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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 01/20/2014: Lita's Night

I'm back, after a one week hiatus, and I'm ready to come out with a snippet in 200 words

Lately, I've been in a menage mood. 

So why not a little threesome for Tuesday?


Lita had never done it with younger men, but what the hell. If she was going to go to bed with an eighteen year old, why not go to bed with two of them? She picked up Stanic and Mauro at a bar and brought her over to her place, where she made out with them until she was out of her clothes. She was used to going to bed with older men; some were old enough to be her father, but what amazed her most about the two young boys were their chests. They were both four years younger than her, but their chests were chiseled to make her feel aroused.

She stood in bed between them, naked. Lita could hardly wait to get out of her clothes and get in bed between them. She placed her hand over Mauro’s chest, the one in front of her, and she was amazed at how ripped his body was. When she turned over Stanic, Lita knew his body didn’t compare to Mauro’s body, but he was much cuter, and from the bulge out of his pants, he was bigger than Mauro. Did it matter, really? This was Lita’s night to enjoy.

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  1. Are you sure these kids are at least eighteen? Whew! How young kids look to me these days. Looks like she is going to be pleased not only with their wiry bodies but they'll probably have more stamina than the older men she's been to bed with. Fun Little Tease.

  2. I agree with Pablo! That *was* a fun little tease!

  3. Go ahead, Lita! Very nice tease, Ray.

  4. Who said too much of a good is anything but wonderful? Mae West, I believe and she should know. My guess is, Little Lita has the best of every world, right at her fingertips. Very fun tease.... xo

  5. Seems like she's going to have some real fun with them. Great teaser Ray