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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thursday Tasters - 01/08/2015: If Loving You Is Wrong

Welcome to another segment of Thursday Tasters

Today, I'm going over my WIP, where I know it needs a little revising, but I love working on this story. Something about this story tells me to get it done, because I could smell a true possibility between a young man and an older woman.

Here is a little taste of  my WIP - If Loving You Is Wrong.


Andrew got up from his lounge chair and stood next to her. “Okay, just relax and stay still.” Sadie froze, when she felt Andrew fingers alongside her curves, lifting her pink tank top over her head. When he managed to raise it over her head, Sadie was now in her floral patterned push-up bra and thong. She wasn’t naked, but Sadie could feel her heart racing with nervousness. At least she was able to calm herself down when she stared down as his shaft, which pointed upward, facing her. She placed her hand on his chiseled chest and palmed his length in her hand. Sadie may have been nervous, but growing wet with a need. His dick felt hard and warm in her hand. By the time Andrew unclasped the front of her bra, she was ready to let herself go. Her breast bounce free for Andrew to touch. Sadie could feel Andrew’s fingers sliding the bra strap from one side of her shoulder, while sliding down the other bra strap down. He may be young, but Andrew had a wonderful touch that gave her goose bumps.
Sadie gave Andrew a wanton look of lust when his hands crossed over her chest. His palm grazed over one of her hardened peaks, before he pressed his thumb inside, examining her body. Sadie was so wet, she could feel her thong dampening between her. She licked her lips when she looked into Andrew’s hungry eyes. Then a second later, he leaned in and kissed her nipple.

Sadie fluttered her eyes when she felt his kisses morphing into something more erotic. When she felt his tongue dancing around her areola, Sadie felt another delicious sensation growing. She was so turned on by what he was doing to her, she wished her hand could reach his shaft and stroke it in her hand, while he licked her nipples. The way his tongue worked around had her craving for his tongue someplace else. Sadie ran her fingers through his coarse dirty blonde hair, pulling him closer to her breasts. His tongue was so skillful. He moved his mouth from one nipple over to the next, and before she continued with the wonderful torment, Andrew stood back up and motioned her to get down on her knees.

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  1. That is very hot, Ray and I'm curious about this tentative couple that aren't letting that hold them back. There is an awkwardness in your first lines, though, where you repeat "over her head". Otherwise it's wonderfully written with a variety of sensations.