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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thursday Tasters - 01/22/2015: If Loving You Is Wrong

Hey guys, it's Thursday and it's time give you a little taste of my WIP - If Loving You Is Wrong - a May/December erotic romance. 

I spent a lot of time revising this story, because I was trying to find a very good beginning, without being boring, so allow me to introduce a the beginning part of the story with some humor.



Dustin threw is dress shirt to the floor as he got between her legs. He placed his hand on one of thighs and guided his cock inside of her. She felt him stretch inside her as his hip bucked against her.
“Oh yes,” he growled “you’re so fucking wet. I like that!”
Sadie closed her eyes as she imagined herself being fucked by someone better than him, perhaps a character off her trashy erotic novels; someone muscular and handsome – and less hairy than Dustin. It’s kind of amazing how Dustin wanted her clean shaved, but he was as hairy as a bear, but her imagination of another man fucking her right now was building her arousal. Her moans were matching his when she felt his rapid thrusts. She felt a serene, yet rising sensation in her body when…
“Oh fuck!” Dustin growled intensely when he panted. “Fuck, I’m going to cum!”
Sadie opened her eyes in disbelief. He wasn’t inside of her that long and now he was going to cum? When he pulled his cock out of her, Dustin stood up and over her, aiming his sword of flesh over her tits, when the first jet of cum spewed over her tits. He jerked his cock as thick white fluids spotted her body until he was spent. He squeezed one last drop of cum that landed over her smooth skin, as Dustin caught his breath. Sadie couldn’t believe that he came too quickly. She was incredulous over what had just happened.
Dustin sat down on the bed, leaning next to her. “I’m so sorry, I couldn’t help myself. You were so good.”
Sadie rolled her eyes up in frustration. She wanted to call him a two-pump chump, but she bit her tongue, knowing she would shatter his ego in worse ways than one.
She turned to her side and gave a pretentious smile, in her most husky, sensuous voice “That’s okay, why don’t you come fuck me again?”
Dustin gave an embarrassing laughter. His eyes moved down to his cock, and Sadie’s eyes followed. He was softening, with oozes of cum expelling out of him. Sadie knew it then it was over. Dustin wasn’t going to get it up soon.
Oh my god, what a waste of time!

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  1. Oh no! How disappointing. Reminds me of that old adage 'Never judge a book by it's cover. I hope there is someone who can satisfy her more. Or Dustin improves. Great taster Ray

  2. I love the "two-pump chump" line!! and the "sword of flesh" either of those made me laugh. Hey, we have all been there, perhaps if she cared more, she could train him, but it looks to me as if this train has hit the final station. Don't think Dustin is gonna hear too much more of "All aboard!" unless it is a threesome. Very fun, Ray. xo

  3. Oh, you make it so real, so easy to imagine the frustration. Wow, I hope she finds someone better suited!

  4. Wow! What a dick Dustin is! Had it been me, I'd have told him to shove of a long time ago! Very engaging!

  5. This was too funny. First she wants someone else and better and then he is still disappointing her. She needs a reality check and to go catch a new guy, really, it's a question of life and death at this point.