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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Random Short Snippets - 01/07/2015: Stress Reliever

Happy Hump Day!

Have I got a hot one for Wednesday. How about a short snippet in 837 words.


“I had such a rough day at work. Had I known Breanne was going to chew my ass out, I would’ve called in.” Lucy threw her coat over the backrest of the sofa, when she walked into the dining room, in a dark brown pencil dress. “I don’t know why Breanne got to be supervisor, but she is such a bitch!”

“Why don’t you get undressed and unwind,” Barry said as he picked up the remote and pointed at the stereo to turn down the volume. “Dinner would be ready, in a moment.”

Lucy smiled. She was heartfelt of Barry cooking for her. “You cooked for me; that was thoughtful of you.”

Barry walked around the table to kiss her. When his lips touched hers, Lucy’s memory of a bad was slowly fading, especially when she smelled the wonderful cologne he wore on the day she met him. Every time she inhaled that delicious scent, Lucy felt a wonderful sensation growing in her core. She couldn’t help it; Barry had the ability to turn her on without trying.

She spoke into his kisses, “Mmm, I wish you didn’t wear that cologne. I’m hungry, and now horny after smelling it.”

Barry pulled away with a soft wicked grin, placing his hand on the side of her face. “Why don’t you get out of that dress and let me work out the kinks of your stress?”

Lucy didn’t protest the idea. She allowed Barry to slip out of her dress, where Lucy was in her undergarments. She was in her black stockings with garter straps that connected to her crotchless panties, a black thong, and a lacy black bra. When she felt the coolness of the air, Lucy’s nipples grew hard under her bra, and at the same time felt a moisture building when she looked into his hungry eyes.

Barry got down on one knee and placed his hands around the curves of her body to caress the smoothness of her ass. When his fingers reached inside the strap of her thong, he gently slipped them down and Lucy was revealing her clean shaven sex to him. She knew very well where this was going to go.

By the time her thong had slipped down to her heels. Barry stood back up and carried Lucy over the breakfast bar counter, where he pulled off her thong that hung against her heels. Lucy attempted to take off of her pumps, but Barry protested.

“Leave them on. I want to fuck you exactly the way you are.”

Lucy’s heart fluttered uncontrollably when she heard those dirty words said by her lover. He leaned in and kissed her hungrily. Lucy loved how lustful his kisses turned out. When he moved his kisses down to neck, Lucy placed her hand behind his head, guiding his kisses further down to her navel, all the way down to her clean shaven mound. Lucy wanted Barry to go down on her make her forget about her day.

His mouth found the sweet spot, as he took her nub in his mouth. Lucy looked back down and crossed eyes with him. Barry was filled with determination that Lucy was grinding her pussy over his face. Her hips gyrated over the counter, when she released a series of pants and moans that filled the dining room. Lucy loved the way Barry worked her clit with tongue. She felt a rising sensation that consumed her to where she had to clench her hand on top of Barry’s. When her climax passed, Lucy was limp but ready Barry to be inside of her.

“Fuck me, right now!” she demanded.

Barry was happy to oblige when he stood up and pointed his harness against her slit.

Lucy grabbed his curved length and guided him inside her, where she felt walls of pleasure being stretched by Barry’s shaft. Barry wasted no time when he picked up his speed. His thrusts were filled with pure, hot passion that Lucy was licking the flavor of herself from his face.

She moaned into his kiss while she heard Barry’s grunts. When she pulled away, she gave him her most wanton look, studying his most contorted expression. Lucy could tell he was close to cumming; even his dick was feel very hard inside her. When Barry came to climax, he encircled his arms over her shoulder and pulled her close to him, nearly pulling her off the breakfast bar. She felt him twitch inside her as a rush of cum filled her walls of pleasure. His howls were soft but guttural. When his breathing evened out, Barry gave one last thrust inside, this time as deep as he could while he placed another kiss to her lips. This kiss was very passionate and lustful. By the time they broke their kiss, Lucy leaned her head over his shoulder as the two caught their breaths.

“Feel better?” he asked.

Lucy nodded against his shoulder, “Uh-huh, I really needed that.”

“Good, let’s get cleaned up and eat.”

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