the backrest of the sofa. When she felt Tae pulling out of her, Gemma felt his hands along the side of her thighs. He then placed his right hand over her clean shaven mound, when he worked his fingers over her slit, circling his fingers around her center.

Gemma was so lost in ecstasy; she couldn’t help placing both hands over her breasts and squeeze them. She pinched and teased her nipples, allowing a wonderful feeling rise in her body.

“Mmmm… This feels so good,” Gemma uttered softly.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tantalizing Teaser Tuesday - 02/03/2015: My Hero.

What's up? I'm ready to post a tease in some words a bit over 200, because of the way it flowed. 

I couldn't shorten it; it would ruin the flavor.

Hope you enjoy!

Cal slammed the door behind him, as he entered his apartment. He was pissed; steamed over losing a fight. He took a hell of an ass whipping for defending a woman that didn’t even belong to him. To make his day worse, he felt humiliated when Gabe Schneider literally kicked his ass, after falling to the floor.

After letting it sink in that he lost, he felt like not coming to class. Jamie wasn’t worth fighting for; she was Gabe’s girl. It’s just Cal didn’t like the way Gabe was treating her in front of his friend, calling her derogatory names, while his friends laughed. No one dared to step up to defend her, not even Jamie’s friends; better yet, some friends they were to Jamie. Cal had to step in and teach that rich punk a lesson, but who’s looking all punked now?

He crossed through the dorm’s living room, relieved that no one was there to see his shame. He hopped upstairs and opened the door, when he realized a curvy naked woman with her arms stretched on the edge of the bed. She had her pink bra hanging over the wooden rail. When she turned around, Cal was taken by surprise to see Jamie. She was beautiful; all around.

“Jamie?” Cal said in disbelief.

“Thank you for standing up for me. No one's ever done that."

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Just Received My Edits & Cover Reveal for A Thrill Seeking Relationship

Okay, as of last night, I had just received my edits for my erotic novella, and I'm getting busy. On top of it, I got a glimpse of my book cover, and I'm loving it. I really like what they've done for me.

I understand Bitten Press had a little difficulty finding a picture which features a dark complexion, but they were able to pull through.

I won't provide the cover reveal at this time, but everyone will get a glimpse of it on February 9th.

I will have a release date, once Bitten Press confirms it for me.

Plus, I gotta have love for my editor, Elicia Stoll. She had edited numerous manuscripts, one most credited, Love Out Of Lust, and I'm proud to have her on board.

Time to get back to work, and oh yeah, go Patriots. I'm not a fan of them, but I'm a 49ers fan, and not sorry about it.


Ray Sostre.