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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Random Short Snippets - 01/04/2015: Paula's Threesome

Hey, what's up? Hope everyone had a hot post-New Year's weekend.

Today, I want to start out 2015 with a bang on my #NSFW Random Short Snippets with a threesome. 

Can you handle the wonderful heat in 306 words?


Paula watched amusingly as Grey held her legs wide apart and his cock towered over her clean shaven mound. He was the size of a baby bottle, and ready to fit something that huge in her tiny little body. She also had Dave’s girth in her hand, which she kept a firm grip in her hand as she watched Grey’s length disappear, immediately stretching her walls of pleasure apart.

She watched in disbelief of how she was able to accommodate his size. And she loved the view of him bucking his bucking in out of her body. In the meantime, she took Dave’s length in her mouth, letting her tongue dance around the tip of his shaft. Paula’s body was now filled with so much torment; she couldn't help using her free hand as she slid it over her body to work up her need. Paula’s fingers were circling around her clit, bringing her body to full arousal.

When she took out Dave’s cock, she looked down. She couldn’t help the view of Grey’s shaft moving in and out of pussy. Her fingers moved in a furious motion until she grew close to her climax. All she could think of now was a good climax from a good fucking.

And when she reached her climax, Paula arched her body up and turned her head to the side. She gripped Dave’s shaft as if she was holding on to her dear life. The wonderful, narcotic feeling was filling her body and when her orgasm subsided, Grey was still fucking her, but his thrusts soon slowed and he pulled out, walking over to the side of Paula as he pointed his sword of flesh over her face.

When she turned to Dave, she nodded, but said, “I want you to fuck me so hard I won’t remember Monday.”

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  1. That was a very fun and erotic snippet. Very sexy and full of erotic images. Yummy teaser, for sure. I loved that last line. Loved the thought of it! xo