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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Random Short Snippets - 01/17/2015: Waking Up Horny

Hope you're enjoying a hot Saturday night. 

How horny do you feel this Saturday? 
Horny enough to interrupt a couple having sex, and maybe have a threesome?

How about a Random Short Snippet in 252 words?


Genevieve awoke from the unusual noises. What was the noise? And where was it coming from? When she stepped out of bed in her white lacy thong and pink negligee, she looked out the window and saw a wonderful, sunny Saturday morning. And when she stepped out of her bedroom, she looked out from her ledge to the living room and noticed her roommate Monique on her knees with a man pounding her from behind.

At first, Genevieve thought she was dreaming. She was watching her roommate get fucked by a medium-built guy. While he wasn’t so muscular, the way he fucked was another story. She was able to make the size of him, as it moved in and out of her like a piston on fire. Monique’s ass was smacking against his pelvic thrusts. The man had stamina, and he was making her moan loud enough to fill the living room and the second floor hallway.

Then Genevieve felt a familiar feeling growing. She also imagined that man doing the same to her, like he did to Monique. It had been a long time since she had something nice and hard inside her. She even had the devilish thought of joining them, but she was too hesitant. Yet, she hoped they would see her standing over the balcony and ask her to join. Her look was a pure wanton of lust as she felt her nipples hardening and her center aching with pleasure. She was more than tempted to join them.

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